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A massage is just a massage, isn’t it? Apparently not when Spike is involved. Somehow finding a book on pony massage specifically for handed creatures like himself is fated to end the way that most of his adventures do: with the untimely destruction of Ponyville.
Unless Rarity can help, of course.

Featured on Equestria Daily
Winner of second place in Present Perfect’s writing contest, Soft Hands.

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I can easily see something like this happening. Knowing only a massage by hoof, to feel the more intense when more delicate touch of fingers and claws? Yeah, it would blow any mare's mind.

You just had to ship it:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

I always like the concept of Spike being an expert on massages and back scratches and stuff like that, all because he's almost literally the only one in Ponyville with claws/hands instead of hooves.

Good job on this story Blazzin'

Wow just...WoW. :raritystarry:
:moustache: magic fingers

Have a massage :moustache:

Holy fucking shit. This is awesome. God, I love that ending!

This is excellent, and the last paragraph does tie things up nicely.... It helps that Rarity was... more or less.. able to adjust, since she was close enough to her dream anyway :raritystarry::moustache:

Everyone was begging me to go faster with everypony else but give them extra time and threatening anypony who cut the line and…

I read that as they were threatening to cut each other...

This is ‘Spike’s Fire Starting Service’ all over again.

Brilliant! I can totally see Spike trying to earn a few extra gems that way. Now I want to know the story behind that debacle, too! :rainbowlaugh:

This made me feel good, and the premise of Spike having an advantage here with his claws is really clever. It had just the right mix of comedy, suggestiveness, and romantic warmth. :twilightsmile:

That explains Apple Jack... :ajsmug:

It would be an interesting power to have.

Sauvé, kind and debonair...with killer massage skills! No wonder Rarity likes Spike so much.:raritywink::moustache: It's always the shy ones!

He gives massages that are out of this world :duck:

This is preposterously adorable. If you win the contest, it'll be totally justified.

Ah, the power of hands is a favorite subject of mine. Good show, sir!

“Okay. Okay. So… I-I know you think we had something really special before, and we did. B-but it’s just not going to work out. It isn’t healthy for any of us, and I think you know that. That’s why it’s important that we set what had aside and… just be friends.”

Looks like Rarity's been practicing.

She went to her dresser next. She opened the top left drawer and deposited the accursed massage book next to a fire ruby necklace and her diary. She stared at the drawer’s contents and began to smile. “Well, perhaps a thousand years is a bit much. Perhaps in two… or one. We’ll just see how brunch tomorrow goes.”

I haven't ever followed the show, am I missing something? Did the Alicorn Amulet turn out to be made of fire ruby or something? Or the Sirens' pendants?

Twilight's reaction about the closet was the best part. I couldn't stop laughing once I realized what she assumed.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I loved it so much I put it in my Multiread bookshelf which only the best of the best of story I've read go.

Could you spoiler-text the quoted stuff, pretty please? :duck:
It's in reference to Secret of My Excess, from season 2

7434337 Sorry, I'll do that.:twilightblush:
So the gem is what I thought it was, but why does it make Rarity evil or immortal or whatever?

7434528 It doesn't. She was being metaphorical at first, never expecting what she saw in her mind; then turned to a literal time period in which she and Spike might begin a romance.

Right, it's just a necklace containing a ruby that he gave to her way back when, a special memento that she's apparently kept close ever since

Hmm, it alright.:trollestia:

...so, if Ditzy (and, presumably, everyone else) saw some extremely cute stallion but Rarity saw Spike...



After what he managed to do in the show with just a few seconds to Applejack, this does not surprise me in the least.

In a world of hooves, digital treatments are luxury items.

Yeeheeheehehe! This is so adorable.:pinkiesmile:

LET'S MAKE SPIKE GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7434805 Okay. I just got confused because (at least for me) the tone shifted quite dramatically at the end.

Maybe it's because I have no idea how human emotions work. Oh well.

All I can imagine is how pissed Aloe and Lotus will be when they hear of this.

7436090 What do you mean by what he did to Applejack in the show? *confused*

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Thanks, I guess, but please don't post spam comments

This was brilliantly funny. And pretty adorable too. Well done.

Rarity backpedaled and nearly sat on Spike in the process.

Almost? That's too bad. Next time don't be so quick to recover, Rarity.

That’s why it’s important that we set what had aside and… just be friends.

Aw shit, son. That's just cold.

Author Interviewer

I like how you link directly to my userpage, as if to say, "Direct all your hatred here." :V

Anyway, look at this guy, writing Sparity that I don't hate. I choose to ignore that bit at the end. V:


I like how you link directly to my userpage, as if to say, "Direct all your hatred here." :V

This one is weird even for me, so that's more of a note to parallel versions of myself wondering "Blazz-prime, what possessed you to come up with this?"
But I'll drop blame reassignment if you like

Anyway, look at this guy, writing Sparity that I don't hate.


I choose to ignore that bit at the end. V:

As is your prerogative :rainbowwild:

She walked to the window and surreptitiously looked down to her front door. She’d used this particular vantage point on countless occasions just like this one, when the shop was closed to all but her closest friends so she could concentrate on dressmaking.

That Rarity is a spy!

Dang, 'good massage' doesn't begin to cover this technique.

She put her hoof to his lips. “I absolutely forbid you to continue describing it, and I doubly forbid you from giving a massage to Twilight, or anypony else!”

Anypony else, eh? :duck:

Hopefully someday Ditzy will get her bakery and stallion.

Great story.

:pinkiegasp: Could I include that image in the author's note as fan art? :rainbowkiss:

Sir you must make something to follow up this story. Or at least a senario were spike massages all of the main six and princesses. It must be done!

...Great story by the way

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This story was fun and adorable. It's a shame I waited until I saw it on EqD's Rarity Day celebration to read it.

Sparity is one of my favorite pairings, when it's handled well.

Quite an engaging and enjoyable story. Most excellent.

Quite an enjoyable read.

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