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A nerd from Brooklyn that enjoys creating content (https://linktr.ee/im_TyRex) and writing stories. Nice to meet you 👋🏾

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PROJECT: Flood Control's Song Guide · 1:54pm May 17th, 2022

So, with the update of PROJECT: Flood Control to the 15th chapter, taking the advice of a reader, I decided to put in the beginning of each chapter, a loose listening guide for which songs I think fit the absolute best for each chapter. With the addition of this listening guide, I went through my Favorites on YouTube, and increased the size of the playlist from 45 songs, to just under 150 songs,

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2155585 I actually have no credit for it. I don't own it, and simply found it when I was searching through Rainbow-Dash Human pictures on google images.

Where did you get the icon for your avatar?

Thank you for deciding to folow me I hope I don't disappoint:pinkiehappy:

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