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This story is a sequel to An Alternative Ending

Gregory Graystone faces a monumental task. He must repair the bridges between several nations. Pull the former elements out of their sorrow and light the banner of harmony and friendship once again. And, maybe, help his fellow man out of his malaise. Meanwhile, groups behind the scenes work to undo the changes happening in Equestria.

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Wow! I was not expecting a sequel. I look forward to it!

Since this Gregory is aware of fandom tropes, I wonder if he already knows who Jason Wright is?

Comment posted by Derpynuke deleted May 27th

Happy to see a continuation, the first story was an absolute banger.

Did you favorite a story you are writing?:ajsmug:

I can favorite the parts you're writing, can't I? Hehe.

I think by shaking Gregory’s hand Twilight isn’t going to make the same mistake she did with Jason

Thus, the handshaking between Gregory and Twilight, marks the salvation of Equestria.

After work that day, he’d gone home and found the first two episodes online. From there, he was hooked. He spent as much of his free time as he could watching the show. Even so, he still kept to his schedule and would participate in the other activities he’d filled his life with. When he finally finished, he was a hardcore fan. He devoured any kind of media he could find. Online fan animations on YouTube, the comics, and fanfictions.


Oh Gregory, you poor fool, you are in for a big depressing shock.



God I hope they dont rob him, with all the things he's brought.

Hmm... Wasn't there a magic-enforced flashback for anyone that visits ponyville on what happened? One that goes over everything that was done there? Or is that just activated when someone desires to "live" there?

Maybe since humans don't have magic, ol' Gregboy won't be getting any eye-opening flashbacks any time soon.

Either way best of luck, I'm watching with great interest.

I like this guy, he is not a mindless misanthrope for just a few reasons, of course, next to him I did not feel very happy to leave the earth and my species at all, although his reaction is correct, it could have been better, I hope with all my heart that the premise of the story is not so rosy the consequences must continue even if they are repaired the damage done must always persist even if it is minimized the truth is the truth

Maybe because he was dropped inside by the magic that brought him he never got the message.

He gonna to be shocked when he hears the whole story.

No offense man, but the romance tag alone makes me not want to read this. Wish you luck anyway.

P.S.: Geez people, that one guy out of a hundred doesn't want to read one story isn't anything to freak out about. Calm down.

And so it begins. The sequel where another human attempts to put Equestria back to it's almost normal if better state.

Maybe during that time questions could be asked by the characters like, why Celestia wanted Twilight to take her place without asking her if it's what she wanted, and why Luna and Cadance were so on board with that idea without a second thought.

Oh boy this is gonna be good.

Can't believe it came so soon I know this is gonna be good

Let us hope that Twilight will actually make up for her mistakes, and not try to manipulate Gregory into helping her against the 'injustice' done to her.

"Romance" tag ? I bet it's going to go to AppleJack, instead of Twilight. Or maybe not. Who am I kidding!
Where is that Griffon hen when you need her?

I do not disagree, but there's a fair few to pick from

I’m curious which way this will go, I’m hoping that the writer will once again surprise us taking an untraveled path. Though I was expecting Twilight to send a letter to Celestia immediately to have him transported to Canterlot just to avoid causing a fuss in town… Right now the wound is still raw for those ponies, being called out isn’t exactly fun, especially when it has long term consequences.

Isn't Twilight cursed to blurt out her intentions whenever she meets a new person? I'm really curious how that will go.

Edit/correction: her faults, not intentions.

Celestia isn't a princess anymore.

That's rarity. Because she likes to pretend she cares but she really vain and greedy and selfish. Twilight just lost status and was forbidden to participate in the government and had her power shrunk. Applejack just has to suffer pain for her crime. Fluttershy gets to feel what Jason did when she ran away from him. Rainbow is paying for always being reckless and shortsighted by receiving the same lighting based pain she worked so hard to give him and losing her ability to fly. Pinkie was spared because she never directly interacted with him. All her pain is of her own making.

The reason I can’t root for Jason is the fact he indirectly caused the wendigoes to return and Equestria can’t fight back

The ponies did that.

Looking forward to seeing this series keep going. Thank you for writing the sequel!

I think you're calling that a little earlier. Yes, the Wendigos are going to be a problem. But you can't put that all on Jason. Sometimes things get blurry in the pursuit of justice. Heck, Justice, and revenge often are synonymous with one another.

more prominence for Jason please ¡!

Ayyy, something more to chew on for a while!

If Gregory ever finds a way to get internet he's gonna have a field day.

Exactly, and even if he did foresee the Wendigos returning, good luck combating centuries of racism that went unnoticed by everyone before their return becomes an issue when even if the racism itself was easy to deal with, every other race has been royally screwed over by a nation they thought was their friend and they are just now learning of it. I'm pretty sure Discord said he was going to confess to the other rulers anyway, so that alone would've contributed greatly, especially if proof of sabotage was unearthed during Equestria's attempt to right the wrongs.

Jason couldn't get his justice in any meaningful extent without basically destroying an entire country's reputation and the economy with it. I include the economy in this because of the lack of trade with other nations, reparations for stunts like The Idol and Discord, and all the non-ponies due for backpay or reparations like Cranky.

Though if you think about it, the return of the Wendigos might just be what Equestria needs to overcome its own hatred and prejudice.

Justice was served. That, was a better alternative than having ponyville burned to the ground.
If anything, evil spirits are never purged. Always dormant until their is an imbalance of some kind.
Also, Discord gets to live in this alternate universe. Although, he has to put up with a certain 'yandere'.

Yes, I was thinking of Rarity at first, but Twilight had a similar punishment:

"Twilight Sparkle! As for your punishment, you are to be stripped of your title as a princess. You will not have a say in any political matters. You will not engage in any diplomatic sessions. You will be like an ordinary citizen with no aid or stipend from the crown or any other royalty! Your Alicorn magical reserve shall be dampened to match that of an average unicorn again for the rest of your life. For the next three years, however, you shall not have access to your magic. You will know what it is like to do things as an Earth pony. Finally, you will also announce all your faults to any new creature you meet. It will be up to them if they want anything to do with you after that!"

Welp. Gregory will have a very rude wake-up call the more he explores Ponyville alone, and then any more information that will eventually shock him to realize that Equestria and his "heroes" are nothing like the show.

Let alone the massive amounts of problems and divisions since Jason's trial.

The same could be said about Twilight if she genuinely wants to be friends with Gregory. Though that also might not be healthy for her if she sees him as a "what if" in place of Jason (and humans in general had she bothered to study properly rather than a knee-jerk assumption). And that's not including the other girls, not to mention most of the Ponies in general in the rest of the now weakened and vulnerable Equestria.

And eh... can't forget about the Windigoes returning to rue the now all alone nation/species.

I forgot that part of her punishment. I thought you made a mistake because twilight although she has not much empathy she is pretty good about honesty unlike rarity who used spike for years.

I really hope we get a chapter that peaks in on the Crystal Empire. I have a feeling that behind closed doors what’s happened is finally hitting Shining emotionally.

The last story it felt like he was dealing with a combination of denial and shock. But by now he’s had time to adjust and come to terms with what’s happened. I can’t imagine the ideal picture of his family life being shattered is something that’s easy to handle.

I’d also like a peak on his parents, I can’t imagine their lives have gotten much better after this. Even if other ponies don’t necessarily “disagree” with their views, they still helped caused some the issues Equestria is now facing. Don’t forget they’ve also lost favor with the the rulers (including former princess Celestia) Princess Luna and Blueblood (if only for political reasons). Right now they might not be too welcome in Canterlot, especially as the economic situation sours. People are all for banning imports… until they realize how many things they bought aren’t/can’t-be made in their country….

Awesome, I just finished reading "An Alternative Ending". On one hand this story is just beginning, so I'll have to wait for new chapters. On the other, I won't be reading it instead of sleeping :)

Conversation between Gregory and Jason is going to be interesting.

Let's go! I will watch this sequel with great interest :)

Can't wait for the next chapter the prologue is already good.

I wonder how Twilight and the others will interact with Greystone and especially when Jason gets informed about the new human.

I love your work and I mean no offense by this but I love an alternate ending so much that I don't want this new story to ruin the last stories ending minus the last few paragraphs. So I'm not going to read this one until it's finished.

That's cool. I like to binge-read as well. It maybe a few months before this one is finished, though.

The meeting with the rest of the elements is going to be awkward as fuuuuuck

I am curious as to what that means for your own story. Will you be ok with separating the two stories facts and whatnot, or with keeping up with the time between chapter postings? Because I don't want you to overwork yourself or stress yourself too much.

I'm still working on my other stories. I'm working on the next chapter of EaB, which hopefully will be out sometime this weekend.

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