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It’s May already? · 5:46am May 17th

What happened to April?

Anyway, I continue to cling to some semblance of life and productivity. At the moment I’m shirking my original fiction editing to see if I can hammer out some pony words, lest my head explode. It’s been… slow going, so far. The story I’m working on has been on my mind for the better part of a year, but for whatever reason writing it has just been painfully slow.

And did I mention editing? I’m doing a ton of that. Original fiction, pony fiction yet to be published, pony fiction that’s already published but needs touching up for EqD… You name it and I am (or should be) doing it… 

New stuff is coming. I can’t say when, but it’s coming.

Send help, send sanity, send sleep.

Oh, and send ponies :rainbowdetermined2:


Babscon cometh · 4:57am April 13th

It's Wednesday, and Babscon starts on Friday. Let the panic-fueled packing begin!

I've barely had an hour to myself for the past week, thanks to work being insane, and now I'm on the cusp of diving headfirst into an introvert's nightmare a convention. See you there, and/or on the other side :ajsleepy:

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Signal boost: RCL "Correct the Record" Contest · 4:30am April 8th

Note to self: always check my feed before firing off random blog posts

In other news, The Royal Canterlot Library is running a contest! Go vote for your favorite, not-already-featured story by an already-featured author! There's even a handy list of featured authors and their ineligible stories. Go check it out and get something you love nominated!

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Somebody Run With This · 3:28am April 8th

… because work has been running me completely ragged:

One of the mane six has a distant relative that's a professional wrestler or boxer. He's known as The Haymaker


This Time It’s My Fault · 3:46am March 30th

Some thoughts and ideas just won’t go away.

“What would I title a sequel to The Best of Tensions?” is one of those thoughts. Things got weird from there, as they often tend to:

Yesterday, a book on massage nearly destroyed Ponyville. Today, a rumor just might destroy Rarity, or lead to her destroying Ponyille. Spike is there to help, of course, or at least try to. All he really wanted to do was ask her out.



Reading of Sugar, Cubed! · 5:25am March 16th

I’m terrible at making timely blog posts.
Almost a week ago Scribbler released a full-blown audio production of Sugar, Cubed upon the world:

Go give it a listen! Hats off to Scribbler and her gang of VA’s for such amazing work. Little AJ made me cry.

Sugar, Cubed was written way back in 2014 for Applejack Day. It was my first feature on Equestria Daily (thanks in no small part to Horizon and a certain EqD pre-reader), and greatly increased my skill and confidence as a writer. The seventeen (soon to be eighteen!) stories I’ve posted since then owe a debt to this one, and to my railing against the idea of AJ being the dunce of the mane six


Signal Boost: Sun and Hearth · 6:14am February 15th

On the off chance that you don’t follow bookplayer (which I can only assume means you haven't run across her work and/or hate fun), have I got a recommendation for you:

Sun and Hearth promises to be epic; pre-reading it has been a joy. If the romance, drama, and Celestia tags are welcome in your favorites list, you definitely should check this one out. bookplayer is a great writer, and she's knocked this one out of the park.

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Or Something · 5:11am February 3rd

I’m terrible at writing blog posts with any sort of regularity, so this one is going to be a two-fer:

1. The Secrets We Keep won first place! How about a brief afterward?
2. That does happen to be the story that pushed me into 500-follower territory, so how about I consolidate the answers to that AMA?

AMA answers first:

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500 Follower Special (AMA) · 5:25am January 19th

And then there were 500 of you, following me for some reason. I don’t have any cash on me, I swear!

So… have any questions for me? Let me know in the comments! I also have a couple questions for you:
Why are you following me? (statistically, the answer is probably some variant of “because you wrote X,” considering how infrequently I blog)
What do you want to see more of?

Here are a few freebie answers to save us all some time:

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Once Upon a Midnight Clear · 6:50pm Dec 26th, 2016

Some nights I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes it’s because I ate too much for dinner. Sometimes it’s because work has me stressed. And sometimes it’s because there’s a pony sitting in a chair at the foot of my bed.

“Ahem.” she says.

I sit up and search the nightstand for my glasses. My fingers brush past my phone, wedding ring, keys, and plenty of other things that aren’t going to help resolve the pony-sized blur in the distance, barely visible in the nightlight’s dim glow. While I search, I hear the quiet tapping of what sounds like two wooden sticks. “What’re you doing?”

“Knitting a scarf for Morning Dew.”

I finally find my glasses and put them on. At last I see Rarity sitting there, eyes focused on a square of teal yarn stretched between two knitting needles suspended in her magic. The needles make soft clicks and taps as they slide past each other. “I meant what are you doing here? It’s probably one in the morning.”

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