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President Pretentious · 8:30pm Apr 10th, 2018

President Pretentious
By: Brickbrock24

Prideful President Pretentious
loved his country very much.
His citizens and his homeland
Were always his number one priority.
People from elsewhere, however,
He did not think highly of.

The president thinks people
Who come from other places
Are nothing but crooks and schnooks.
He thinks they are repulsive rats and roaches
That have come to steal jobs and rape women.
He thinks they are renegades and ruffians
Who have come to shoot out our schools.
He thinks they are terrorists and scumbags
Who have come to hurt his beautiful country.

One day,
President Pretentious pondered possible solutions
to his so-called pest problem.
He pondered and pondered
and eventually thought,
“Hey! I know! I’ll construct
The tallest wall of all!
A wall that will keep those illegal immigrants
From smearing dirt on my country!”

However, it is no surprise that President Pretentious
Doesn’t really think things through.
If he really does build a wall
To keep out the supposed scoundrels,
How are the pests who are already inside
Supposed to get out?

Report Brickbrock24 · 109 views · #Poem
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Comments ( 2 )

How does building the wall stop the government from deporting illegal immigrants? I fail to see the connection here. It's not like we deport them through the space the wall supposedly will be and just hit it and let them run back into America. I am confused on how you made this connection. Please, explain it to me. Is there just a joke there I'm not getting?

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