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After the second changeling invasion, Fluttershy is eager to get back to a normal routine. However Discord seems to be constantly underfoot, checking her identity and the status of her health. Eventually, an unexpected visit from Princess Luna brings Discord's fears out of the night and into the light.

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I felt like Discord's voice was done really well here, as was his relationship with Fluttershy (I like that she knows him well enough to predict what visual pun he'll be using before he turns around). Overall, good job!

Every interesting first story

You did a great job with the story and characters.

Dang it, now I want cake.... Cool first story!

A wonderful story that felt like a real episode of the show. So in-character for all of them! I'd love to read more of Discord and Fluttershy from you.

Very well done. I even cried a little, but lovely wrap up.

Shutcho sensitive Ass up

Nevermind I just cried

Not bad for a first story! Though, Discord came across as oddly oversensitive to certain things? He does often have overreactions, but he's also not particularly empathetic, so for him to play the role similar to that of, let's say, a worrying, fussy parent was a little odd. I'd like to see you write more, though.

I really enjoyed this story! Discord was so in character I read all of his dialogue in his voice and could imagine all of his actions animated. I also love the way you wrote Princess Luna! The word choice was amazing!! Good work! :)

I'm not crying! *sniffle* You are!:raritydespair:

Love it! Absolutely loved it! Very entertaining and very intuned with the characters! I hope to read more fluttercord fics from you

This was fantastic, these two were written so naturally you make it look effortless. I'm anxious to hopefully see more from you in the future.

I think he tries to hide any feelings behind a mask of being a pain in the neck. Its not easy for anyone to get past it.

That was a good story.

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