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Sorry it doesn’t matter, yeah this is my account sorry for being boring

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Yep that’s sunny

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A rant I guess

I’m a guy sorry for being that due to today’s Demeaning way towards men are shit and that all men need to be killed and not exist so maybe one day I’ll do that just to please you all, also I know a lot of people don’t actually want that it’s just all I see, and it’s not good, but also whenever I read a story I’ve got in the back of my mind “oh no there gonna make guys be all about the sex and only want that sex and be assholes to the main female protagonists” and that would be fine IF IT ACTUALLY IMPACTED THE STORY OR WASNT JUST SHOVED IN THERE TO MAKE FUNNY MEN BAD LETS ALL GO LESBIAN AND KILL THE GUYS BECAUSE WE DONT NEED THEM HAHA WE TOTALLY BELIEVE IN EQUALITY. But yeah sorry for this stupid piece of shit I’m gonna go cut myself

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