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Black Lives Matter.

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The Glass Flower · 11:26pm Nov 7th, 2018

"By the light of the stars in the desolate dark, an island once sat in the sky;
And amidst sand and shale was a flower of glass, that once caught a spark by the eye.
And the spark said 'sweet bloom, I shall grant you a boon lest you perish amidst blighted loam;'
'If your lips have ne'er been kindly kissed by the green, then amidst it I'll grant you a home.'
And so the spark gave it a home."

"And the flower grew tall, and it glittered and gleamed, and its brilliance surpassed the light;

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  • Monday
    I lost somewhere between $4,000 - $7,800 in a single week.

    In other words: The American health care system is fundamentally evil.

    I really do try to see good things in contrary points of view sometimes. I'm willing to admit why an argument I've made in favor of or against something has been wrong, and a fair amount of my friends can testify that I've (reluctantly) conceded when I've screwed up and need to consider a different point of view and/or apologize.

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