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Sometimes you just want to hear your favorite story told a little different



Rarity loves her friends but she really wished they had asked her opinion before deciding she was their girlfriend.

Dreams Set Free did a Chinese Translation

And now with an Audio Reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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Literally all of this had me laughing, but I think the best part is:

Spike’s poor brain seemed to short circuit. “Wha? Bu-huh- then who…?” He trailed off as his eyes steadily grew wider until they seemed to pop out of his skull. Then, like a whip being cracked, they narrowed into thin dangerous slits. “ Thorax. THORAX THAT ISN’T WHAT I MEANT!”

That could literally mean anything and I love it :rainbowlaugh:

Spike and Thorax really made it.

Besides, Rarlestia has much to recommend it.

HAHAHAHAH, I fucking love this man.

Great content, I'm definitely giving this a like and a fave.


:duck: Spike? I really did . . . But on the other hoof. . . Let them stay bamboozled

:rainbowderp: He bought a giant industrial sized can of bug spray!

:raritystarry: Oh my stars. . .

:trollestia: Well played

I like it, have a follow.

This was hilarious and well written. Also, the ad I got in the middle is perfect.
Obviously, they’re messaging Rarity! :rainbowlaugh:

Not gonna lie, I kind of thought that was gonna be the twist. Thorax getting his ass kicked and Rarity having too, apologize about the deceit. Also, can we all just appreciate that Spike and Rarity were the only two adults in the room; though, I could be persuaded to count Shy.

I do appreciate a good bit of SunDress

This was pretty halarious. Kinda sweet in a wierd way but oh the hijinks.
Kinda feel bad for them though thay all had a thing for her!:rainbowlaugh:

this was fantastic

That was a good little comedic romp through assumptions and misconstrued actions.
I do admit though, I hadn't seen the pair in the ending coming, and I do like the two of them together.

I really have to wonder if Celestia is just sitting on the throne, gets a letter, and silently questions how Rarity could be so mistaken.

:trollestia: Rarity, what buck are you talking about?

:raritystarry: All the beautiful experiences that we have lived together since my trip to Canterlor!

:trollestia: Rarity that I make you scream my name overnight doesn't make you special. I literally do that with every maid in my castle.

:raritydespair: Oh my ..


No, but seriously, this story was fun.
I like.

Although I do want to see Celestia's response to that letter.

Pd: I expected Rainbow Dash to say that they have been dating since she saved her from dying in the flight competition, because of the theme of the hero who saves the girl.

>“Romantic banter and the like. Granny keeps sayin’ we fight like an old married couple.”
One-half of an old married couple here. I can confirm that. I remember back in 2011 during the first mid-season hiatus my wife and I started watching the show. The second episode that we watched was a rerun of "Look Before You Sleep." The night before, we had one of our playfights where we each try to irritate the other, because it's funny. I knew how particular she was about the bedsheets, so I rolled up in them and pretend to be asleep. Then she shoved me out, because--and I quote--"I have to make the bed again." This resulted in a tug of war over the blankets. The next morning our jaws hit the floor as Applejack and Rarity reenacted our previous night almost verbatum. The look of utter shock on my wife's face--it was the biggest laugh the show ever gave me. From then on, The White One and The Orange One were married as far as we were concerned.

My reactions to each character in a couple of sentences:

Applejack: AJ, whatever thoughts pop into your mind, while it could be taken as flirting, your interactions with Rarity aren’t, and just flirting doesn’t mean dating anyway. :ajbemused:
Twilight: I’m... I’m disappointed, Twilight. Of all things... tabloid magazines... I mean... how could you? :fluttershysad:

Fluttershy: Okay, so, that’s kind of understandable. Dating is more than just, uh, dates – :applejackconfused: – but it’s a start to logic.

Rainbow: See Applejack.

Pinkie: Oh Pinkie. There’s no stopping you.

Spike: Thorax got you good. What else is there to say? :moustache:

Twilight’s parting words: Aww, that’s sweet. It seems you’ve actually developed some pretty strong feelings for Rarity. I feel bad that Rarity doesn’t feel back, but sometimes that’s how things are. Hope you find happiness though, always.

I wonder what'll happen if this Twilight encounters Mono...

This was a lot of fun! Good job making each character confused in their own unique way that felt appropriate. And I'm sure the confusion extends even further.


Damn, this was hilarious, and well balanced, a real gem :pinkiesad2:! That's how you get a follow :twilightsmile:

I rarely add stories to favorites, but this one deserves it :raritywink:!

Did you write the article Twilight read? :duck::twilightblush:

Well, I hope Thorax is immune to DDT, because either way...……... he gonna die.

Xam #21 · Apr 15th, 2020 · · ·

There should be a sequel one-shot about Celestia being confused at why Rarity thinks they are dating.....

Incredible. I do so love Rarity's exasperation, and the ending was an amusing twist as well.

This is amazing! Rarity is the one of the few that I can ship with anyone, so I absolutely love the whole 'her being everyone's low key crush.' :raritywink:

This is totally unbelievable! Rarity is obviously exclusive with Princess Luna! :raritywink:

...this story is adorable, by the way. I approve. :moustache:

I love how Fluttershy's explanation was the most understandable. "Wait, we go on dates all the time!"

Rarity brought her front hooves together and took a deep breath. “Are you, perhaps, referring to the times when we close the blinds and talk about our mutual interests in sports and fashion?”

Rainbow Dash always dresses in style! :rainbowlaugh:

Now this is a masterpiece! The cleverness, the humor, the EVERYTHING in this fic is to die for! It's well written in every aspect that I can think of and you made one hell of an amazing story! I hope ya didn't mind, but I couldn't help but make an audio reading of this fic! It's too good to pass up on!

Audio Reereeding!: https://youtu.be/LZ0D88tF3co

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Oh my gosh that's awesome!!! I'm so excited to listen to it!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha! This is a really funny story. Good work on your end.

It's always fun to play "who's gonna laugh first". (Not married yet, but that's the kind of thing I would do.)

I almost want to have an extra chapter, just it being a respond letter. :heart:

Very funny, and all the characters were spot-on. Love to read more!

This one's def going in my Group

it would be more interesting if you had done the ending with luna or crysaliss

1. WHAT is going on with Thorax and Spike?

2. HOW has no one ever gave Pinkie The Talk?

3. Are Celestia and Rarity REALLY dating?

Please "Thumbs-Up" my comment if you also want to see a sequel made where these questions are answered in likely hilarious fashion.

“You sneaking into my house and cuddling me in the middle of the night, which I have requested you stop doing may I add, is not the same as us sleeping together!

Somebody needs to explain to Pinkie that NO MEANS NO.

Well, Pinkie escalated things rather quickly.

I almost want this to turn into an increasingly elaborate series of "no, dear, that's not... We aren't a couple!" That eventually, Ouroborous like, circles back to the M6 . Like... EVERybody >Rarity >Celestia >Discord >Luna >Starswirl....

Until eventually poor Fluttershy is getting a letter from Prince Rutherford demanding that she go public about her torrid affair with Yona's Mom. :-p

Funny! 10/10:moustache:

Oh, I'm so supporting this suggestion. Even if it's just Celestia laughing her butt off.

OH MY GOD. You beat me to it AGAIN.


I didn't even have to watch the video to know what he said, and I don't even know his name! What is his YT name if I may ask?

So cringy, I love it!


I don't really watch his videos, but so many people reference him and he's so hilarious that I just do it too.


Muahaha! I have fooled you again Mister Skij! >:3 *Licks Lolipop!~*

Well, this was just marvelous! I got a good laugh out of this. :rainbowlaugh:

Is that what marriage is? Just one giant 50 year long tsundere fest? Glad I’m still single then. :twilightoops:

No, it is rather like being siblings. There is a dynamic that gets established over time, and it becomes the basis for torment and needling with the aim of getting a good laugh at one another's expense. That's half the fun. The other half is sex. Okay, that does not fit into the siblings analogy.

My brother and I used to be general opposites and fight about everything too. We stopped talking for 2 years. Maybe I’understand how this works as a successful dynamic when I’m older.

That second half of the fun that I mentioned makes an enormous difference. I do not think that I would ever try to live with someone else without it.

This was as funny as it was sweet! Rarity showed a great deal of class and compassion in dealing with this situation. I felt a little bad for each of them...especially Spike because he was just skunked completely. That would make a good story in itself!

I laughed and absolutely loved the twist with Celestia at the end! This was a wonderful story.

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