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In the midst of doing a favor for Ember in the dragon lands, Spike tells Rarity about his not-so-secret feelings. Rarity responds with a secret of her own, one that she's guarded for most of her life. They picked the wrong day, and the wrong kingdom, for a quiet heart-to-heart.

Winner of Steadfast Hoof's sparity contest
Featured on Equestria Daily
Pre-read by mrk
Cover art drawn by Pia-sama and designed by Novel Idea

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I really enjoyed reading this. I wish I could give you more useful feedback, but that's all I've got. I like this story and I eagerly await more.

Equestria "We have a problem",:twilightoops:


:moustache::raritywink:Our children are eating the merchandise!!!

I shall wait for more of this story.


“I’m not sure breathing fire counts when one is a dragon.”

"It does when your fire breath also functions as a teleportation spell!"

"You're right, Spikey-wikey! Now I can love you without hestiation!"

They get busy right away and Ember walks in with Twilight, having an ironic discussion about improving pony-dragon relations.



I don't really have much to say.

That was adorable.

I finished this chapter with a big smile on my face! The back and forth dialogue is really well done, can't wait to read more!

Fav'd and tracked. This is great!!

Follow and like. Love it. Great start to what is looking to possibly be a great story.

This was pretty sweet and thoughtful- it feels like it would work as a one-shot (foreboding description aside).

pretty good story I like how you gave Rarity actual reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship with Spike :ajsmug:
most stories I've read she's just a Bitch :twilightangry2:

Hmm... I'm actually intrigued.
Carry on...

A lovely set of character interactions, and a reminder of Rarity's capacity for generosity. Also, a reminder why no one likes Rutherford, as well as a legitimate reason for Ember not to do painful things to him. Very nice.

:moustache: I was trained by Pinkie Pie herself! :pinkiegasp:


:twilightoops:Wut war? :raritystarry: I hope not :moustache: no problemo :facehoof: I'll be back?

Sad we can't up vote multiple times:fluttercry:

Ugh...freaking...Rutherford. Ember has the patience of a saint to even try this, which is not something I ever expected to say about Ember.

“Stop right there. I absolutely forbid you to spend the rest of your life waiting for me."

"I was going to say the rest of your life. I'll be around for like 300 years. I have time."

"Oh. Well then..."

Naturally, only works if you accept the "dragons live a long ass time" headcanon. Joke aside, very fun read.

7823844 I'm sure it's ACTUAL canon...dragons have been mentioned to take "naps" that last over 100 years. I'm pretty sure Spike's going to be around at least as long as Celestia and Luna.:trollestia:

Ok, that was really touching. I'll definitely be folowing this to see where it goes.

Oh, this was simply awesome XD

This is just great chemistry between these characters. Nice work!

7824098 You know, I forgot all about our red, smokey, season 1 friend. Good catch!

7823844 Dragon lifespans aren't headcanon, but actual canon mentioned in the show and comics. In the episode Dragonshy, Twilight read off Celestia's scroll that the dragon on top of the mountain is taking a nap for about 100 years. If a century is considered a nap to a dragon, what must the rest of its lifespan be like?

This has filled me with the warm fuzzies. :pinkiehappy:

You write some darn good ship.

Well that escalated, then deescalated, and reescalated quickly. It's like a shopping shipping mall in here! :derpytongue2:

I am so looking forward to whatever happens next.

War! Huh! Good god, y'all! What is it good for?

Oh dear.

This is... not going to end well, is it...?

His attack and speed have both been boosted by one stage!

:duck: Oh dash it all! :rainbowderp: Wut?


:twilightoops: !

:raritystarry: Oh dear Spikey what have I done?

:pinkiegasp: He flew with no wings!

:twilightoops: A Blimpy Spikey

lmao a blimp spike

I'd be surprised if there wasn't more than one way for a dragon to grow. Even if, historically, it always tends one direction. Do it, tiny dragon guy!

I hope this turns into Sparity...at least, I think that's what the romance tag is for, unless it becomes Spike/Ember. I like them, too, but not as much as Sparity. I think Spike will eventually grow with age, hoard or no hoard. After a thousand years or so, still looking like a hatchling would be absurd. He doesn't need wings either. Maybe he's like a western dragon, and will eventually gain MAGIC instead of wings, being able to fly with magic like Starlight Glimmer, instead of with wings like most dragons.


I hope this turns into Sparity...at least, I think that's what the romance tag is for

Soon :raritywink:

7825861 aw, couldn't you have spoiler this? I was honestly hoping she'd say no, and they'd just remain friends. Not for the tragedy of it but for the "growing up" characterization theyd get from it. Just my two bits. Still enjoy it.

7825657 :rainbowlaugh: do you draw these yourself!? Love all the ones I've seen!

Blaze, are you threatening us with a potential love triangle? Or are my shipping goggles just on too tight. :derpytongue2:

Regardless, this chapter was also full of feels and adorable. Glad to see that the diplomatic incident got smoothed over rather than blossoming out into a full-scale war, too.

7825853 You mean an Eastern dragon. Westerns are the big, winged Smaugish brutes. :raritywink:

Easterns are the wingless, serpentine, wise and mystical sorts with all manner of powers and divine connections.

Edited. I figured the answer was obvious from the character tags, description, and cover art alone. I also wouldn't call a 'just friends' ending not Sparity... Spike and Rarity's romantic future (or lack thereof) is the question this story is working to answer

When you say the cover art was designed by Novel Idea, what did you mean? How was he able to design it, but not draw it?

7825994 Eeyep :eeyup:
I'm a hopeless romantic with these two characters :moustache::raritywink:

:twilightoops: NOooooooooooooooooo!

:raritystarry: Oh my!


:twilightsmile: the future has yet to be written

:raritycry: My figure!

7825639 Gorram it, ya beat me to it.

I even have a Dragonite I nicknamed Spike with Dragon Dance. :rainbowlaugh:

“And I’m not some random guy from Ponyville. Right now, I’m Lord of the Dragons! I’m the assistant to the Princess of Friendship, I was raised by Princess Celestia herself, I’ve saved the Crystal Empire twice, and I live in a giant castle."

Also, if we assume him to be Twilight Sparkle's adoptive brother, he's the brother of one Princess and the brother-in-law of another. Even if he isn't, he's personally friendly with all four adult Princesses. This means he's fairly well-connected.

If you and I were to pursue courtship for even a moment, the risk would be tremendous. We could hurt each other gravely. We could hurt other ponies we care about.

Indeed. A lot of Sparity shippers miss this point -- that there would be consequences if they got involved. Obviously if it worked out, but also if they failed. It is very likely if it failed that they would suffer significant emotional damage: that's easy to see, precisely because they care a lot about each other.

In particular, it could seriously damage Rarity's friendship with Twilight Sparkle. This is because Twilight is emotionally-protective toward Rarity, and if she thought Rarity was using him, Twilight would not be happy about this.

I, of course, am a Sparity shipper -- but I recognize the problems.

I notice a certain rivalry betwen Ember and Rarity over Spike here, with neither willing to fully express themselves, each for good reasons.

I'm disappointed that the story appears to be shutting down the idea that maybe Spike would benefit from growing as a person. Spike chronically lacks will of his own. Most of everything he does that is praised is either explicit orders from others or what he believes others would want him to do or what is best for them.

Compare this to Rarity who is the element of giving... and doesn't deny her will at all to be giving. She gives out of a generous spirit who feels compelled to share the beauty she sees in her head. She doesn't have to deny herself in order to be generous.

In fact, none of the girls have to deny their passions to help otherside. They do normal daily compromises, but not more extreme than that.

Spike does deny himself, though. Whenever he wants something for himself he is portrayed as selfish and irresponsible. He doesn't love taking notes or organizing books but he spends most of his life doing that because Twilight wants him to.

And in this chapter, Rarity just encourages that attitude and discourages Spike looking at himself critically, even if Ember's ideas for him are marked by the idea that he must be dragonish to be respectable.

There must be a medium between the two.

Maybe there will be more on the conflict though.

7826017 Yeah, sorry. I had a brain fart! I meant the beautiful, wingless chinese dragons that fly via magic.:facehoof:

Ember has it for him bad. And he really impressed her by eating the peppers for her. Which were apparently spicy enough to be difficult for a lithovore to consume! :rainbowlaugh:

I am personally curious as to what the yaks named those peppers.

"Is it Ultra-Mega-Melta-Magma-Sunburned-Super-Scoville-Burninator-Trogdor Special peppers?"

"No, yaks call them mild toppings!"

Why is everything about Yaks terrible? I'm thinking the only reason dragons don't want war is because yaks taste terrible, too.

Yak magic touch sun. Distill into soil. Grow pepper. Make Yak strong. Keep away cold.


:moustache: That's a one a big spicy meat ball! :derpytongue2: Derpy deliver - Derpy Smash! :twilightsheepish: Proof Derpy is part Yak.


Yak - barf - belch - vomit - cough cough

Ember’s eyebrows shut up.

7827863 Hm Maybe they are ultra spicy JUST to dragons...

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