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Fluttershy wasn't expecting to find a snow globe in her closet; even if Angel Bunny pointed it out to her, it most certainly didn't come from him. The most obvious candidate is Discord, but if so - why is it there? Who is it for?

And why does the snow globe have a figure of her inside it, dancing amidst the perpetually falling snow?


A very belated Hearth's Warming gift for the ever lovely Nailah. This story was written for Jinglemas 2020; For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

All of my thanks to Flashgen for his help.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 14 )

Nice story. Well-written and heart-warming.

Nailah #2 · 6 days ago · · ·

Dawwwwh. So fluffy and cute. I must say, this was definitely worth waiting for, thank you for taking the time to write it.
It shall be a piece I shall cherish and come back too, when I too, wish to dance.
This also reminds me so much of the country song "Just Dance" I wonder if it inspired this, or if it's merely concidence?
Thank you for the lovely gift, but more importantly for being a friend. <3

This was adorable and so heart-warming. I loved it! <3

Aaannnd Petrichord launches it out of the park with a Fluttercord Grand Slam!

All the fluffy and cute feelings :yay:
It was such a heartwarming story, Petri! Absolutely loved it!

When I go to imagine the music from the box I can't help but hear a favorite song of mine named Libet's Delay


And inside the snow globe is the imaginary world of Equestria… just like St. Elsewhere. :raritywink:

This whole thing read like a poem. It flowed so smoothly, and it was so warm, and every word seemed so thoughtfully crafted together. The kind of piece that sings instead of reads.

Beautiful, absolutley beautiful. I love it. I'd love more fluttercord from you!

This is incredible.

.this is how I’ll remember you: forever young, forever beautiful,

Rest well my love, for soon the monster that took you from me will learn that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Really beautiful fic, love the use of the snow globe, and discord’s brain was hilarious

Hands down my favorite one-chapter fic. I cannot offer a single piece of negative criticism, however the list of positives is about 4,155 items long.

Agreed, I loved every moment, every line of this story.

This story was deep and well done.

Loved it. Very simple premise but great execution.

I still didn't really get the brain / memory sequence though.

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