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The Glass Flower · 11:26pm Nov 7th, 2018

"By the light of the stars in the desolate dark, an island once sat in the sky;
And amidst sand and shale was a flower of glass, that once caught a spark by the eye.
And the spark said 'sweet bloom, I shall grant you a boon lest you perish amidst blighted loam;'
'If your lips have ne'er been kindly kissed by the green, then amidst it I'll grant you a home.'
And so the spark gave it a home."

"And the flower grew tall, and it glittered and gleamed, and its brilliance surpassed the light;

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    All the Barcast questions that didn't get answered.

    So, uh...wow. You guys asked a lot of questions tonight. Really friggin' flattering, honestly. Like, mega flattering. Tickled rosy, and all that.

    That said, running out of time was a thing that happened. Which kind of sucks, because - looking back at things - there were a lot of questions that would have been fun to talk about.

    So I'm gonna talk about 'em here. Because when am I the sort of person to pass up on rampant self-indulgence?


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Hey, it was great meeting you at horsecon!

Thanks for the follow!

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