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The Unity Crystals: A Backstory Theory · 9:05am Dec 21st, 2022

My wonderful niece insists upon watching exactly 2 episodes of G4, over and over again. One of them is the second half of “The Crystalling,” in which Sunburst figures out how to use the Crystalling of baby Flurry Heart to reforge the Crystal Heart she shattered, and Starlight Glimmer stands beside the four alicorns pouring raw magical energy into a most ancient artifact as if she were their peer.

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Thanks for the favorite of A Very ’Clucky’ Nightmare Night!

If I may ask, what did you like and dislike about it?

Thanks for the watch!

1453490 only just now, from your link. At times I wonder about the mindset of the people who spend so much time trying to bring down the fandom they learn all the inside details without once getting into the core of why people watch the show. I think the part that I never got, which started the "downfall" was "best pony." To me, the main six are all best pony.:twilightsheepish:

When the fandom first started, fanfics were rare and brilliant, and their authors honored for bringing more pony into existence. I shared in those heady early days, not because I sought honor, but because I wanted to make magic. To my surprise, I often did.

:twilightsmile: Truth! Thanks for sharing a snapshot of fandom history. Oh man, the fandom way back in season one--the wide-eyed wonder and joy we had for every episode and every fic. . . . We'll never get things like those back, y'know? It's good to reminisce on 'em. :pinkiesad2: Anybody who was a part of MLPG when it was on /co/ is a kickass dude, and someone to respect. I can't wait to read your stuff as soon as I'm able to make the time for it!

Hey, have you heard Wootmaster's faithful student rap?

  • Viewing 19 - 23 of 23
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