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Thanks to Spike, Discord has learned that love exists. Fluttershy has always believed in it, but somehow takes even longer to notice. There's a lot of reasons it would have been nice to know sooner - least of all the chaos it could have saved at the school. At least they finally figured it out.

(Spoilers for A Matter of Principals; cross-posted on fanfiction.net)

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This was absolutely fabulous and beautiful and I do not doubt I will read this numerous times. I haven't read high quality, solid fluttercord like this in a long time. I was so excited to discover this! It's well-written, all the characters are on-point, and the romance builds up in a slow, tender way that had me gushing the whole time. And yes, Discord did deserve some come-uppance for sure. That episode was probably my least favorite Discord episode. But if that episode is what inspired this lovely piece of work, then it wasn't all for nothing! ♡ (Also feel free to write more fluttercord or add to this one, if you want. Just a suggestion~!)

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I enjoyed this. It was very sweet, with these two showing each other affection. I liked how Discord stopped the physical affection and tried to show some restraint after he realized his feelings. I liked this bit:

"Yes, well," Discord gently patted her back, "O and O would be infinitely less entertaining if every game ending in him sobbing over his lost Lenore, so I suppose I had to do something."

It's a perfect characterization of Discord, and how he likes to pretend he doesn't care. I also like the reference to The Raven (Did you know John de Lancie did a reading of it on YouTube?)

Anyway, this is a story I would definitely read again. It's short and sweet, perfect for when I have a craving for Fluttercord.

Thank you so much oh my gosh! Hearing such a lovely comment from you means so much, I’ve loved your Fluttercord for so long! ❤️

That was definitely my least favourite Discord episode, so frustrating to see them regress his character like that. Thank you for the encouragement; I’m definitely planning to write more Fluttercord, but it’s really good to know I’m on the right track. Discord’s such a tricky character to get the hang of!

Thank you! I was a bit nervous about Discord’s characterisation so the feedback is really useful. Also, I had no idea John de Lancie had done a reading of it but thank you, I’ll definitely check it out :)

You have a real Nat for this! WHOO! HEATED OR WHAT, Please make more!

wow!!!!!!!this is so so so so so sweet !!!!
and your essay is so fantastic!!!!i love it !!!!it is amazing and beautiful!!!
please give me more about fluttercord!!!!!

Thank you so much! Definitely planning more Fluttercord for the future :)

I made this review of your story just today. I need to warn you though, half of what I think of it isn’t pretty. I only hope that it doesn’t cause your feelings to get crushed and your mojo to get swept away, because that’s the last thing I ever want to do.

My Fanfic Review on Hearts and Help (and a Breakdown of Fluttercord in General)

Amazing! Absolutely amazing!! I love how you wrote the characters and how beautifully you captured their emotions! Great job!

It's been a little bit since I first read this fic, so my comment's late, but it's become one of my favorite Fluttercord pieces of all time. The characterization is great, and it feels completely congruous to both of their characters. Plus, the fluff is tooth-rotting. Thank you for your service 🙏

Me encantó!! Ha sido una de mis historias favoritas de Fluttercord, de verdad tienes talento. Felicidades y gacias por alegrar mi noche.

Me encantaría leer más sobre estos dos en el futuro, realmene tiemes una maravillosa manera de escribir

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