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Comment posted by GeekySonic deleted May 17th

Cheeky hoot owl, much respect :ajsmug: Here, have my follow.

2440346 Ooh!! Fun! Good to hear! :heart: And if you struggle with Rarity in writing, maybe limit the story's perspective to that of Applejack? It's just a suggestion. I'm working on a fic that has multiple stories in it and one of them is a rarijack story. Though it's through limited perspective on Applejack's side. (AJ is my favorite character too so stories with her perspective make me happy as well lol) :ajsmug:

And also I thought your Rarity depiction in Fuzzy Blue Lights was done very well and within her character, just thought you should know! :raritywink:

Comment posted by GeekySonic deleted May 17th

I've enjoyed quite a few of your stories now, real nice writing! Also EQG is done well with your skills as well. I wish you'd write a rarijack story if I'm honest lol but to each their own, your Flutterdash and your one Rainbow Pie were great reads! I think I'll hand you a follow and hope for potential rarijack shenanigans, or otherwise great content!

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