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'Cause there we are again, in the middle of the night; we're dancing 'round the kitchen in the refrigerator light... (He/Him)


Fluttershy wasn't expecting to find a snow globe in her closet; even if Angel Bunny pointed it out to her, it most certainly didn't come from him. The most obvious candidate is Discord, but if so - why is it there? Who is it for?

And why does the snow globe have a figure of her inside it, dancing amidst the perpetually falling snow?


A very belated Hearth's Warming gift for the ever lovely Nailah. This story was written for Jinglemas 2020; For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

All of my thanks to Flashgen for his help.

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Nice story. Well-written and heart-warming.

Dawwwwh. So fluffy and cute. I must say, this was definitely worth waiting for, thank you for taking the time to write it.
It shall be a piece I shall cherish and come back too, when I too, wish to dance.
This also reminds me so much of the country song "Just Dance" I wonder if it inspired this, or if it's merely concidence?
Thank you for the lovely gift, but more importantly for being a friend. <3

This was adorable and so heart-warming. I loved it! <3

Aaannnd Petrichord launches it out of the park with a Fluttercord Grand Slam!

All the fluffy and cute feelings :yay:
It was such a heartwarming story, Petri! Absolutely loved it!

When I go to imagine the music from the box I can't help but hear a favorite song of mine named Libet's Delay


And inside the snow globe is the imaginary world of Equestria… just like St. Elsewhere. :raritywink:

This whole thing read like a poem. It flowed so smoothly, and it was so warm, and every word seemed so thoughtfully crafted together. The kind of piece that sings instead of reads.

Beautiful, absolutley beautiful. I love it. I'd love more fluttercord from you!

This is incredible.

.this is how I’ll remember you: forever young, forever beautiful,

Rest well my love, for soon the monster that took you from me will learn that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Really beautiful fic, love the use of the snow globe, and discord’s brain was hilarious

Hands down my favorite one-chapter fic. I cannot offer a single piece of negative criticism, however the list of positives is about 4,155 items long.

Agreed, I loved every moment, every line of this story.

This story was deep and well done.

Loved it. Very simple premise but great execution.

I still didn't really get the brain / memory sequence though.

It was a memory of Discord watching Fluttershy searching her cabinets for tea. He found beauty in her frenzy as she fluttered about the cabinets. That's how he chose to remember her.

This has been reviewed.


There is but one song that would fit this story:

The song for all immortal love

Discord, "I have always been immortal, but you were the one who gave me life."

Ice Dance. Yes, gee it's been so long since I watched Edward Scissorhands. Good pick! :heart:

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