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Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? (He/Him)


Discord hasn't been feeling himself lately. Rarity thinks that it might be a good idea to get his mind off of things by having him assist her with upcoming work for the Summer Sun Celebration. Being the good sport that he is, Big Mac helps Discord out.

As it turns out, the project is surprisingly fun.
It's also more than a little painful.

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This achieved exactly what you meant it to.

Wow, right in the heart. I love the energy you put into the words. The almost-frenzied pace as they got into it, the obstinance from them as the story built up, the lethargy as they wound down to finish it... Beautiful.

Nice touch, the way they never say her name. It really helps frame Discord's state of mind.

:D :D :D :twilightsmile: :yay: :pinkiehappy:

Ah f*ck you actually got me. That's all I can say throughout the whole thing. Damn it.

Is this related to Not Ron Drawde?

I really liked how it seemed here like Big Mac has developed a genuine friendship with Discord, not even just a "we hang out and play O&O" but it seems like they actually care about each other. The bit with Big Mac holding Discord's hands with his hooves so they wouldn't shake just killed me.

8023160 It's not immediately related to Not Ron Drawde; one can be read without the other, and vice versa. They don't necessarily co-exist in the same universe, although they certainly could be read as being related to each other, given the characters and themes in each story.

Glad you liked it! And i'm glad that you expressed interest in Not Ron Drawde, too. I really need to actually get off my butt and start publishing new chapters for it. :facehoof:

You stabbed my heart. You took this beautifully crafted story and stabbed me right in my dang heart. I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS NOW THANKS TO THIS! AND ALL OF THEM ARE SAD!

Man, I want to say you were almost too subtle with this piece, and then I was like "Oh god, the title."

Well done. :twilightsmile:

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #105.

My review can be found here.

8025272 Thank you for the review! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I'm crying, hope you're happy


Things change. They don't always change in ways we like, even those of us who claim they'll take any change at all over stagnation. But then they're faced with a change even they can't undo, and they change in kind. That one's irreversible as well, but time and friends help carry out a second one that will return the changer to a similar state. Not quite the same as before, but better than they'd been.

Quietly powerful. Thank you for it.

Author Interviewer

oh shit, son D: you weren't kidding

So much was said by what wasn't said.

Very artfully done. Thank you for the read.

Addendum: Downright friggin incredible in both concept and execution.
Seriously, thank you for the read.

Found out about this through RCL, and I'm so glad I did.

I definitely think my favorite part was the title; Japanese to tie into the origami, the actual message to tie in with the story. This is easily the best thing I've read all week. Well done dude.

Comment posted by abronie deleted Nov 24th, 2017

An excellent piece.

That was very well done.

God... Just god, that was beautiful. Achieved exactly what it was meant to.

Beautiful and powerful. Need I say more? Every character is written wonderfully, their interactions authentic. I loved every word.

Oh wow, I'm glad I found this, just wish it hadn't taken so long. Beautiful little story, nice use of innuendo and "that which is never actually spoken". Congratulations. :fluttershysad:

Found this story via RCL, and I'm glad I did. A beautiful story, and a perfect demonstration of how to say worlds by not saying something.

That was... and then I... Oh, Discord.
Just wow.

“Through the gaps in the wall.” Discord arched a contemptuous eyebrow. “I see that the apple (Apple) family still hasn’t bothered to fix the woodwork after the last storm. And to think that I’ve been accused of lethargy.”

“—Invite me along. You should have said so in the first place! I suppose you had intended to tie me into a generic ‘I’ll-work-for-you-whenever-you-want clause,’ which is not going to happen, for the record.” Discord waggled his finger at Rarity. “But it would be remiss of me....not...... to help a good friend with his labor. So! When will he arrive at our excessively humble abode? Now?”

“Fair enough.” Discord shrugged. “I’ll assume that you don’t wish for (to) tackle a butterfly with nigh-impossible verticies?”

Seems to imply that Discord is sad because Fluttershy is dead?

Good catches. Thanks!

Wow. A very unexpected depth to the whole of the story became clear with that ending. A very intelligent and intricately woven use of symbolism, and the final piece the key to unlocking our understanding of it all. Like poetry, the passages written contained meaning that was more than just the sum of the words themselves. A very beautifully unusual piece. Well done.

Wow, talk about saying something without actually saying it! Bravo!

Woah. That was powerfully gripping, and a delightful read. I really DO need to check out the rest of your words.
*takes notes*
Beautiful piece of work here, quite lovely as Rarity herself might say.
Change comes and it goes, and we're always adapting to the changes around us, and that's no different even for the Lord of Chaos himself. I enjoyed the simplicity of Big Mac being the one to drill this message home to him. It's very fitting of their dynamics.

Hi I cried at this a year ago, it’s so well written

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