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Rarity is turning into a plant, which is the least of her troubles.

Winner of the Rainbow Dash award in Everfree Northwest Scribblefest 2018

Edited by Dubs Rewatcher and horizon
Cover art by dm29

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Nice job there, Spike. Niiiiiiice job.

Oh god, this was amazing. I was having a sour time, and then I read this and felt better. Thanks for that. Been ages since I read a good Sparity fic.

Wonderfully enjoyable, thanks for writing!

thanks for the read, i enjoyed it. would of been funny if it was drag/pony hybrid insted of a plant hahaha but still enjoyed it thanks

She just pull a Twilight.


So those two lost their V-card asexually?

Spike got served?!?!


So those two lost their V-card asexually?

Not unless the pony/dragon lilly they turned into uses runners to reproduce. If they pollinated, then it would very much be non asexual. Gives a whole new meaning to "the birds and the bees".

They may be jumping the gun though (understandable, given what they just went through): lilies and snapdragons are strictly insect pollinated, and snapdragon flowers further require bumblebees of a particular size and weight to access their stamen and pistils in order for pollination to occur. Unless Twilight had a cadre of bees ready on hoof in her lab, it is unlikely the flower is "theirs"...


Spike got served?!?!

:twilightsmile: : "Your Honour, I must object! Spike had no idea that the packages were mixed up!"

"Your Highness, ignorance of the law does not excuse the fact that what your assistant did was illegal"

:twilightblush: : "Very well. As Spike's legal guardian and as one of the Equestrian Tetrarchy, I exercise my prerogative to determine his sentence."

"The court will acquiesce. Proceed your Highness."

:twilightsmile: : "Community service. 40 hours, assisting local businesses, after his normal, daily tasks are complete. As a minor, he will be accompanied by either myself or one of the other Elements of Harmony at all times."

"The court find this acceptable" *bang* "Next case!"

:moustache: : (sotto) "Did you just sentence me to spend time helping Rarity after I finish my chores?!"

:twilightblush: : "Shhhh! Just play along..."

Fun little story. Glad my editing suggestions made a difference :twilightsmile:

Saying I couldn’t have done it without you and Dubs doesn’t begin to cover it :heart:

Fluttershy must never find this tea

“And I—” Rarity slid off the couch and gave a deep sigh “—well I suppose I'll try to make the best of sitting in a bucket of… ugh… dirt. I don't think I can suppress the urge to do so any longer.”

“Soil!” Appplejack countered through the open door. “Top grade soil!”

Well, there's your problem. Add more water, tell Rarity it's the finest, most expensive imported mud from Southern Equestria, and she'll hop right in.


Twilight had a cadre of bees ready on hoof

Somebody turn this into a story


Cute little story. Will you be attending Everfree?


Awesome! I’d love to meet you there.

This was wonderful and sweet and funny! It really made the end of a rough day so much more delightful!
Thank you!

:pinkiegasp: And then a pod pony grew out of Raritys main :rainbowderp: and then what?! :ajsmug: We had her pruned...
:yay: And then they had cute baby bunnies!:facehoof: Fluttershy they can't have baby bunnies. :flutterrage: I said BABY BUNNIES!
:duck::moustache: What are you all arguing about?
:twilightsheepish: hybrids !
:derpytongue2: the H word!


They had to relocate those bees that lived in the hive on the Golden Oaks somewhere!

This wonderful story would fit right in with the zaniness of S1, especially since Sparity was more up front and center than in later seasons.

Delightful tale. Spike was at his best throughout, and Trixie's wonderful horribleness really is rubbing off on Starlight. Thank you for it.

exotic fauna

I think you mean flora.

That said, holy mail-order mix-ups, Batman!

Oh dear. Least of her problems indeed.

I wonder if they'll try to use the antidote on it...

It appears I have been japed and bamboozled. Good show!

Thanks for the cute and the feels.

Why yes I did. Thanks!

bamboozled indeed :rainbowkiss:

This is the first time I’ve had reason to write Starlight. It didn’t occur to me until now that she makes a great vehicle for the kind of snark that S1 Twilight regularly spouted. Clearly I should include her more :eeyup:

I see what you did there. :rainbowkiss:

Let's be honest here. We all know that, if she had to pick between swamp fever and a cup full of "fertilizer", Rarity would go for swamp fever every time.

Starlight grinned. “Well well, Spike. It looks like you and Rarity… cross-pollinated.”

Does it need the s*x-tag now?

“So what do we do now?”


or turning into a tree while hugging one.

Awww... :twistnerd:

I think the last time I saw one was near the Apple family’s orchard. Maybe it's something in their soil.”

Pff... I thought that was a suspicious amount of time to produce a seed.

“So… what happens now?”


“Improper handling and transport of class seven controlled substance…”

Oh good, well they should be—

“Import of tariffed tea without prepayment of fees or possession of permit…”

Nope. They're doomed. :trollestia:

Well, now that Rarity and Spike have been de-flowered, i hope that their budding relationship continues to bloom.:pinkiesmile:

Technically it was Shining and Cadance who imported the tea, and Twilight who mishandled the controlled substance (by leaving out where a minor under her charge could mistake it for something else). So Spike should be fine, because royalty.

If you don’t mind my asking, how did you stumble across this story? I ask because I’ve seen a flurry of activity today that I can’t explain...
Thank you for reading!

I’m sure their relationship will grow like a weed :raritywink:
Maybe that’s exactly why Spike turned into the court’s scapedragon :rainbowwild:

I'm part of the Transformations group, and it appeared in my Feed that this was added to the Inanimate section. I was curious.

Ditto to Chrome: Saw it posted in the Transformations group, thought it looked interesting.


Yeah, you got tossed onto the most popular Transformations group here, by far. One of those groups I only wish I could post my story to. :twilightblush:

Well that must have been a terrifying moment for Rarity, starting with losing the ability to move then suddenly you lose the ability to move your mouth or talk, being fully aware of your surroundings but unable to communicate anything to the person staying by your side, not even how scared you are.

To my detractors:
I am am UPvoting (sic) and faving this. I mention this because I have a deserved reputation for being a stickler on sexual morality... in this case, however, I find the actions of all involved to be actively praiseworthy... except for the obvious bits about the handling of dangerous and/or restricted materials. Noting that the story obviously doesn't even condone THOSE.

Even if what they thought had happened had really happened, it would have been comp!etely unexpected that the "sex" had occurred, and with the crisis situation any consideration of due diligence is obviously waived.

Great fanfic. I loved reading it

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