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'Cause there we are again, in the middle of the night; we're dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light...

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The Glass Flower · 11:26pm Nov 7th, 2018

"By the light of the stars in the desolate dark, an island once sat in the sky;
And amidst sand and shale was a flower of glass, that once caught a spark by the eye.
And the spark said 'sweet bloom, I shall grant you a boon lest you perish amidst blighted loam;'
'If your lips have ne'er been kindly kissed by the green, then amidst it I'll grant you a home.'
And so the spark gave it a home."

"And the flower grew tall, and it glittered and gleamed, and its brilliance surpassed the light;

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  • 19 weeks
    About that birthday...

    There were so many things that I wasn't expecting. So many wonderful, amazing things.

    And none of them would have happened if it wasn't for you guys.

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Happy Birthday!

Truth Bomb: The unfortunate reality is that most people generally stop caring about your birthday once you're a capital-A adult, and that doesn't get better when you hit thirty.

BUT, that doesn't mean that they stop caring about YOU. You have family and friends that love you.
In the current year, most people aren't having big gatherings for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and yes, birthdays. So try not to take it too personally. There's always next year.

And hey, online, you can make the occasion as big of a to-do as you like! Throw an online party like I do every year and I'll be there. Because I, like a great many people here, call you a friend. Even if you're now thirty.

thanks for the reply.

The avatar was drawn by the lovely Cyonix. Not sure if they're open for commissions right now, but I do highly recommend them if you get the chance - they're a lovely human being.

As for the full sized image:


who drew your avatar?
can you link the full version to me?

Thank you so much for the follow! I am so, sorry. Forgive me. :twilightsmile:

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