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Chapter 5 is on its way out tonight or tomorrow morning. Would have liked to finish sooner, but I have a flight to catch. Travel plans can sort of occupy time I guess.

Make it tomorrow night. Flights got in late, I missed one. Annoying stuff, I'll see you after some solid sleep. Take care!
-Secondary edit:
Chapter 5 is being rough on me. I've been trying to transition the scenes to close it out for a while now, but the solution keeps eluding me. It's like I can't figure out how to describe it without repetition. Surely I'm going to finish it tonight, but I don't know how long it'll take me. Should it get too late I'll need to proofread it and publish it in the morning. Maybe I just need to step back and break it down more. Oy ve

Oy ve,

It's been far too long. So much has happened. I've seen so much and met so many people. How do I say it? "I got lost in life"? That's not quite right since it denotes life assaulted me, as though I didn't have a choice but to pay attention. Really I fell in love with life. There have been sights, conversations, debates, and raw experiences that are not expressible. What am I to make of a story 16 year old me thought of to occupy himself? This was something I felt so passionate about, and I even said I wanted to write this story out of my desire to prove that I could complete what I held passion for (that's poorly written I'm sorry).

Honestly, I forgot about this; sometimes this story popped up in my thoughts but I wrote about it in vain. Perhaps buried deep in my notebooks are ideas and plot developments, yet I see no point searching for them. How should I put this? Over the years my lack of content upload here has gnawed at my feet. Such a lack of discipline, I thought, such recklessness to desire completion without true motivation. Maybe this story will go unfinished for all time, and if that is so then I am deeply sorry.

Wow, what I've written makes no sense, but I can't think of better written expression. Anyway, I have to say that I have not watched any of MLP since Equestria Girls (at least that's the last I remember). In fact, if I wanted to write this story again I would need to watch the movie once or twice to remember. That being said I intend to write this story. I know the first two chapters are cringe worthy. I know it's amateur, and I know there are mistakes. You know what though? I can write a terrible story for all I care, but if I say I'm going to write something without following through then that would be the worst fate.

God I suck at expressing myself. I'll need to reign in my words in the next ten days. Ten days, that's what I wrote, if I don't upload another chapter of, Well.. Je Ne Sais Pas, within that time then expect I will never post here again. Twenty chapters is what I was going to shoot for to write this story. Twenty two might be necessary with my earlier attempts, but I hope to see them through!

I am absolutely sorry to let anyone down. Well, really, I let myself down. That bothers me like fleas in my hair. I am sorry!

(In this case that one guy who doesn't do what they say they will).

Any and everyone, I feel like I should post something here christ. Well, I have been writing, but my chapters are all a mess of brainstorms at the moment. However, I'm FINALLY FRIGGIN DONE WITH MY MOTHER CAN I GET A CONGRATULATIONS HOLY CRAP. I've been in Virginia from basically the moment i posted chapter one helping my mom fix her house up to be sold (labor equals money that's right society wooooo) and I literally have not written a complete chapter of ANYTHING. Even in my dream journal I've just been paraphrasing my dreams and I've missed 3 entries in my regular journal, so I don't even know if I can write for shite at this point. Pessimism aside, I'M BACK IN NEW YORK AND HERE IS MY BEAUTIFUL SUMMER FANFICTION NOTEBOOK THAT I DONT EVEN REMEMBER NOT TAKING WITH ME JEEZ. Although I'm exhausted and my grandmother wants me to help fix up her house as well (at least 300 times worse than my mom's), I can finally sit down and put a string of coherent plot together for the first time in a little while. Which is... a good feeling. I really do love to write, so screw obligations. I dropped out of school when I was fifteen and I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail and no one, government, friend, or family is going to get in the way of the things I wanna do. They can all fuck off, but you guys (if i've even been remembered at this point) can expect a chapter two in at LEAST a week and, the public consensus aside, I'M REALLY EXCITED TO BE HERE AGAIN MY GOD. Well, that's all my inebriated mind can handle putting down right now, so I'm going to bed now regardless if anything I've even written here is legible in terms of literacy

So I've still got no clue how this site works, so if anyone's got comment on the current status of my story (If it'll even be that) and I don't respond it's probably because I have no idea what I'm doing and yeah. Try to reach me on main page or something? Heck if I know, but yeah, now you know xD

2120522 Anytime, my friend! :rainbowlaugh:

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