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Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? (He/Him)


The weather's grown cold, and the leaves are starting to fall. But this change in temperature's never quite so bad as long as you have somecreature with you, and at least for now Applejack and Ember have each other.

But all things change. The seasons, most of all. And as the seasons change, all things under the stratosphere must change with them, for better or for worse.

Maybe—just maybe—A weekend in a cabin in the middle of the woods might be enough to change all that. Especially a weekend with a special somecreature. Maybe it could even be enough to bring about a satisfying ending.

There's only one way to find out.

This isn't, literally speaking, my 50th story; it's a couple stories too late for that. But in terms of wanting a story to celebrate a big, round number, well—here it is. This is something I've wanted to write for a while, but struggling with writing in general's gotten in the way; were it not for EFNW being the shot-in-the-arm that it was for getting me excited about writing again, I may never have finished this at all.

But it's something. And, hopefully regardless of how much everyone else likes it, it's something I can feel glad about for having written. Here's to hoping it won't be the last time I can find satisfaction in a story.

All of my thanks to Flashgen and Wanderer D for helping me out with this; It needed quite a lot of help in the end. Thanks to Cyonix for drawing the cover art of this (I know, actually commissioning art, right? I think that might be a first for me.) Thanks to a musician that I've already thanked before, who I'll be annoyingly cryptic about.

And thanks to the many, many other people responsible for making MLP:FiM exist.

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The art in the story cover's pretty small, dimension-wise, because i had to downsize it a lot in order to get it to fit within fimfic's cover size file limits. Here's the original, full-scale version in all its glory!


This is very sweet. Just what I needed tonight. Think I'll follow this and visit these two as new chapters come out.

Also, the cover art is brilliant, great job Cyonix! God I love the fall.

Thanks for writing!

Such an odd pairing in such an interesting story, very nice. Your avatar is adorable, by the way. :twilightsmile: Definitely following.

The cover art immediately drew my attention. I just couldn't help myself and had to read! Interesting dynamic between them -- I must say I wouldn't have expected it to work so well, but here we are! Loves the little details all around. Going to follow this one for sure.

Congratz on the feature! 10/14/2022

Their color palettes are perfect together!

A great start to a weekend away

Applejack will be fine, she's already napped. Plus, it's the weekend.

Never need a light with a dragon around.

They've finally acknowledged the problem in the room.

This was an excellent read, such an unusual paring but you made it feel so natural and good. I hope to see more from this.

It was good to see Ember and Applejack work out how they could stay together.

That was really nice. Thank you for it.

Ah, the scene where amber the dragon touches apple pony with her claws~
So cute!

Also love their dynamic!

Ooooooo, I've never seen this pair before. It seems really interesting; I like reading about Ember as a young but mature adults dead set on her work, so playing off of Applejack as a companion sounds great.

“Same as anycreature else. Desire for validation and the appreciation of others. Even dragons get that way sometimes, and if I’ve learned anything about ponies in general it’s that you all run on wanting to love and be loved.”

Now THIS is what I really love about fantasy and science fiction. The needs and psychology of different species. Considering axioms. Even with these dragons clearly not being as hardcore as most settings (or even some other AU fanfics), there's still the acknowledgments that they're not as concerned or dependent on other people's opinions as ponies. Or the very least, they erect way more barriers to not seem like that.

“Because you know that I’ll make fun of you regardless of what you say, but I won’t judge you for it. And because I’ll badger you incessently until you tell me, because…” Ember leaned forward and booped Applejack’s snout. “You’re cute when you get flustered.”

“You’re sweet, but not sugary. Cute, but not cutesy. You put in the work to build cabins when nodragon asked nor expected you to, and you’d probably chop the head off of any dragon that deigned to even singe your bridge. And you take risks.”

I'm of two mind about this kind of dialogue. On one hand I really don't like telling instead of showing. But I also understand that Ember is direct, and that partner with Applejack HAS to be direct. They also seem to be in the stage of the relationship where they understand each other pretty well, but they're still communicating a lot to set the foundation.

“Pretty sure you got your wish there. No offense, but the day I give up ruling and help plow fields all day is the day I give away my scales.”

Now I'm more curious than ever what these two think their future looks like. And if they've thought about any kind of formal matrimony.

Without another word, Applejack grabbed Ember by the wrist and tugged her down towards the room at the end of the hall.

So is this with her mouth, or is AJ doing that prehensile tail thing? Usually whenever the ponies are trying to push someone in the show, they're either getting behind the person and using their head, or they get on two legs to body check them.

I can't help think that Ember is supposed to be a bit taller than Applejack here. But I'm looking at video of her right now, and it seems like it's correct. Where the cranium of the pony would just be underneath the curvature of ember's jaw line. Maybe it's the style of this drawing, where the edges are less defined. Or the fact that Ember has a totally straight posture, and doesn't have her raptorial bent shape.

Applejack could definitely come off as rude to someone, but I'm wondering if the story will address that time together means so much to her because of their difference in lifespan.

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