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Applejack’s talents extend far beyond her family’s namesake crop, and until now she’s been content to keep that a secret. Whoever heard of a farmer that used advanced math, anyway? Today that’s going to change. Today she’s showing the world the other fruit of her labors, no matter how much it hurts to remember planting the seeds.

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I like it. It sort of goes with my head cannon of Applejack. The reason Applejack is so skilled is because when it is related to an Apple family member it becomes important to learn.

The first two chapters (...and let's be honest, your lovely warning. :twilightsmile:) have set up an excellent hook. The like is earned! Let's see how far this goes. :pinkiehappy:

I liked it. The story looks very promising and I really can't wait to read more :ajsmug:


You're really making me wish I'd penned a 20k word epic instead of a 4.7k word short :ajbemused:. Thanks for your comments though, I hope you like how things turn out :pinkiehappy:

I'm super excited to read more. I've always felt that Applejack is more intelligent than she lets on, and there's finally a story about it. :pinkiehappy:

The idea of her studying planetary movement in a geocentric solar system is...


Still, I am thoroughly intrigued as to why AJ would be ashamed...

I like the name and concept. Maybe I'll read this.

Ah... That explains entirely too much.

Great story.

The creativity! Usually, I've seen stories where Big Mac's the mathematician to keep track of finances and all, this is the first time I've seen AJ. Sugar Cubed, enormously creative, as is the method behind it.

Roughing up a girl's father in front of her and then getting pissy about her clocking you good? What a whiny little bitch... :rainbowlaugh:

That’s how it is with some folks. They’re all in favor of roughing up people they don’t like, but the second you play by the same rules they set? Oh, suddenly you’re going to extremes!

The cough of doom...

Oh. Hm. Well, I like this story so far and I guess I'll be waiting for you to write more chapters.

Hmm, not bad, actually, though the subject matter is a little dry-ish.

As someone who loves math (but is terrible at it), I caught all this and figured out why it was important without having to do a simple Google search. I can thank my dad for that, just like Applejack.

Wonderful story. Thank you for writing it.

I quite liked this so far. It's nice to see another side to my favorite pony. Please keep writing!

Thanks! Sorry I forgot to change the status to 'complete', sorry if you were expecting more.
Generally speaking, I'll definitely keep writing :pinkiehappy:

Thanks! :twilightsmile:
I have a bachelors in physics. I had to do obscene amounts of calculus to get my diploma... and absolutely none since. I work in software now and use almost no math at all. It wouldn't be so bad if calculus hadn't nearly destroyed my ability to add and subtract... :ajbemused:

5102653 I was bored as hell with my college math classes, so I went with an anthropology degree so I could take anything I wanted.


As someone who hates math (and is terrible at it), I found I still loved this story. It feels like it ended a bit abruptly, but considering the placement of the story (just before announcement of the winners) it actually works just fine. Thank you!

That's a really good title, hence the reason why I'm here. I'll be adding this to my RL list for the future.:twilightblush:

5102711 Don't you have a bridge to hang out under and harass goats?

I'm especially glad that someone who hates math still loved the story. I agree, it's kind of an abrupt end but I'm glad you think it works as is. I find myself writing lots of short stories that could be longer (and often penning sequels as a result); when it comes to MLP I tend to come up with short things that resolve quickly. I've written novel length stories, they just aren't MLP related.

Overall, some of this seemed rough, and I feel like there could have been parts you could have expanded on.

Other than that, this was quite the enjoyable read! The idea was something I've never seen (and the title was the perfect little pun), and the story behind it was simple, yet well thought out.

Easily one of the better Applejack stories I've read. Good work! :twilightsmile:


My headcanon has just made a thing...
So, if Applejack were to actually be great at academics, and nothing were to stop her (i.e. her parents dying), and she kept her strict, honest upbringing...
We would have a genius Applejack that wouldn't become corrupt and would have an insane work ethic. Now, she's an earth pony, so what's she going to do? Fight for earth pony rights and against prejudice. So now that she has a Noble Peace Prize under her belt, she makes things that allow every race to have access to traits that other races have. Naturally, she had to work on the farm, and would have a fit body. She would likely learn self-defense, and be able to outpace assassins.
Basically, Equestria is changed forever.
This would make a brilliant story, wouldn't it?

Wow, people. Show Luna some love. I mean, she did some pretty BIG SHIT in her paper.

Huh. Usually my head-canon (whenever it decides I actually have one) has Big Mac :eeyup: as the numbers guy, but this works too. :ajsmug:

I wrote the darned thing and yet I agree. Poor Luna :raritycry:

Applejack and family/friends, nothing else matters...

My suspension of disbelief doesn't strain quite that far. It's a popular theme to imprint hidden depths on characters, but this is just too far out. It's as likely or supported by canon as Fluttershy secretly beeing a thug for the Mafia.
Also there is a huge difference between a doing a little arithmetic with one or two unknowns and actual mathematics on the level of proving Fermat's last theorem. Even as a mathamatical prodigy that takes huge amounts of time and high education.
Even when hiding abilities like that certain patterns of thinking would show. An educated Applejack is just not what I saw in the show.

5103627 Don't you have other websites where you can offend other people without even knowing them?

Don't be so stereotypical. You wouldn't know it unless they have said it them selves

>simple arithmetic
>"don't muddy the issue with your fancy mathematics"

Fair enough. Thanks for giving this a read and a constructive comment. This does stretch AJ quite a bit, although I think giving her an experimental, hoofs-on type of problem to solve helps a little, considering how pragmatic she is.

Maud is... out there, to say the least. I've read a fair bit on Fermat's last theorem and how it was cracked. I didn't mean to belittle the tremendous amount of training and hard work involved in serious mathematics.
Fermat just fit the bill for Maud's role here: famous unsolved problem with limited immediate practical application (although I'm sure there are plenty of useful side effects). Then again there are people out there that can sum an infinite series in their head and then work backwards on paper to figure out how they did it...

Ouch, poor Woona. That must be a blow and a half to her pride.

That was quite an interesting story! Although short I think you conveyed the message very clearly with a little bit of math thrown in. Well done.


But she didn't say she isn't capable of doing it.

5096893 Okay, what the hell? Why did my last comment get so many dislikes????? :twilightangry2:

Heheeheeeh I can't wait to read more

Great slice of life story, I loved Applejack's nickname and also Luna's temper. I would consider removing the sad tag, though, I don't think this story deserves it. No real sad things happen, and it has a happy ending.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:
Since it has a happy ending I'd say it doesn't deserve a tragedy tag, but sad? I think it's a little sad; at least when taken from Applejack's perspective. I could be wrong :ajbemused:

5121089 ehhhhh, at the end she doesn't win 1st place, but she gets acknowledgement for her father and made to feel like the honors she's received are more important than if she DID win 1st place. And yeah, its about her dead Dad, but we don't really focus on Applejack morning him, its mostly sweet and adorable flashbacks of a happy childhood, interspersed with a slightly humorous present time.
Applejack spends most of the story either happy, or at the very least adorably embarrassed. Honestly to me it seems a pure slice of life.

Hrrm. I'll have mull it over.
That's not meant to be a cop-out answer; I just don't take changing the tags lightly and you've given reason to potentially do so

5121249 No, I totally understand, you're the author and the tags in part help audiences understand what type of experience you want the story to be. I appreciate you taking my thoughts into consideration.

I'm astounded no one caught this.

I call the it Apple Distribution.”

Switch the marked words.

“Yes, well, I daresay Miss Pie’s talents are something else entirely…

Space missing.

“Scholarship? You’d admit an old farm hoof me to–”

Word missing?

I wouldn’t of been able to see this through

"have" not "of".
(Sorry. Mistakes bother me.)

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