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Just a big Applejack fan, who loves Rarijack and Pinkiedash as ships too much! (Is allergic to other Rarity and AJ ships) I also enjoy reading good writing and creating good writing!


Set a couple days after the near-disaster that was Rarity's fashion debut for new up-and-coming designers (Honest Apple), this story is about two ponies who tried to ignore and shove away their feelings.

After Rarity finds out from Apple Bloom that Applejack sometimes goes out to some unknown location in the orchards to work off stress. And that she's been gone out there for a couple days this time, she makes her way to Sweet Apple Acres; determined to find out what is wrong with her friend.

Oh wow! Was featured on 7/21/17! :pinkiehappy:

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I was one of the pre-readers, but so glad to see your first story up and on display. It was a cute tale that actually adds a lot more depth to the episode in question, and actually kind of makes Rarity's standpoint make much more sense in the episode.

Very well written. Rarijack is one of my favorite ships, second only to Appledash, and I found this supremely adorable. I particularly loved the bit where Rarity screamed 'I'm not done' and where Applejack kissed her. Great work, I'm gonna follow you now. Hopefully I can see more stuff like this in the future :rainbowkiss: (and you should be honored I left a comment cause I'm usually too lazy to do so. Really liked this story.)

Awww! Thank you so so much!! I myself, am not an appledash shipper, as you may have seen in my profile, I only ship AJ with Rares haha
But all that aside, I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it and even felt compelled to comment!

Well, that was pretty good. I had a feeling that "Honest Apple" would result in more RariJack stories.

By the way, you do know that Applejack still needs to apologize to Rainbow Dash, right?

I really liked this, Rarijack has become one of my favorite ships, have a fav and a follow.

Haha yep I did notice that. ;) AJ and Rares are super cute together I must say. Even they're so opppsite, I think that just adds to their chemistry. Loved this fic a lot. Keep up the good work!

This got to be one of best rarijack oneshots I've read so far.:raritywink::ajsmug: Have a like from me!

Wow! I'm so honored to hear that! :pinkiegasp:

Hahahaha! I'm sure Rainbow will be okay, though I'm also sure after everything is said and done AJ would go apologize anyways. :raritywink:

Do you know if aymint is still alive?

Aymint? Oh! The artist for the cover pic! I'm not sure if they're still active or not. I sourced their DeviantArt to the cover to give them credit!

:twilightsmile: Very nice. A few awkward words or phrases here and there, but overall it was very lovely and cute and in-character. It definitely got stronger as it went on, and the build-up to their mutual confession and kiss was splendid. Good work.

Thanks! Yeah I had a feeling that at the beginning things may have been phrased in strange ways... it isn't my strongest work but I needed to get a piece out to help get me in the swing for my longer stuff!

Also glad to know you felt they were in character! :D

I really enjoyed this story. It was sweet and they were in character. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. :twilightsmile:

Thank you so so much!!

A new writer, writing RariJack?

I think I'm obligated to read this. :heart:

Doubly so given I recognize your name from reading my own works.

To tell you the truth,it's a little hard for me such a 15-year-old Chinese to read a English story...
However,this story is REALLY good! That's why I spent one hour reading one third of it(Too slow,right?).

Very good for your first story. While not my favorite ship (that honor goes to twidash and sorinjack) I Do enjoy a good rarejack story. Looking forward to seeing what you write next.

Titanium! I hope you enjoy it! :heart:

And yep, I wondered if you'd recognize me lol I've read your work as well, and still want you to finish some of your stuff :P

This was pretty good. I enjoyed it. It's good to know there are still new writers coming in and doing the very important business of writing good shipping fics. Keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed it! <3

Well, that was cute, like a basket of sleeping kittens and puppies.

A lovely little Piece. Nicely done sir, madam or variation there upon.

Hi there.

Saw this in the box today and decided to take a look. I see it's your first piece on the site, so, I'll start off with a bit of congrats for posting your first fic. And it certainly seems like you had fun writing it, so, double congrats.

I do have some issues with the way in which you chose to portray certain characters, namely in how Applejack was constantly tearing up and stayed out in her orchard for two days? That seems a little over the top, and I did feel like there was just a bit too much telling me how characters felt rather than making me feel the emotion—if that doesn't make sense right now, don't worry, it's something a lot of us still have a bit of trouble with figuring out when it's best to be big and showy or quickly tell a reader when Thorax, for example, looked at Spike like he'd grown a second head the time he introduced himself as "Spike, the Brave and Glorious" so we can move on with the story.

Quibbles aside though, it's a good start for a new writer on the site. Hope to see more from you in the future.

Thanks for reading, and overall it seems you enjoyed it.

In regards to Applejack in being teary and in the orchard for that long...well, I know that Applejack tends to withdraw from showing her emotions. She doesn't like to seem weak to those around her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her need to break down. Her hiding away in the orchard is her way to deal with her emotions when she doesn't know how else. Yes, it is for an extended period for this instance, but it was only because she was at such a loss for what to do and usually didn't leave her private section there till she could put her pieces together. -shrug- in the context of what I wanted for the short, I felt it made sense and worked well. I'm sorry if you didn't feel that way, but I understand your concern.

And with the other writing specific bits, I can agree with you that there are sections that don't do that well. Honestly, I even recognize that this isn't my best piece of writing hehe :twilightblush: I strive to continue to improve naturally, but getting this out was important to me because I wanted to get something out, and writing a short was helpful to help get me writing on some of my bigger works!

All that aside, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such an encouraging and good critique-based comment! :raritystarry:

This was a super cute story! I haven't seen a RareJack fic on the featured page in a long time! Keep up the good work! :raritywink:

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I loved this! This is such a good story! :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Thank you so much Applespice!! :3 I'm glad you liked it so much! :raritystarry:

You're welcome! And of course I liked it! The whole story is amazing and the way you wrote Rarity and Applejack together is just so cute! :heart: :ajsmug: :raritywink:

The ship...is stRONG o_o :twilightoops:

Uh yeah? lol I'm trying to figure out how to respond to that...

I'm trying to say that this story gave me the feels.

Awww :3 well that's always a good thing :heart:

I haven't read an MLP fic in a while, but I'm glad this was what I came back to. Very cute! I hope to see more Rarijack stories from you in the future.:raritywink:

There was just no way! Since the Crystal Empire…since…

Haha, I already knew what the next line was going to be as soon as I read that.:rainbowwild:

I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much! Also, welcome back! And no worries, you'll see more rarijack outta me :raritywink:

And yay! Someone commented on my inclusion of that super cute flirt from the show! :heart:


And yay! Someone commented on my inclusion of that super cute flirt from the show!

Yeah, I squealed when I heard that during my first watch of the episode, even though I didn't even ship them back then somehow. Like, really, I have no idea how. I didn't even ship them during Trade Ya! when this happened:
I just randomly started shipping them one day.:rainbowderp: But of course, both moments are now shipping fuel to me.

Edit: omg I just saw your bio. You ship PinkieDash, too?:pinkiehappy:

Rarijack and pinkiedash are both OTP! They are amazing and will both be heavy in most of my fics... :heart:

And in regards to rarijack, it isn't really shipping fuel anymore... if it weren't for it being a controversial topic for many countries the show airs in and how a Hasbro likes to play it safe, they'd be canon I'm convinced... I have kinda... studied them throughout the whole show hehe

But yes, I will have more rarijack work and I will also have pinkiedash work!


they'd be canon I'm convinced... I have kinda... studied them throughout the whole show hehe

Yeah, I think so, too!:pinkiehappy: I always start to study characters after they become included in my main ships, no matter what show it is.

Looking forward to those Rarijack and PinkieDash fics from you in the future.:twilightsmile:

Tried to read after all this time and it did nothing for me especially concerning that episode. I didn't buy it. Not after Rarity treated AJ like that in the episode after pulling in AJ kicking and screaming to do something neither of them knew would work.

I finally read it and I love it. Can't wait to see what you've got in store.

Yay!!!! Thanks!!!

I totally go go for RariJack, the only thing concerning me is what the others would think...( Mane 6)
In other words... This totally needs a sequel!!

I'm happy you enjoyed the story! However, this wasn't really designed to have a sequel. That being said, you can be assured that when I write my next piece that takes place in what I will call "the canon universe" of Equestria (aka when I write my PinkieDash fic) this fic will remain canon and the two of them will be an item. :3

Still can't wait for you to read this story Titanium! :3

Shame on me! I completely forgot about this. Better get to it.

Wonderfully sweet. Character portrayals excellent as well. Only makes me wish there was more. But that's a good thing.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

This was designed strictly as a oneshot but there is more work from me coming in the future. I apologize for it taking so long but it's a big story that's taking tons of work! Hopefully you'll stay tuned for that one!

Oh how I absolutely love this!!!😍 I can practically hear the characters saying the lines.

This was great! RARIJACK FTW!

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