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  • 22 weeks

    I'm going to put my horror fiction on hold. To enter a fimfiction competition... hopefully my skills of writing between now and the past.... I hope that it works out... :3 well, here we go T_T

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  • 22 weeks
    Fiction of horror is now out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hhehehehehehe yes!!!! bring in the hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    0 comments · 24 views
  • 22 weeks
    news update... i got some critic for the next fiction cover...

    Hello, I'm Flora Blossom.... I just done the book cover.... for the fiction that i'm writing.... and i sent 2 of my friends the image and they said OMG..... this could effect everything.... an eye for an eye.... This is going to sky rocket!!!!!!! "I hope T_T" pressure is on now....

    0 comments · 22 views
  • 25 weeks
    The new fiction that i'm writing and how far I am

    I am almost done with the first page... phew it's doing so well, I hope!!!!.... I hope that this will go sky rocket all I can do is pray. I just hope that I can reach up to at least 20 likes at least with this...

    6 comments · 38 views
  • 26 weeks
    The next horror franchise

    There will be 3 fictions just like last time but, i'm uncertain how i'm going to write it. It will take on the same Universe of Fear pitch black series. With more on what was really going on.

    1 comments · 35 views

First poem · 4:39pm Apr 10th, 2017

One day I wake up and see the sky is blue
Few more seconds and my face feels like sticky glue

On that vacation I went to
My stomach was getting sick like the sea crew

I went up on an air plane and fly in the sky
There were lots of birds as they flew by

The towers are so pretty
Like that animal kitty

The media flashes with their bright lights
Like all those ponies that have their pony rights.

My body is slick and thin
My OC is Coral Grim

Death is a structure of fate
Please mommy I don't need more vegetable at my plate

I have a dog that is clearly sense everything
Let's give her doggy biscuits with every topping

There is a desert that is calling me into a grateful taste
I think I shouldn't eat everything at haste

My writing skills are not as good
To become a better writer you must eat great food

Oh no I seen a grizzly bear
My skin is shaking it isn't fair

Media is such a hard life with lots of creations
I hope people would follow me with my fictions

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