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On a clear spring morning, a human trapped in Equestria without a Bible teaches Twilight the meaning of Easter.

(Trigger and offensiveness warning, blatant Christianity. Written in two hours on Easter morning 2014.)

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Nice despite the religion. And the fic warning is good to warn those who really don't like that sort of thing. I'm largely an agnostic myself but I still think that this was well written.

I can tell this was written with heartfelt sincerity, and even as a person who is hostile to theism, I can appreciate it. I would imagine that a true believer who found themselves in Equestria would seek to carry on being in communion with the lord and even share the knowledge of God's grace with ponies who were interested.

Very good. Thank you for writing this. It's comforting to see others out there who care. :ajsmug:

You're one of the few I'd trust to handle such things so well, Dup.

I love this fic.
That is all.

Splendid and simplistic; the best way to teach is to boil a hundred thousand words into a thousand. :yay::twilightsmile:

> And they did it because an evil spirit possessed a dragon and convinced them that the King wasn't their friend at all.

Equestria doesn't have snakes?

Otherwise, interesting look at how myths might translate across borders, and the religious angle totally aside, it was worth appreciating for that. :twilightsmile: Hope you had a good Easter.

4273459 "Luke" was going to say dinosaur, but didn't want to have to explain a non-draconic walking snake to someone who lives with a dragon. Besides, Revelation has a dragon: "The great dragon was hurled down--that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray"

As far as using the language of myth, "Luke the believer" found it refreshing to be able to just tell the honest truth about his faith without having to hem and haw about details like "some people believe" and "the historical evidence says" and "other cultures say". Twilight has a royal mentor who raises the sun? "Luke" has one who created his world's sun and everything else, and who saves monsters from their fate.

I like the concept of trying to preserve knowledge and tradition "organically" through one persons casual memories.

Also like your take on his faith (the christian faith specifically, but I like to think more generally as human faith), and have him recontrextualize it to reflect the reality of the ponies world. May likely make him a more devote Christian doing so. Interesting idea to take that direction (more of a missionary, or much more similarly to a prophet), instead of something more common, like how Celestia's existence calls into question the existence of (his) god.

4363288 When surrounded by a world of literal magic akin to Narnia (which this Luke is a lifelong fan of), he finds words like "theology," "atheism," and even "faith" unnecessary. Instead of building a cathedral with words and defending against the barbarians at the gates, he can tell the truth without expectation that the other party will disbelieve his sincerity and level of knowledge.

As for "missionary" or "prophet," without evidence that Equestria is a fallen world, he has no reason to preach. Only the lost need salvation. Without evidence that Celestia and Luna are more than angel-level ponies, there's no need for a holy war.

I will read this. it intrigues me. :moustache:

I found out about this story when I read your comment on "Faith and Fandom: Guest Post by Dr. Andrew Crome." I am definitely looking forward to reading it, but I don't exactly have the time right now haha

Since I've always read HiE stories featuring nonreligious fans, It seems very interesting to finally read a story with a Christian sent to Equestria. Perhaps I can relate

Oh noooo, I've been triggered, how dare you write a story about a religion that I don't believe to be true! Nag, nag, nag. Lol. Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, I'm off to see how good this story is. XP
P.s. No disrespect intended.

[Edit] Pretty good for a quick write. Information for the specific occasion matches up pretty well, though (as another comment mentioned.) I am curious as to why you went with dragon instead of snakes? Did you not see the Winter Wrap-up episode by the time you posted this? Forgot about? Didn't think about it? Or maybe it hadn't come out, yet? Or you hadn't seen it yet? All in all, decently done. Would have liked a little more description of the character, luke, but that isn't a necessity.
P.s. Agnostic atheist, out! XP

The word "serpent" is used in most English translations of Genesis, and "dragon" is used in Revelation. Combining those with the concept that God cursed such beasts to crawl on their bellies from then on, the obvious inference is that Lucifer possessed a "dragon," either an extinct legged and/or winged snake/lizard, or a dinosaur such as a velociraptor. As to whether that's Scripturally accurate, I think it would make a fantastic scene in a movie, and I'm going with it.

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