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A 29-year old gay trans girl. Got back into the show thanks to a friend and bingewatching. I've got quite a few things planned...

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The Timeline · 10:04pm May 22nd

This is the master post detailing the timeline of Oathmaker, SYNCHRONY, and all other stories in the same continuity. (Sidenote: I am still undecided as to what to name this continuity; I'm leaning towards using 'Oathmaker' or 'Synchrony' for it but I'm open to thoughts and suggestions.)

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SYNCHRONY Oneshots - Part One

  • Spare Me It's not everyday that somebody gets released from Tartarus State Penitentiary. Best to give them a good sending off, if they'll let you. by Fangren 1,374 words · 457 views · 17 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Yes I Can There's a new superhero in Canterlot City. Rainbow Dash isn't happy about it. At least her dad is there to vent to. by Fangren 1,159 words · 380 views · 11 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Nothing if Not Big McIntosh: Farmer. Brother. Doer of many things. Apple Bloom has a favor to ask him, and he's not gonna like it... by Fangren 1,100 words · 346 views · 16 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Consider it Done Applejack and Rarity discuss a little secret they're keeping between them, and a few plans for the future. by Fangren 1,760 words · 800 views · 47 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Hold On It's almost time for another Pie sisters outing! But first, Pinkie has to share her excitement with Limestone and Marble over a nice breakfast. by Fangren 1,680 words · 242 views · 12 likes · 0 dislikes

SYNCHRONY Oneshots - Part Two

  • Rather Fetching, Don't You Think? The good news? Someone has finally volunteered to help out at the animal shelter with Fluttershy! The bad news? It's an ex-conman who was just let out of prison... Wish her luck. by Fangren 3,848 words · 402 views · 23 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Of All the Girls to Fall For On a pleasant summer afternoon, Sunset invites Twilight out to talk about a few things. But not all things can be said so readily, if at all, and that fact is ever present in Sunset's mind. by Fangren 5,885 words · 949 views · 62 likes · 3 dislikes
  • No Other Choice Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna head to lunch with a pair of old friends, to catch up on old times and discuss the future. Because trouble is brewing in the city of Canterlot, and they aren't in a position to do anything about it. by Fangren 3,715 words · 219 views
  • You Wouldn't Understand Not all human lives are equal, and not all humans are 'good'. This has always been true, and for years she's been living on the 'low' end of both spectra. In the future that will change, she knows this, but for now she just has to take each day - and by Fangren 2,530 words · 157 views

Status Update 11/21/17 · 4:47am Last Wednesday

It's the end of the third week of NaPoWriMo, and since I actually did a meaningful amount of work this week I figured I'd actually check in.

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No problem! Thanks for the follow, I hope you like my stories :twilightsmile:

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