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Because simply put, this ship needs more love. Sunset Shimmer & Flash Sentry, mentioned briefly in Equestria Girls, but nothing more. What potential could this pairing have? A lot, that's what. it has a very glamorous ship name.

~ le theme song ~

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Okay, I have literally read all the Flash X Sunset stories on this site. I went through and I defiantly have, Please some one write more?:fluttershysad:

Yes , all flash shipping should be this ship! No other shipping him.


Damn... I love this shipping, THERES JUST NO STORIES ABOUT THEM

I'm cool with any group that doesn't needlessly hate on Flash.

I'm only here for the Sunset fits, because she needs more.

I'm here, where are my cookies?

I would ship it, plus u said there would be cookies if I joined. So I did...gimme cookie

Fuck it, I ship it.

I joined, might as well give this ship a chance! :pinkiehappy:

Finally, a group for this most awesome ship!

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