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Luna discovers a lone member of the Royal Night Guard stationed beneath her private balcony. As a question becomes a conversation, as an evening becomes a week, and as an annoyance becomes a friendship, an unfortunate truth looms large in her mind: nothing is ever as it seems, neither in dreams nor reality.

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Very entrancing.


An interesting premise.
Well done.

Well done!! So good to see this posted! And thank you again for the opportunity to assist. :pinkiehappy:

Well, that certainly took a twist. :trixieshiftright:

Aww. :twilightsmile:

This was quietly touching — although I do have to gripe about the letter from the Royal Staffing Agency, which ends up being a huge red herring that makes no sense in the context of the reveal. Still, an enjoyable read, and I'm proud to have been the grain of sand that itched you into producing the pearl.

In a way it makes sense. The changelings attacked and all you ever saw were day guards. He may really be a day guard but he constructed his dream to be of a night guard.

I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that at first Luna entered his dreams not realizing the situation, and had to use his dream world's rules to put the puzzle together. As the evenings went, she discovered what was happening and acted on it.

Just a thought.

Anyway, fic wise this was very moving. I enjoyed it.

The life of a Princess is demanding, doubly so when I my duties aren’t as straightforward as I would like.

Extraneous word.

I’m pretty sure my left wing is broken… I can’t even feel the other one.”

The bones haven't set in months? No surgeons bothered to patch up such obvious injuries?

Or did the doctors not know they needed to set the bones quickly or they'll regrow all wrong and then you have to break them all again to set them properly?

(Biomedical dude here... this sort of thing catches my attention instantly.) :twistnerd:


(Biomedical dude here... this sort of thing catches my attention instantly.) :twistnerd:

There needs to be a profile page marker that auto displays if someone is a professional in some craft.

7638982 7639143
Well, the thing is, we as readers have no idea what's going on outside the dream, but there is no possible way that Luna can't know. There's the whole "hero of Equestria" thing — and if he saved several ponies' lives, there's no way she would only have heard about it from entering his mind, because the ponies he saved would have told her (and everyone). In fact, that almost certainly is why she's in his dreams — surely Luna doesn't intervene with every single comatose patient, especially after such a huge incident as the changeling invasion; there's a lot of extra incentive here because of his sacrifice.

And especially given that this takes several months, it's beyond ludicrous to say that she doesn't know his true identity as a day guard. I mean, they have his identity from hospital and guard records and there's more than enough time to talk to the waking-world RSA for background. A major plot point is her discovery of a fact she already knows in a way that makes it hard for me to read it as doing so for his benefit. That doesn't sit right.

7639453 It's less about her 'finding' out and more about her confronting him about it.

Luna says herself why she was doing what she was doing. She was enjoying herself.

7639474 7639505
Look, the point is:

He took a great breath, almost as if he was savoring his last. “It started with the invasion… I-I was pulling a double shift by the castle gate during the wedding, letting guests in for the reception. A changeling smashed through one of the battlements above me and huge stones were landing everywhere. I tried to save the civilians around me, but…”

The wedding was canonically during the day. He was on duty at the time. He was found in Day Guard armor.

Instead I fell victim to your charade.”
“I don’t understand what you’re—”
“You’re not a member of the Night Guard.”

How could that have fooled her even for a second?

With that she returned to her chambers, intent on writing a very stern letter to the Royal Staffing Agency.

Returning for a second evening’s watch instead of getting himself reassigned said something about his mettle, and possibly his stupidity. Tonight she’d find out for certain. Her ultimate weapon, the barely-polite letter she’d sent to the Royal Staffing Agency, wouldn’t be answered for several nights.

Why is she acting all story like she doesn't know?

Yes, she has to confront him about it, but the point is Luna's acting like this is a surprise to HER.

And her enjoying herself doesn't come into it. This is about what she does or doesn't know.

7639538 Likely when she went into the dream she noticed it was just him standing around in armour, at night. Knowing that he was a day guard she was curious and went along with the narrative, including starting it out not 'knowing' him and acting how she should react properly. Her 'sending' a letter in the dream sets it up so she can 'get' a reply to learn the truth.

Or if you come at it the other way, she knew less about the accident than she thought: she knew a guard saved some ponies at the wedding and wound up in the hospital. The rest of the details about him were in the letter, which she convieniently left unopened until guilt forced her back on track
Perhaps I should add a word or two to that effect...

Excellent questions, to which I have no firm answers :twilightoops:
I would imagine that pony physiology, especially when it comes to wings, is complicated. Maybe his wing is mostly healed, but still heavily bandaged

Thanks for pointing that out!

Yeah, some extra exposition could probably fix that. This has kind of taken over the thread for what started out as a nitpick over the story's implied chronology. :rainbowwild:

Anyway, congrats on the featurebox!

uhhh, OH! He is in a coma.


Nice twist. I approve.

Dem feelz tho...

*Single manly tear slides down*

10/10 feelsy. :twilightsmile:


Yours mistook deep sleep for constant wakefulness, and locked you into a familiar routine.

Wow, this was a surprising twist. I really liked it and I don't give a damn about the logical errors. This was a nice, entertaining story and 7639719 's post explains everything perfectly btw :twilightsmile:

I can tell already that I like this. That guard is adorable. :pinkiehappy:

im not crying, its liquid pride...
Amazing story, with probably my favorite rep of luna to date.

This is a good chapter, and an amazing story! :twilightsmile:

That was awesome. What a read. :twilightsmile:

Always a sucker for Luna/Night guard relations.

This is some sixth sense level shit.

Heart wrenching, sweet and sad all in one. I just adored this story of yours.



If there was ever an inception crossover, this'd be it. Holy damn that was good.


I love it...

I like this. It has a delightful slice of life feel to it.

Still trying to figure out why he can't move? Only at night?

OOOOOOOOOOH he's in a coma

7643705 Thanks for spoiling the story.

Not all chapters need thousands of words to contain something good.

7646069 Your welcome.:twilightblush:
I kinda feel bad. I actually didn't mean to spoil it but then again, you have to learn not to read the comments before reading the chapter somehow. I guess you learned the hard way. :unsuresweetie:

Tell ya what, I'll put that block text thingy on the words so no one else accidentally spoils the story for themselves.:ajsmug:

7646711 The thing is, I have a high computer screen, so the moment I clicked on the story I view the whole page including a small part of the comments. Your spoiling comment was the first thing the screen loaded to since it was the top comment. Thanks for covering it anyway.

7646950 Again, I wasn't actually intending to spoil the story for anyone. I used to compulsively read the comments after reading each chapter and sometimes I ended up spoiling everything for myself lol. So, my bad for doing the same thing to you and apparently several others.

I enjoyed this. The reveal caught me off guard, and I like how it played out. Well done. :)

Wow. That was surprisingly well written. It just caught my attention and wouldn't let go 'til the ending reveal. This kind of stuff is what keeps me coming back for more.

Wow, this is written like a drama in a play

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