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Just being a friend is simple and safe, according Spike. He’s not cut out to be anything more than that: he isn’t the dashing hero that an amazing pony like Rarity expects and deserves. When a random act seemingly breaks their friendship, and when he’s given a chance to relive that moment in hopes of finding a way to fix it, he’ll discover just how complicated, and also how simple, his and Rarity’s relationship is.

Written in honor of Pia-chan's contest
Preread by Bugsydor

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 11 )

Wow. This was a great exercise in pushing past self-doubt and fear.

:moustache: And one thing lead to another...
:facehoof: It's been a week the library's a mess
:duck: Lets get things going darling
:twilightoops: grocery bags?

Yet another of these that I want an expansion of... Welp, gotta just wait, I guess!

Very nice!
Very nice indeed!:moustache:

It's so strange. It's so horrifyingly, yet emboldeningly strange to to even humor the thought that someone could love you back.

What if tho? Take a leap in the dark and hit the ground running!

Another spirited release, brother! This was such a refreshing facet of spike that usually gets melodramatized and skims over the self deprecation and finality that he must view himself shackled under.

While a lovely ending, I seriously want to know what went down in that hall since she was by herself! How is she alive!?

If this is for Pia-chan’s contest, shouldn’t you add it to the contest folder?

This story is just “in honor” of the contest, not an actual entry.

“What’s with all these sashes in your bag? What’s this red stuff on them?” // “Nothing, darling, nothing at all. Grab a shovel, will you?” :trollestia:

Oh geez! Would he help though!? He would, wouldn't he! Wouldn't he?! Its so delicious to ponder!!!

So good!
Loved the story and the ending...
But i really want to know what happened after...

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