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Here they comes! Princess Celestia and Princess Molestia!!!

"Hello! I'm Princess Celestia!"
"And I'm Princess Molestia."
"We tell something. We fuck you!"
"That's ok..."
"Good... I fuck you now! Hahahahaha!"
"No! Molestia! NOOOO!"

:'D Now... Welcome here and tell me do you like... Pleas...
"You come to!"

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"Hey! That's not fair!"

Oh... 0_0 You are exaiting man... :'D

"You saying I could do!?"

I get Celly?! Yessssssss....:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry Molly, you're the next one.:rainbowdetermined2:

"Did you say you take us for fools!?"
"Oh..." *whatsing that man*

You can get Celestia... :D

"What!? Wait!!"
"You can't say anything anymore! Hihihi!"

:3 Don't worry, little Celestia. I get you back here... :heart:

"Thank you!" *hug RainbowStory*

Ygh! No, that's nothing... ^w^

Awwww....come one.
You know what i mean.:ajsmug:

Don't play stupid, you silly Princesses.:rainbowkiss:

"What you meen, mr somebody?"
"MOLESTIA! Can you are little nicer?"
"Yes, Celestia..."
"Good... Then... What you meen, mr?" :trollestia:

So....which one of you fine mares is going to defile me?:pinkiehappy:


"Dat me? Are you kidding me?!"
"Relax, Molestia..."
"NO! I can't relax!"

-_- Okey...
Now they are arguing for...

Dat Molestia though...

"Okey!" :trollestia:
"Dear Celestia... NOW IS MY TURN!"

How is this misleading?

"Yeah! How?"
"How? Can you tell?"

It's Heresy but...i can't resist.:ajsleepy:

Dat Flank... :rainbowwild:

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