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A 29-year old gay trans girl. Got back into the show thanks to a friend and bingewatching. I've got quite a few things planned...


This story is a sequel to Time Goes On

After reuniting with her best friend, Sunset Shimmer has decided to do the one thing that will ensure Twilight will never forget her again: move in with her.

Now it's a simple matter of reconnecting with the mare who stole her heart, learning the ropes of her new home, and continuing her study of magical artifacts... And, perhaps, making new friends as well. All while dealing with all the surprising perils that seem endemic to Ponyville. But none of that could possibly be a problem for a pony as great as Sunset Shimmer, right?

It's going to be a long year.

Cover art by ShutterflyEQD

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Huh, I didn't remember that it was you.

*Follows this story*

Good to see this up and it was great to read. From Sunset's initial meeting of Twilight's friends to her diary entries reflecting on it, we delved in deeply into her mindset. It'll be fascinating to see where she goes once the story catches up with the present.


I kind of feel bad for Sunset. Thanks to Twilight's actions and Celestia's neglect, for the rest of her life she's going to be known as 'Celestia's other student' or 'Twilight's girlfriend.' Nothing else matters.

Will Celestia be addressed on how she hurt Sunset, because it's how she treated Luna all over again!
I really want to see Sunset exlode on Celestia on how she hurt her and destroyed a part fo her so easily, Celestia be weeping in private for NOT LEARNING HER LESSON!

I know! It's so exciting! :pinkiehappy:

Ah. Well, you know now at least.

Glad to hear it! Honestly, working out Sunset's mindset - both the 'present' as well as 'future' versions - has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of writing this series for me. I'm happy you're fascinated by it. :twilightsmile:

8627110 and 8630366
Ah... Well... 'The rest of her life' seems like a long time, y'know? She's still pretty young. Though, yes, she certainly does feel like that as she's writing the diary.

...yeah, I still think you're kinda blowing things was outta proportion and expecting a bigger reaction from Sunset than what seems reasonable to me. Anyway, any 'confrontation' of that kind has already come and gone by the time this story takes place. I do plan to eventually show it, it'll just be as another addendum to Time Goes On.

And i think you not seeing the whole picture.

Sunset was chosen to be Celestia specail student and yet in the end everything she hoped and belived was false.
She wasn;t meant to save Luna, she wasn't meant to become a Princess, what was she, a back up plan never to really be used?

Celestia treating Sunset like she treated Luna before, never taking time to pay attention to her student and damaging her confindence, it reads like she given up on celestia and ever gaining her approval.
all she has left is Twilight, and she terrfied she be forgotten still, as she resents the mane five for seemly taking her away.

Who do we have to thank for that fear being placed in....Celestia.

Uhh, seeing how you're not the one writing the story (which has only barely begun, I remind you), I'm gonna have to say that you're the one who isn't seeing the entire picture. Especially since you haven't actually seen the part you're up in arms about, not directly.

Celestia to blame for Sunset's fear of being forgotten? When Twilight was the one who literally forgot her? Yeah, no. Not even close.

Like, I'll admit that maybe I should have made Sunset's relationship with Celestia at this point in the timeline clearer, but I still feel like you're jumping to conclusions right now.

I know, though it's hard not to "live in the moment" as you are reading said moment. :twilightblush:

That said and sad feels aside, I do look forward to more of this! :pinkiesmile:

Haha, fair enough. I hope you enjoy what's to come. :twilightsmile:

Yay, a sequel. I really didn't have to wait for this though, as I just got to reading Time Goes On, having actually found it thanks to this. That was a great story, and this is looking even better. However, I do agree with @Diablo4000 that there should be a confrontation between Sunset and Celestia, just nothing so over dramatic as he wants. I think the Canterlot Wedding is fertile grounds for it, so let's run through what changes and how it works...

Twi knows about Cadance in this universe, so aside from being peeved about not being told about the upcoming wedding sooner (stealing an idea from another author, this could have been an abrupt last minute idea by Celestia to make ponies happy since they would of course enjoy a royal wedding), she wouldn't be as worked up
While Twi is greeting Cadance only to be rebuffed, Sunset chats with Shining, giving 'Cadance' ammunition to drive a wedge between her and Twi, and keep her from helping Shining with the shield, by accusing her of trying to steal her husband on the day of her wedding
After everything, the girls admit to what they did wrong just like the show in front of Celestia and Luna. This is the point where Sunset confronts Celestia, pointing there are some ponies who could use to learn this lesson. Before Celestia can answer, Luna steps forward, "I believe I should begin making trips to Ponyville, it would be good to get to know your students dear sister. This one in particular," pointing a wing at Sunset, "seems rather wise for her age," turning to give her sister a look, challening her to say something.

A little confrontation over the issue, one that shows how Sunset has changed. The old Sunset would likely have blown up on Celestia, this one however is much calmer, but not afraid to be blunt, even when addressing a princess.

Still, no matter where you go with this, I'm sure it'll be a great story. I would of course love it if Sunset gets an Element of Harmony (AllyKitty's Element of Empathy is a great idea I think) and/or ascends (plenty of opportunities, and I think she deserves it), but some how I think I'll enjoy this story even if neither of those happen.

Lots of potential with this, but I'm really looking forward to Sunset getting to know the other pony's of Ponyville and having to deal with the fact a library in a tree is a lot smaller than a castle in a city.

I'm glad you liked it! Although, like I've been trying to tell people, the 'confrontation' between Sunset and Celestia would have already occurred in-universe by the time Sunset in Ponyville starts. I just haven't gotten around to writing it yet.

Incidentally, I do already have a good idea how I'm gonna handle the wedding. It's just not gonna happen for awhile, as I've got it planned as a Spring event and we're still in the middle of Summer.

I'm glad you're looking forward to it! I hope it lives up to your expectations. :twilightsmile:

Can't wait for the romance to unfold

Very excellent progression for Sunset, showing her feelings on Ponyville and the Mane 6 are still set in her first judgments, but showing that she is easing into her new experiences. It's definitely intriguing to see where things such as the antique store and the furnace will lead in the future. And seeing how Sunset relates to Twilight in being the one mortal pony she can relate to, it'll be something to see how her feelings go with Twilight's ascension. So much setup for great fun to come. Looking forward to it all. :twilightsmile:

Heh, I had forgotten that you'd said that, my bad. That said, even when something is settled, sometimes it's not, you know? The wedding is just such a perfect setting for bringing the issue to the forefront, since it fits the message so well. That and it gives Luna the opportunity to be snarky, and I love when Luna like that.

What an excellent way to start the new year. 10/10 will recommend.

And I can't wait to do the unfolding!

Oh yes, so much delicious setup, especially regarding Sunset's feelings about various things! So much I'm looking forward to writing and showing off, even if it's still a bit far in the future right now. I'm also glad you're interested in the antique store and the furnace! They're both (basically) canon things, and they just fit so well into this story I couldn't resist including them.

No problem! And yeah, I'll admit that not everything is set in stone right now. And I'll keep your thoughts about Luna in mind.

Haha. Well, I know I'm a couple days late, but Happy New Year!

Very detailed chapter, but given Sunset's musings on how any small detail could be important, makes it seem like there's a lot of what's coming set up here. She's making slow, but steady progress and the continuity nods are appreciated. Looking forward to the next chapter. ^_^

Well, since i've read these chapters here I guess I'll go back and read the story that comes before this. Hmm, a bit out of order, but hey, whatever. Good stuff so far.

Totally loving this and eager for more!

I like it, though I will say the opening kinda makes Sunset sound like her sense of self worth got taken out back and shot.

I look forward to seeing Pinkie interact with the wards.

If this is anything like the prequel—and thus far, it looks to be—it's going to be a very fun journey. Looking forward to more. And I hope Sunset does earn those wings.

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