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In the wake of Twilight’s escape from her kingdom, Nightmare Moon sentences Rarity, her palace steward, to a terrible fate: bound in gold and priceless gems, she’s to be thrown into an ancient dragon prison to be messily devoured.

Except the prison isn’t what it seems, nor is its sole occupant. Rarity just might find her life instead of losing it, and alter the course of Equestrian history in process.

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Well, this should be very interesting indeed. Especially since the Pit is somehow getting sunlight. Looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Hmm. This is a nice start. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.

Definitely watching this one!

--Excited Spade

Perhaps they were all gone. Perhaps whomever had been sleeping on the job when that terrible purple pony and her dragon slave strolled through the front gate without facing so much as a “who goes there” had doomed the entire palace regiment.

So this is going to possibly have Nightmare Moon searching for time travel magic... lots of potential, even if it isn't used.

This is interesting for sure. It has been what felt like YEARS since I have seen a Sparity story. So i am for sure hoping to see this keep going.

Okay, a promising start. And you have this aggravating tendency to deliver on your promises.

I have a number of questions about Spike and how he ended up here and a young adult when his egg was unhatched at the time of timeline divergence, but I suspect either the details will come forth in their own due time, or they'll turn out not to matter.

The more intriguing mystery is where the frak this sunlight is coming from, and how there's a forest apparently underground (or at least undersnow)...

I swear I've seen something like this before, Any ideas?

Story is fully written... decides to only post chapters every few days. Okay I'll wait until the entire story is posted then read it. Should have left that detail out.


I've seen someone write something about 'drip feed the story to both better accumulate views and not overimpose on others'. Pretty sure it was 'Friendship is Optimal' author, commenting on him doing the same thing to FiO, but I've seen this idea elsewhere too. Personally I disagree, but there's some merit to it.

nice chapter, look forward to more.

When I find an incomplete story that strikes my fancy I sometimes wait for it to be finished too, for fear that the story will get delayed or abandoned before it's finished (and after I've become invested in it).

If you want to wait for this story to be complete before touching it and then binge the whole thing in one sitting, that's perfectly valid. For others who want to experience this episodically, that blurb in the description is to make it clear that:
1. The story will not be abandoned midway through.
2. Updates will arrive regularly.

I hope you enjoy it, regardless of what camp you fall into :twilightsmile:

Gotta say, I'm hooked on this. I cannot wait to see where this goes!


Whooo boy! The Sparity is strong with this one.

This looks promising. I've had some thoughts in the past of making a Sparity fic based on the Nightmare timeline of Rarity falling for Spike slowly.

Great start, and I'm looking forward to seeing how alternate-universe Spike's relationship with Rarity plays out (here's hoping they lead a rebellion against Nightmare Moon!)

Found one error, though:

condemned to a life drudgery

Bravo! I look forward to reading more

Thanks for pointing that out :raritywink:


~Skeeter The Lurker

Hm, very interesting. I sometimes wondered what happened to Spike in all those timelines where Twilight didn't hatch him, and even more how he ended up like this- a young adult trapped in the dragon equivalent of prison. And I like a good Spike and Rarity story too. I look forward to seeing how this unfolds (especially with regular updates).

Oh so far its shaping up to be a very interesting tale!
Im also a sucker for Sparity fics :raritywink:💕:moustache:

shouldn't Rarity be freaking out that Spike is here when she met him with Twilight earlier?

Not necessarily? Matching coloration probably wouldn't be enough to trigger her immediately recognizing him as the same dragon when she's terrified and freezing and he's (physically) more fully-grown and enormous. I don't quite remember how much she even saw of him in the actual episode, did she even hear his name mentioned?

All that said, it's certainly a realization she'll probably have later.


Anyhoo! Loving this premise, BI, I've been a fan of yours since "Til Sunday do us Part" and I can't wait to see more Sparity from ya. Looking forward to these regular updates!

Spike's size and lack of wings make for a curious combination. What's lurking in his past, and how much past does he even have?

In any case, not the best start thus far for these two. We'll see what becomes of them in the morning.

Curious for her to talk like Spike's humongous while he's just twice as big as NM. That's barely an adult for a dragon, if that big at all.

Did Spike get stuck down here for being too un-dragonlike? Is he hoarding things to try to fit in? So that he can't leave the Pit? Some other reason?

I suspect he's just not old enough to have gone through the Molt, which would be why he doesn't have wings.

I say he is cursed to be the steward, a guide to lead dragons back to sanity but never allowed to leave himself

This is interesting for sure. I do love how you made it where Rarity didn't just change over night or all her mindset just matched up to her loving Spike. No it is a slow process that will take time. And even her thinking of Spike WASN'T that bad. I mean by the information HE told her it was a logical jump to make. Now her handling of that information was very untactful and shame on her for being a upper crust pony lol. Now I am thinking with how he reacted to being called nice she will stat to figure out that it is the reason why he is down there.

Well, I'm surprised Rarity's situation has actually improved a bit, with a meal and possibly a way out. Though Spike's situation seems even more grim than I had expected. Sounds like he chooses to stay down there? So even without Twilight (possibly) Spike hasn't grown up to be a dragonish dragon. Well, at least he's away from Nightmare Moon.

The plot thickens

A place where dragons go to diet.

His freedom, will come.

Is this a sequel to something? I feel like I've missed a lot of background and I'm only a paragraph in!

It’s based on the season 5 finale.

Nice. Very interesting read, and I like the pace!:moustache::duck:

He grinned. “I can keep throwing them, or you can keep talking.”

Careful, Spike. That's almost too easy to turn back around.

In any case, we have a clear timeline. Spike was raised in Canterlot until a dragon migration before Nightmare Moon's return, where he was no doubt mocked and bullied for his pony-taught behavior. He went to the Pit, either by force or by choice, and refuses to leave until he becomes a "proper" dragon.

Rarity's going to throw a sizable wrench in that plan.

Or, knowing her, a finely decorated horseshoe. :raritywink:

It is sad how much I really REALLY missed a Sparity Story. They are so rare and so few now it is a real shame. They have such good chemistry really and so many authors and even the show itself seem to have forgotten that. All of this just makes me like this story all the more so.

I'm really enjoying this story! Good job, and please continue!:moustache:

Honestly, I think the show's been trying to distance itself from the Sparity ship, on the grounds that they knew they couldn't resolve the age difference issue (now that we've been given Smolder as a frame of reference, I can be quite certain that, dragon years or no, there is a notable age difference between them) and knew they couldn't ever justify committing to it (and reportedly never had plans to from the beginning). So, not wanting to string their viewers along, they've tried to...move past it.

From the context, I'm assuming that Spike was still hatched by Twilight. I wonder what happened to her in this world.

That seems to clear up a lot of the murk of their divergent paths. Sometimes one forgets how much a life's path can change in a world that turned out differently.

Here's hoping Spike learns to accept that he's no good at being a "proper dragon", and that that's okay.

When Rarity & Rainbow are lost below the castle and Spike & Fluttershy stumble upon them "Hello Spike" and after realizing Spike & Flutters are there Spike and Rarity hug for a long embrace with big smiles.... subtle hint after "The Best Gift Ever"
Their relationship is a slow burn.....

Hmm. I seem to have overestimated your stature by nearly a hoofspan.


Double hmm on the rock salt. It could be a coincidence, but I find that unlikely.

In any case, these two are proving very good for one another. I'm not sure where they go from here, but I look forward to finding out.

Found typo: "And then Cantlot of old ended as abruptly as Equestria’s final moments of sunlight."

Indeed. It seems Spike is letting his professed greed slip a little.

I'm happy to help.
You write amazing, live stories with living and feeling characters. I just cannot thank you enough for sharing them with us.
Well, at least I can point occacional typo to make the story even better :)
BTW - thanks again :)
For this story, and for the previous ones.

Hmm...spontaneous rock salt...this "pit" isn't part-Room of Requirement, is it?

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