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A New Story For an Older Time · 1:28am June 23rd

I tend to let story ideas percolate for a long time, often just letting them exist as a quick conceptual sketch so I don’t forget them entirely in the intervening years (yes, plural) before I get around to writing them. Between my family, my job, and my other (languishing) hobbies, that’s just how long my queue has become between having an idea and writing it.

Except when contests are involved.

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You Know · 4:04am June 5th

But just in case you didn't: Black Lives Matter (just as much as all others, but society at large doesn't treat all lives equally).

I think Aquaman said it best.

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Impulse Purchases · 4:47am April 30th

In case you haven't heard, SilverSlinger is taking commissions to keep his family business afloat, which led to what will likely be my largest MLP-related purchase:

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Two Dad Jokes · 3:16am April 21st

Why did Pound Cake get elected mayor?
He had clout. :trollestia:

If you've read the tagged story you might've heard this one before:
(skip to about ~1:10)

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The One That Maybe Should Get Away · 1:20am April 6th

Some writing ideas don't pan out for reasons varied and numerous. For me, the common ones involve a lack of time and engagement in other projects. But sometimes… well, let me walk you though an opening scene and you’ll get the idea:

Spike and Twilight are settled in for a quiet night of reading (comic books and obscure equestrian history, naturally) when Twilight decides to head to bed early; she’s feeling sick to her stomach and blames the leftovers she ate for dinner.

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This Story (Has) Rocks · 5:28am March 19th

But no Maud, sadly. (Sorry, FoME).

These aren’t normal times, but you knew that already. I won’t dwell on that here beyond saying things are as good as could be expected in my family, and I hope they are for you and yours as well.

Now then:

My latest story arrived on the 4th, barely an hour before the contest deadline:

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Merry Christmas and/or December 25th! · 6:20am Dec 25th, 2019

However and wherever you spend the day, I hope it brings you peace, joy, and ponies :scootangel:.

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The Real Cartoon Horses · 3:19am Nov 9th, 2019

A twitter thread of emoji horses, assessed as actual horses is far more amusing than it should be.

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For Those of You Who Only Read Complete Stories · 3:03am Sep 26th, 2019

Sun and Hearth is now complete! Go check out one of the best “Founders of Equestria” stories in the known world, which I had the privilege of pre-reading:

TSun and Hearth
Princess Celestia and Smart Cookie have watched Equestria rise. They share a dream that’s entwined their hearts for two thousand years, and a love that’s given them the strength to see it realized. Now they face the ultimate test of that love.
bookplayer · 127k words  ·  107  6 · 1.5k views

More to follow when I have free time again...

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Two Hours and a Year Later · 2:34pm Aug 14th, 2019

I’ve come to realize it’s all Everfree Northwest’s fault. When I was first dipping my toes in the fandom waters, I stumbled upon the 2014 EFNW fan fiction contest on Equestria Daily, and soon afterward Lightning struck.

It’s just a couple thousand words, I told myself. It’s nothing serious. Whatever happens next, I am absolutely not going to sink serious amounts of time into writing fanfic.

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