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The Glass Flower · 11:26pm Nov 7th, 2018

"By the light of the stars in the desolate dark, an island once sat in the sky;
And amidst sand and shale was a flower of glass, that once caught a spark by the eye.
And the spark said 'sweet bloom, I shall grant you a boon lest you perish amidst blighted loam;'
'If your lips have ne'er been kindly kissed by the green, then amidst it I'll grant you a home.'
And so the spark gave it a home."

"And the flower grew tall, and it glittered and gleamed, and its brilliance surpassed the light;

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    I should have written this a long time ago. It's been embarrassing. I've been embarrassed. I've also felt like, hey, I'm washed-up and haven't written anything in ages, so why should folks care?

    But I might as well be honest, because if not now, when?

    I lost my job.

    and I don't mean "I lost my job just now," I mean "I lost my job over six months ago and i've been unable to find more work."

    And that's no, and every, excuse for having not written anything.

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Aw, thanks! That story is probably my favorite thing that I've written thus far, so I'm glad to see that people like. And I could say for sure there's plenty more along the way :scootangel:

Well, most of it won't be about children jumping out of windows, but you get the idea

3193140 The writer of How to Throw Yourself at the Ground and Miss is wondering how that story was follow-worthy? Honestly, my only shame was that I didn't hit the follow button right after the Thousand Words contest was done - about my only excuse is that I have truly risible memory. (Not much of an excuse when I was a judge for that contest, admittedly, but it's all I've got.)

Howdy howdy, and thank you for the follow! May I ask how I earned it?

Not wrong at all, I don't reckon. :p

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