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In a parallel universe, there exists an Equestria where the Princess of the Sun is not a pony, but one of the most advanced war machines ever created.

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No, Celestia does not rule Equestria - Celestia is Equestria.
Because we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine~
We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine~
Except, y'know, it's white with a bit of yellow.

this is getting out of hand and its still rediculously funny

...what did I just read??

I just hope she has insurance. I mean, everytime she enters a building they have to fix at least one of the walls...

The Grunt for
:pinkiehappy:PINK OCTOBER:pinkiehappy:

Vasilly one ping and one ping only:facehoof:

The SS Celestia is truly an inspiration to us all.

I half expected Twilight to turn into a submarine as well.


Yup good story lol

Not entirely sure what I just read, but it was a masterpiece :rainbowlaugh:

I am a Navy Sub vol, and I approve of this story

There's something familiar about this...

The heck?

I have two things to say:


And two... To the theme of:

Ohio boat, what seems to get your goat?
You don't lurk, like the other boomers float.
You're takin' a stand runnin' pony land.
But you're not a mare, you're Ohio Boat.

It's so refreshing to see Celestia pulling her its weight in times of peril.

Small typo:

Among the chaos, the submarine remained still, opening all it's hatches and firing cables into the goop for ponies to grab onto. It was unaffected by the Smooze, it's 16,000 ton weight


I'm so fucking done this is the greatest thing on fimfiction I love this

I think our dear Tia is inside the submarine, but doesn't want to come out because she thinks she's fat. She's not really fat compared to regular ponies, because alicorn metabolism is really fast. But she's fat by alicorn standards, so she refuses to come out of the submarine and only communicates through sonar pings. The word 'sonar' is one letter off from 'solar' and I think I've gotten off track.

This was quite funny, made a ridiculous idea seem genius! My only complaint though.....

Was that twi wasn't turned into a submarine.

I'll give you one like, Greenback. One like only, please.


If I had one nitpick to make, it's that Make New Friends but Keep Discord takes place after Twilight's Kingdom, since it does take place in the subsequent season.

Captain's log: after finding ourselves in this strange land of taking ponies, the crew and I have came to the realization that they see us like we're some short of princess or something. We would tell them that we are, in fact not a princess, but the crew decided to run with it. Anything to keep up morale, right? Even the sister and literally everyone can't tell the difference. Maybe it has something to do with that horse with a tattoo of the sun on its butt that got smashed onto the hull has something to do with it (why it hasn't washed off yet, or why there's no blood is beyond me). But hey, if they can't tell the difference, those poor ponies deserve better. Those poor, stupid ponies...

This is the stupidest well-written idea I've seen since someone spell-checked the company mission statement.

Good job, I guess? :derpytongue2:

This is a beautiful thing.

I have read that which cannot be unread. The question of what Princess Celestia's foghorn sounds like shall stay with me the rest of my days. I am not sure how I feel about this.


Was that twi wasn't turned into a submarine.

It's been done.

I can't help but shoulder part of the blame, having been part of the crew that pushed Estee into Sherman Tank madness. Then again, a MK-48 ADCAP did do a fine number on the Queen of the Changelings. All in all, a nice balance.

7781767 :rainbowlaugh: That is fucking amazing.

Btw, remove the i. before the imgur.com/ otherwise fimfic gets weird on the links.


Stories like this will never get old.

I'm ever so slightly disappointed that Twily didn't turn into a beautiful Seawolf-class attack sub.

But this was still funny. :heart:

Someone needs to make a clopfic of this.
This clopfic wasn't hawt enough. Someone rewrite it. I did however enjoy the social commentary it was making about the human condition. Also, what a :twistnerd: I did nazi that cumming. Still came to the story though. Someone should do one off these replacement stories with Adolf Hitler. Also, there should be a bear as a side character. A cyborg bear in a tutu.

7781935 She's not the real Gnip Gnop, I am. Also, there is not enough nazism in my little pony. This fandom needs more overt fascist overtones.

I wish there was an emoji of a train derailing.

This story wasn't fascist enough to clop to.


I feel as tgough Discord has a hand in FimFiction.

I cannot fathom there being anything wrong here. As long as we keep current and don't get in over our head, that is. I sea what you did here, and of course isle approve of the story. It's a deep tale, especially with Celestia's new and great depth of character. It's one of the best displacement fics in FIM history. Plots are hatched, and Celestia is a conning leader, if you get my drift...

:trollestia: PING!

First you should be ashamed of yourself for making another type of these stories. Also i feel like Discord would be behind this. I just imagine Celestia coming across this. Assuming its hostile. Attacking it. And being banished waiting for the day to come back. While the crew of the Sub just puts her tiara on and paints a picture of her cutie mark on the Sub. As a battle Trophy. Then the guards see it the sub with the Cutie mark and the Tiara and just assume its the Princess.

Then Twilight is the only one able to see through the disguise. And i just now realized i'm putting to much thought into this story

This is absolutely glorious. I loved it.

It also makes me want to write another story like this...

With all seriousness, where the flying f*** did this come from!?

Everything I read was playing out in my head. I still haven't stopped laughing.

I would like and dislike, but I can't. So have a like.

Abso-toot-ley brilliant!
...sorry, that was horrible wasnt it.
Anyways, Luna gets replaced by an aircraft carrier?

This is so ridiculous and so funny at the same time.


After reading the author's note, I want to see a story where Celestia is a submarine, Twilight a fire truck, Fluttershy a tank, Applejack a combine harvester, Rainbow Dash is an actual rainbow, and Pinkie is a goldfish. Rarity spends the whole series knowing something is wrong but being unable to figure out what, and then finally realises she shouldn't be able to go on adventures with the others because she's a phone booth.

Ytak #48 · Dec 9th, 2016 · · 1 ·

So bizarre but funny.

This is exactly the kind of madness I'd expect to see in time loops.

My only complaint is that Celestia was clearly enjoying the Smooze Gala too much to resolve the situation. Beyond that, most entertaining.

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