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Love is like a box of chocolates. The more you want it, the more it depletes until its all gone.

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REACH · 4:46pm Jul 25th, 2017

Why must she haunt me?!
Like a bully she taughts me!
My goals and dreams sit high atop the monstrous shelf

I beg and plead
My future's in need
No one around me was even willing to help

No bbf nor boyfriend in sight
My goals await in fright
The tears fall and my mind seems to melt

Hold it in
Crying is a sin
But this pain is bigger than anything I've felt

I hate you but love you
Be glad I put one above you
Stop controlling us or again you'll never be held

Small I am
Yet so tall I could be
Without you our future is just at arms REACH

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Comments ( 20 )

Its a little personal but it wouldn't be the first time I said something personal about my life.... As you already know, I don't want to stay in this job corps program anymore. My boyfriend is moving into an apartment and I'm moving with him. The problem is... He haves a "friend" named "Mary Jane" and "she" is trying to move in with us.

oh...have you told him how this makes you feel?

Yeah but he said "she" helps him with he's stress. I've tried twice to tell him that he needs to leave "her" and find something healthy to do but he thinks I'm just trying to take everything away from him.

I see. Well, what is this stress that she seems to help with so much?

Life. "She" takes him to a whole different world to escape life.

Just want to make sure, I don't like making assumptions

"She" use to be my friend the first day we met but "she" got me sick one night. From then on, I slowly stop "talking" to "her". My boyfriend is how we met.

Well Mary Jane is a very powerful witch. Breathing around her is deadly and her smoke bombs are worse than Trixe's. Her magic is impure. The illusion is trippy. If you still don't understand then just send me a pm.

I'm so Sorry for you, I don't know ''Mary Jane'' but for me, she's a bitch. If you feel sad or angry, just PM me. You deserve a wonderful Life. :pinkiesad2:

You can't just keep escaping life's problems forever. If he can't get rid of her, then it's you who has to make a choice. I just pray the choice you make won't be a very painful one :(

He's cooperating as best he can. We just finished talking about it and even though he's not going to stop seeing "Mary Jane" he is going to limit himself and thats all i ask. Maybe one day he'll quit, maybe he won't. All I want is for him to stay safe and think healthy.

A little late, but I need to say that poem was beautiful. And really sad too. Itʼs been three years, how you feeling now, dear?

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