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There's always that one guy that just ... well, he just doesn't yaknow? No? Well, that sounds like a personal problem


Twilight Sparkle (no not quite the princess) awakes panicking in a coffin of papers both crumpled and neat. Exhausted from filing numerous lab reports and reviewing various experiments' data, she completely spaced out submitting an essay on acoustic levitation, and she can't find it anywhere! No matter, she's Twilight Sparkle; she'll just rewrite the thing! After all, she has most of the notes!

What she doesn't have is the energy.

Coffee can't help either because she used the last of her stocked grounds working 'til sunrise, so she decides to stroll down to a super-close convenience store and make things conform to schedule.

However, her old crush from her freshman year in high school, Sunset Shimmer (no not quite the Equestrian), is there to greet her with an inordinately-annoyed attitude.

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Interesting start. Wonder why Sunny was in such a state.

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