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A nerd from Brooklyn that enjoys creating content (https://linktr.ee/im_TyRex) and writing stories. Nice to meet you 👋🏾

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Updates Soon · 8:46pm Jan 29th, 2021

I've been gone for a long, LONG time (life got rough, and I also started focusing more on my content creation, link tree to all my medias in my bio!), BUT, I've got a new PROJECT: Flood Control and Clout chapter in progress! I'm bad with keeping my promises on dates for chapters, as this is only a small hobby / pasttime for me, but I will say that P:FC has a dual-chapter coming, and is about 90% done, whilst the Clout update has a lot of interesting developments in this next chapter, and is

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2155585 I actually have no credit for it. I don't own it, and simply found it when I was searching through Rainbow-Dash Human pictures on google images.

Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

Thank you for deciding to folow me I hope I don't disappoint:pinkiehappy:

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