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Please help B_25 if you can · 3:24pm Nov 19th, 2021

Being stranded in a motel without a car during a pandemic doesn’t sound fun. Let’s help B_25 get home safe!

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Cerulean Voice Could Use Some Help · 6:15am Nov 19th, 2021

One of my old buddies from The Royal Guard and all around excellent human being Cerulean Voice has a brother in need of some help.

Half the time I see blogs of this nature they're a week old and awareness saturation has been reached, but this is (relatively) fresh off the presses.

That's all for now, sorry I don't have more at the moment…

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Alternate Probabilities · 6:15pm Aug 31st, 2021

I’ve said time and again that writing contests tend to get my attention, and once again I found myself pulled into the breach:

ESimple Dreams
Sometimes love is grand and dramatic. Sometimes it’s not.
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Except this isn’t actually a contest entry. This is in honor of a little contest that Pia-chan is hosting that you should totally enter; you’ve got until September 30th and there are cash and art prizes!

Until next time!

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Meme Time? Meme Time. · 4:17am Dec 16th, 2020

This is PresentPerfect's fault.

1. Tell us about your current project(s) – what’s it about, how’s progress, what do you love most about it?

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A New Story For an Older Time · 1:28am Jun 23rd, 2020

I tend to let story ideas percolate for a long time, often just letting them exist as a quick conceptual sketch so I don’t forget them entirely in the intervening years (yes, plural) before I get around to writing them. Between my family, my job, and my other (languishing) hobbies, that’s just how long my queue has become between having an idea and writing it.

Except when contests are involved.

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You Know · 4:04am Jun 5th, 2020

But just in case you didn't: Black Lives Matter (just as much as all others, but society at large doesn't treat all lives equally).

I think Aquaman said it best.

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Impulse Purchases · 4:47am Apr 30th, 2020

In case you haven't heard, SilverSlinger is taking commissions to keep his family business afloat, which led to what will likely be my largest MLP-related purchase:

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Two Dad Jokes · 3:16am Apr 21st, 2020

Why did Pound Cake get elected mayor?
He had clout. :trollestia:

If you've read the tagged story you might've heard this one before:
(skip to about ~1:10)

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The One That Maybe Should Get Away · 1:20am Apr 6th, 2020

Some writing ideas don't pan out for reasons varied and numerous. For me, the common ones involve a lack of time and engagement in other projects. But sometimes… well, let me walk you though an opening scene and you’ll get the idea:

Spike and Twilight are settled in for a quiet night of reading (comic books and obscure equestrian history, naturally) when Twilight decides to head to bed early; she’s feeling sick to her stomach and blames the leftovers she ate for dinner.

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This Story (Has) Rocks · 5:28am Mar 19th, 2020

But no Maud, sadly. (Sorry, FoME).

These aren’t normal times, but you knew that already. I won’t dwell on that here beyond saying things are as good as could be expected in my family, and I hope they are for you and yours as well.

Now then:

My latest story arrived on the 4th, barely an hour before the contest deadline:

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