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Ironic unemployment · 9:14pm Sep 29th, 2016

Having all this free time made me never in the mood to work on stories. But I managed something, the second half of which was done in one night.

I need to find a job! Being productive in the workplace made me want to be productive at home!

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President Pretentious · 8:30pm Apr 10th, 2018

President Pretentious
By: Brickbrock24

Prideful President Pretentious
loved his country very much.
His citizens and his homeland
Were always his number one priority.
People from elsewhere, however,
He did not think highly of.

The president thinks people
Who come from other places
Are nothing but crooks and schnooks.
He thinks they are repulsive rats and roaches
That have come to steal jobs and rape women.
He thinks they are renegades and ruffians

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First poem · 4:39pm Apr 10th, 2017

One day I wake up and see the sky is blue
Few more seconds and my face feels like sticky glue

On that vacation I went to
My stomach was getting sick like the sea crew

I went up on an air plane and fly in the sky
There were lots of birds as they flew by

The towers are so pretty
Like that animal kitty

The media flashes with their bright lights
Like all those ponies that have their pony rights.

My body is slick and thin
My OC is Coral Grim

Death is a structure of fate

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The Magical Connection · 5:07am Apr 23rd, 2017

To offer friendship is the greatest generosity.
To admit your faults takes extra honesty.
To look for the good in someone is a kindness.
A friend doesn’t need to prove their loyalty.
A good joke has its own laughter.
A deep friendship is truly magic.

To a friend, time shared is magic.
A personal gift is a rare generosity.
To be happy despite stress brings out laughter.
A hard truth is sometimes the best honesty.
To stand together takes loyalty.

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REACH · 4:46pm Jul 25th, 2017

Why must she haunt me?!
Like a bully she taughts me!
My goals and dreams sit high atop the monstrous shelf

I beg and plead
My future's in need
No one around me was even willing to help

No bbf nor boyfriend in sight
My goals await in fright
The tears fall and my mind seems to melt

Hold it in
Crying is a sin
But this pain is bigger than anything I've felt

I hate you but love you
Be glad I put one above you
Stop controlling us or again you'll never be held

Small I am

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Book Problem · 8:35pm Apr 18th, 2017

Book Problem
By: Brickbrock24

There is a book I am trying to read,
Yet some help I will definitely need.
I read the book a lot,
Yet I can’t follow the plot.
To confusion my mind will concede.

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Can't Catch a Break · 8:57pm Apr 18th, 2017

Can’t Catch a Break
By: Brickbrock24

After working hard all day until the rise of the moon,
I sat down on the couch so I could watch some cartoons.
Yet my mother came pounding on the door,
Demanding that I do more chores.
Looks like I won’t be catching a break anytime soon!

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Forth poem · 12:48pm Apr 11th, 2017

New skies during the sunny day
Ponies eat all the hay

Sweep by the night
Star gaze while their bright

Ponies talk and smile all day
Tall ships are coming by the docking bay

Filly and Colts love to play
Pretty much all day

I think there is something in my mane
I met a mare from Spain

She is so young
It drop me mouth and my tongue

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Late-night Friends · 12:27pm Jan 26th, 2019

Days turn in to nights
Skys shine with dozens of lights
Dark bright peace
All worries start to cease

A late night chat
Helping one another face the fact
A hot drink in hand
No worries from where they stand

A hot drink graces the lips
Worries of tomorrow start to dip
A blanket wrapped to keep the warmth
Tomorrow is for then and so forth

One worries and fret
The other helps them out of their head
A role reversal, the best yet
Staying up with one another until bed

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An Anchor Weeps (a poem) · 3:09am Jun 5th, 2021

An anchor weeps its sea salt tears
Absorbed by the flowing current.
The tides ebb around it
as oceans are ones to do
Ever changing.
And yet the anchor sits, unmoving, at home on the silt.

A chain is pulled taut upwards from the anchor towards the depths above.
Attached to what? The anchor does not know, for under the waves it is dark,
much too dark to remember things like glistening pools of sparkling light and the things that dwell in such.

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Cold Days for a Timeless Shell · 6:42pm Dec 4th, 2018

Some days go by and time passes none, other times seconds go by and it's the longest sum. In the depths of my mind, should exist a throne, but for too long now it's been cold and alone. I watch as the world passes me by, not sure just how time has flown by. A day to me is a month for you. The scary thought is just how much of it's true. When one day I can keep pace with the world, maybe things will make sense as they unfurl. Friends can be kept but must be tilled, otherwise weeds will eat at

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Artist's Block · 8:28pm Apr 18th, 2017

Artist’s Block
By: Brickbrock24

Digging through my mind,
Searching for an idea.
Yet there is nothing.

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Sandwich Poem · 9:17pm Mar 27th, 2018


By: Brickbrock24

A man walked into my sandwich shop,
A buff guy with flowing blonde hair
And chiseled muscles of steel.
He marched up to me,
Slammed his hand on counter,
And demanded
A sandwich suitable for his super strong self.

I wasn’t exactly sure
What kind of sandwich a macho man
Like this would want. So I offered
Him a new item that I added
To the menu recently.

He said “Sure, why not?” So I got to work.

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Breaking Pots (A Zelda Limerick) · 8:17pm Apr 18th, 2017

Breaking Pots (A Zelda Limerick)
By: Brickbrock24

I need to get my wallet nice and fat,
So I can buy bombs and items like that.
I know! I can go smash those pots,
Because why the heck not?
They’ll get me lots of money in no time flat!

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Second Poem · 5:15pm Apr 10th, 2017

I went to the store and found a ten bits on the floor
I couldn't see so much stuff because my eyes were so poor

When I went through some shops
I seen so many cops

Please surrender
I bought myself a blender

When I walk out of the store
The guard said, "Please put your hooves on the floor."

They call reinforcements
To give the poor stallion the bill of replacements

When I walk to my car because it wasn't my business
The guard scream and say, "Hey... your a witness."

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Not the best poem in a contest by a long shot · 3:56am Feb 16th, 2020

F Major’s not a key I’d use
To sing a song of bliss;
Back in the day, if I’d done that
My notes would seem amiss.

Back in the day, I’d never go
And sit out on the roof,
Atop the school and play guitar;
I’d be far too aloof.

I’d hold in everything I felt
My sermons and confessions;
They’d never hurt me in my head,
And there’d be no concessions.

And now my thoughts and notes are gone
To wander where they may;
I’ve nothing else I’d rather do
Then freely waste the day.

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Stating the obvious. · 10:23pm Oct 1st, 2023

Still a nobody,

Still a failure,

Still stuck here,


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How to Play First Person Shooters · 8:24pm Apr 18th, 2017

How to Play First Person Shooters
By: Brickbrock24

What is there to know?
There’s only one thing to do:
Shoot the bad guys!

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Insanity. · 2:11am Aug 22nd, 2015

Why does everything seem so sad?

The world I’m in is truly mad.

Tryin to keep from crying

But I can’t stand the lying

You always see me smiling

I seem happy and glad

But inside I’m sad

I want to go away

From this pain

But I seem to have to stay

I’m going insane…

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Celestial Double-Dactyl · 7:05am May 28th, 2016

Trill-la-la, troll-la-la
Princess Celestia.
Solar custodian,
Quick as a shot!

Makes her appearances
Thereby avoiding di-
stortion of plot.

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