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Deep in the catacombs beneath the Crystal Castle, Cadence and Shining Armour discover something that brings Luna running. When the moon fails to rise, Celestia follows to investigate.

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Aww. :fluttershysad:

Not much to say beyond that; I very much enjoyed it, especially and the little touches of Celestia's mindset and a few brief bits of Crystal Empire scenery porn you used to set the scenes.

I know this is meant to be a one-shot, but perhaps this could be expanded upon? I just feel like there's a hole somewhere here, but maybe I'm just being over-analytical.

Great read regardless, and it's cool to see a new story from you, request or otherwise!

I'll admit, I'm envious of how amazing this story's prose was. You described the setting and the characters in such a beautiful way, and I think it truly added to the story. The characters' emotions were all written appropriately. I would've preferred the story to be longer and expanded upon, however, as I bet there could've been a bigger emotional impact if more detail was expanded upon, particularly regarding Luna and her part of the story. But as it stands, it's still great in its current form. I felt for Celestia throughout the story. You captured her relationship with Luna quite well. :twilightsmile:

Anyway, excellent work! I hope you continue writing and sharing these great stories with us, and I wish you all the best. :pinkiesmile:

Can't really see getting him out is going to be a problem, with Twilight around these days (well, it might be a problem for the Crystal empire as she ransacks it for data). Element of Magic and all that... But dude's there, he's not going anywhere, so they've got plenty of time to work at it.

Few smacks with the Harmony Laser slash Friendshipbeam would be a good place to start, along with Discord...

Great to see another story from you. :) Poor Luna, there. *Hugs* Very well-written, here.

You have a way of writing something small but powerful.

:fluttercry: *sniff* it came out so well. So little that said so much. I thank you Scribbler.

On a different note, is there more? Oh heck yes. There is lots lots more. And it seems I should get off my duff and finish it.

Thank you Scribbler for the kick in the pants,

And though we part with the sun's early rise,
We will meet again, "beneath star filled skies"
(Coming soon)

imperfection is beauty

words to live by

Applause to you. This was great :)

Great story! :)

Is the ending in chapter 2?

Dark, but loving, Catharsis... :fluttercry::heart:

Comment posted by BlabideeblahMLP deleted Oct 3rd, 2015

You’ve made a lot of assumptions: that the spell was written down, that it wasn’t unique to Sombra, that he didn’t take its secrets to his grave, that Discord can reverse it without incident, that dispelling it doesn’t incur a cost, that the curse doesn’t have a fail‐safe (or a fail deadly), that a counter‐spell is even possible…


They have plenty of time to work with. I don't belive there is anything that Sombra could do that Twilight with all the resources of a civilisation with magic a thousand years more advanced (and all the evidence points to magic-as-science) cannot undo, given enough time and effort.

(And I say that as headcanon supporter of "Sombra was hard enough to go ahead to head with two alicorn goddess at the height of their power and not lose.")

Heck, one blast o' Harmony Lazar ought to do it.

More assumptions: the Elements of Harmony will work,¹ that scientific progress is applicable to un‐ — or at best, tangentially — related fields, that the fundamentals of a mostly extinct school of magic can be rediscovered in Twilight’s lifetime,² that a counter‐spell won’t require materials or actions that anybody with a conscience wouldn’t consider, that Twilight won’t have more pressing concerns to deal with, that Twilight won’t give up on developing a counter‐spell if it appears too difficult or she hits a roadblock that lasts long enough…

(Personally, while I think that the Orbital Friendship Cannon could work I strenuously object to your characterization of the solution as being trivial and/or guaranteed.)

¹ The Elements couldn’t bring the Empire back — or else the Sisters need not have waited for Sombra’s other spell to expire — and their effects are seemingly variable enough that Nightmare Moon was both banished to the moon and cleansed; there is no guarantee that the Elements will achieve the desired effect.
² Or that Twilicorn will be immortal.


My comment on the Harmony Lazars was intended to be metaphorically tongue-in-cheek, rtaher an unshakable faith in Harmony itself[1]. (Especially since at the moment, the actual ability for it to be wielded is... uncertain.)

But that said - I don't see how this is a problem that won't get solved; if perhaps not necessarily quickly. He's not dead, merely frozen and so they appear to have all the time in the world. It might take years or more to crack it, but cracked it will be. Even if Twilight is not herself immortal anyway, then no doubt she (of all ponies) can at least lay the ground work for some future generation to crack it. He's not going anywhere. (And if the enchantment starts to fade - well, that is more likely than not to give them an idea of how to conduct a more controlled dispel.)

To use the old cliche, where's there's life there's hope.

Speaking purely for myself, I would have found it a little more effective is he was actually dead, which then you can more reasonably argue they can't do anything about. As it is? There is precious little that in a thousand years human technology has not improved on, so I see little reason why a scienceable-magic (as Equestrian magic has shown it is) would be any different, given time.

[1]As ironically, the more we see of the Magic Table, the less I see reason for anyone to unquestioningly trust Harmony.


It's interesting how much you guys are thinking into it.
Being the one who wrote the story this was based on. (Coming soon. I'm slower at writing than scribbler) I can clear up a few things.

This is the story cannon I do not come out and say, it is alternat universe so keep this in mind.

It was Sombra that did it.
It was not am actual spell.
In this head cannon of mine some magic is your will imposed in reality. An example being magic beems, and levitation. "Will magic"
Sombra is strong. And I went with him being skilled enough that crystal magic could be used at will.

So sombra's will changed him to his current state. This makes a counter spell impossible.
As for it waring off. It's Been a little over 1000 years, would it have worn off? It's not an enchantment. He was changed.

Can it even be undone at all? ......

You'll just have to find out. If it matters.
It is coming soon

As for What gets him free?

Author Interviewer

A pretty interesting idea, and this came out nicely. :D

Hope you don't mind, Madam Scribbler.


Pretty much how i felt when listening to Griffin Productions reading of this. Man, Scribbler. Talk about a heart clencher

Why do you inflict these sads on me...? :raritycry:

And then they use the Elements? That's how it goes, right? RIGHT???!!?!?

Very nice. Added to Sad Luna.

Well, this has started as a bundle of questions. I must have answers!

... that's one question answered, yet it raises more.

Bravo, Scribbler. I'm looking forward to more.

Hopefully the unhealthy obsession will be given a chance to resolve...

Interesting. Is he ashamed? Or perhaps locked his memory?
Massive, eh? Quite curious...

Very strange Cadance did not retreat when it was clear he wasn't willing to talk civilized with her. Even stranger that Twilight didn't assist in such an action. But strangest of all is that the Alicorn that had apparently driven herself to exhaustion in an effort to restore him was coincidentally unavailable for several minutes at the precise time he decided to become lucid. And that, apparently, being on ice (as it were) had literally no impact on his health and battle-readiness.

I absolutely love that this is continuing! I really hope that the rest of it is finished too. It’s one of my favorite stories that you have written (in its original form) so the chance for Luna to get a happy ending in the extended version has me jumping with joy.

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