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In a show of good grace, the Griffon Kingdom organises a festival to strengthen bonds with Equestria. Dash received an invitation, but her intentions have less to do with politics and more with strengthening an old friendship.

Written for TheAncientPolitzanian for Jinglemas 2023.

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I'm a few days behind, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this! The premise was a pretty novel way of bringing Gilda and Dash back together, I definitely appreciated the way you had Gilda put her Flight Camp experience to good use, and the whole thing had the exact sort of wistfulness I'd been hoping for. It always kinda bummed me that the two of never really got to do all that much on-screen after their reconciliation — I guess the fear might've been that an episode to that end would've just come across as a poor mare's "Amending Fences" or something — and you did a great job helping to scratch that itch!

Thanks for writing this, kudos, and happy holidays!

The lack of Gilda in the latter half of the series really bothered me. It seemed like wasted opportunities for some Dash growth. But hey, that's why God invented fanfiction.
I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:
Have safe holidays and a wonderful rest of the year.

Great story. Loved every second of it

I'm glad you had a good time! :pinkiehappy:

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