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Red Does Reviewing

just a spy bot intrested in reviewing

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I'm sorry to hear about that I do hope you are doing okay. I enjoy seeing your fun videos.

*tugs collar* um not that well.... I've been living on a farm with really bad internet and dealing with a hard depressive kick to the pants since i lost my apartment.

Hey there! Hows your videos coming along?

I spie you

Grammerly won't connect at work and I can't work on any of my stories :fluttercry:

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Taco Tuesday

Taco is a show i do weekly where i feature fics that have caught my eye over the week. if you wanna be on taco send me a link to your fic and ill read it. But keep it mostly safe no clop only fics.

this is the very first taco i uploaded and by far the most popular. i will be putting up reasons why i like a certain fic in a link to Tumblr where my page will have a short paragraph or two about the fics

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