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A cartoon pony named Twilight Sparkle visits me every other Friday night. Normally she just raids my fridge, questions my life choices, and forces me to watch her show. Tonight something is different. Has she always had wings?

Fair warning: Twilight’s views on her own fandom's creations aren’t exactly positive.

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The story continues in the sequel

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For some reason, I find this to be a little dark for Twilight, even if it is lighthearted.

Definitely well written, although i'm pretty sure :twilightblush: wouldn't act like a snob. she did a little bit in this story. All in al thoughl, i'd give this a 7.8 Out of 10. Mabye a 7.9

Good little story.

Could be expanded up to multiple visits and Sparkle voicing her nuances and problems to Jake.

I agree. I just loved the idea of her routinely barging into some reluctant guy's life and raiding the fridge.

Maybe I should've said "rated teen for Twilight being a bit of a jerk"

Thanks for the review. This is definitely a little outside of everyday Twilight, but I thought of it as less snob and more... unwanted familiarity? A routine they've fallen into that's great for her and somewhat tolerable for him. Glad you liked it either way. :raritywink:

That'd be fun; Twilight letting loose about what's 'really' going on in Equestria. Once I knock out some other projects I'll consider it.

You know, I had an idea almost identical to this involving me and Luna...

If this doesn't get featured I will be sad because this is so good!

this deserves a sequel I want to see more

“Can’t we just watch some football tonight?”
“Those games are boring, and they take way too long. We need to check up on what your world left out of the past two week’s episodes.”
“Isn’t watching a show about yourself kind of… narcissistic?”
“Of course not, this is important scientific…”

Please tell me that'd involve the Royal Canterlot Voice :pinkiehappy:

Luna just isn`t Luna without THE ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE!!!

Its Twilight, I can see it happening or see her raiding the bookshelves.........

Fluttershy on the other hand, I'd not be surprised if she would bring her own fridge with her........

Kinda wish this wasn't a one shot.

I really hope you can bring yourself to write more.

Maybe even make a little cliche and let Twilight bring him to Equestria for a short visit. Maybe Celestia wants to learn more about Twilights other "friend" she visit two times in a month. :trollestia:

this should be longer than just a one shot

Eh, I've been waiting for Rarar and Spike-a-licious to start bumping uglies since season fucking two. I really don't think the 'revelations' Twitwi could give would be any kind of major thing so long as it's not a fedora-brony.

Seriously. Twitwi has a poor opinion of her fans if she's thinking like that.

Oh! Before I forget - Twi? We make porn of real-life people. It's no big thang, don't take it personally. Giggle at the porny, guffaw at the cloopy! Crack up at the crack-pair, whoop it up with the really-purple-writing!

Dat cover art...is too bucking cute. :pinkiehappy:

Love the story. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for pointing those things out, I corrected them. I'm sure I would've caught them in another six months or so :facehoof:
I'm glad you liked it!

I can't claim that that was deliberate, I just pulled a human name out of a hat.

I am okay with this.

I like this. It's a nice little story. Very cool.

I like how casually this is handled. Although I'm skeptical about the "everything's actually darker and grittier" that's being used.

Lol, is it Jake from StateFarm? ... No? Okay ... But seriously, I liked this. Good job dude.

I can't really like or dislike this story. It was... okay, is all.

Why no Twilicorn tag?:duck:

Neat story, makes me wish that this was a bunch of slice of life snippets instead of a oneshot. I liked Twilight, she's more of a person than an iconic pretty princess.

I like this. I'd read more of it.

Nice take on the whole Pony-on-Earth thing, and kind of sensible as well.

4414393 Since when is she perfect in any sense of the word? She has fears, self-doubt, a little OCD, and she makes mistakes. She also over-reacts sometimes. That's a lot more in-depth than most cartoon characters these days.

I didn't say perfect. Flanderized might be a better word. You know, reading constantly, making lists, singing about friendship? This version doesn't. It's nice.

4416043 Showing a whole other side to her, perhaps? I can see that. :rainbowkiss:

4406286 Since when does the 1 to 10 scale come with 10ths?

Since someone forgot to specify integers.

Original, interesting and engaging. I love it!

:facehoof: Because nobody pointed it out until now :pinkiehappy:

Good story, I really like the premise. I think there is room for expansion though, if you should ever feel like writing more about this strange... routine.

Finally someone wrote a story where the mane 6 weren't being shipped with one another! And with the added bonus of Twilight's outright distaste of the fandom doing it?

God bless you, author.

To quote Nelson Muntz: "I'm no hero, I just like to hit people on the head."

Well written and...


I like it. Also, remember to add commas before and after a person's name.

Well, that certainly happened.

Likable, but not fav-worthy. There's not much of a plot here, and it feels like an Author Tract except without the goal of convince readers of something. Still, what little of the characters you've shown I like, and I'm interested in what their relationship is like.

You're absolutely right. Thanks :pinkiehappy:

Hey, man, you've given my couch internet fame. Thanks for that. :derpytongue2:

I liked it. Despite the lack of any real overall plot, it was different from the usual copy/pasted storylines we get here day in and day out. I always find human/pony stories to be better when the human isn't a brony and/or completely enthusiastic and/or a complete jerk.

I have a sudden and down right disposition towards my views on the show. Doth thou understand this?

I like it you came made a blunt statement and left an impact like a boss!:scootangel:

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