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This story is a sequel to Spike's Mark

In “Spike’s Mark”, Spike confessed his love to Rarity and gave her a Mark of Love. It was supposed to be a ‘Happy Ending’. However, Rarity’s adventure was just beginning. Starting where Spike’s Mark left off comes the next chapter In Spike and Rarity’s relationship. A tale of romance, drama, and humor. One that will make you both laugh and cry just like its predecessor. It will most certainly have moments that touch your heart...I guarantee.

In this story, you will see most of the Mane 6 return as well as Sassy Saddles, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and a few other special side characters from the series. You will learn how Rarity’s family reacts to Rarity dating Spike. You will hear the tale of how the Carousel Boutique was first created. You will see special moments where sisters bond together…and playfully team up against a little dragon.

But the big question will be the ultimate choice Rarity must make.

Confronted with the fact that some ponies still fear dragons and the idea of a pony and dragon being together is considered ‘unnatural’, Rarity must choose which path to take. Finding the love she has searched for or fulfilling the dream she always desired. Can such a union truly exist or will Rarity lose her Spikey-Wikey?

Spoiler Alert if you have not read “Spike’s Mark”. Fortunately, you do not need to have to read “Spike’s Mark” to enjoy this story since all the side characters will be learning about the events as well.

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Spoiler Alert if you have not read “Spike’s Mark”.

But isn’t that an actual episode of the show and not a story?

If it’s linked to a previous story of yours, shouldn’t you put it as a sequel?

:unsuresweetie: So this is the plan girls.....
:applecry: You're kidding me...Really?
:scootangel: Cutie Mark Crusaders Hybrid Cross Breeders Hooooooooooooo!

:flutterrage: Discord Stop laughing Mister!
:rainbowlaugh: Baby Dracony inbound
:ajsmug: Slick real slick, Don't pass on those belly or back rubs...
:facehoof: All my friends are perverts....
:moustache: I read it in a book once...
:duck: Does this dress make me look fat?
:twilightsmile: Your fat makes you look fat....
:pinkiegasp: Butt giggling ears flapping nose buzzing...:pinkiehappy: Some pony is going to die...Oh well
:derpytongue2: Are we having an air raid drill?

:twilightoops: She's what?
:rainbowderp: How is it possible?
:ajsmug: Sex of course , It was bound to happen
:fluttercry: How can we break the news?
:pinkiehappy: Be honest and just say "Rarity Angel Bunny and Opalescence need to go to the Las Pegasus 24 hour Elvis Wedding Chapel"

:duck: Why is the fur on my neck standing on end?
:moustache: Don't know about you I'm getting the End of Equestria vibes here...
:unsuresweetie: For sure I know it's not me

:flutterrage: Discord It's not that funny Mister
:facehoof: and I was worried about the other two...

:moustache: It's Okay Rarity it's only one wedding dress
:unsuresweetie: Those two will regret not buying that dress

:twilightangry2: Night Court sentences you to the Dungeon for defaming a Court Officer! and insulting an element of the Crown! Discord?
:flutterrage: Discord! Make them suffer!

:moustache::raritywink: A happy ending, How'd that happen in 22 minutes?
:trollestia: And I still do nothing but eat my cake.

:raritywink: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
:facehoof: Nonononononononononononnononononnonon NO
:rainbowlaugh: You're too young to be a grand mother

Petunia , I worked with a guy named Petunia, Old Vietnam vet who was a wiz on the Wright 1820 power plant for the Sikorsky S-58
Alabama born

:raritystarry: ???
:moustache: ???
:unsuresweetie: No I'm not a hybrid dragon pony Auntie. . . . Yet
:facehoof: Canterlot's a cesspool of vice & villainy
:flutterrage: Wait until they get a taste of Annarchy in the Kingdom!
:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug: Now you're talking,
:coolphoto: zee baby pictures are ze ready
:twilightoops: !!!???!!!

Best ending is that she chooses both.

:ajsmug: Well let me tell y'all something about those two. . . An Element of the Crown and A Royal Advisor, It's None of Y'all's business
:pinkiehappy: Yaks smash & Dragons burn, You asking for bad Ju Ju and no ice cream? You're real close Buster!
:rainbowwild: Of course they're getting hitched, Beats getting knocked up
:flutterrage: Discord, Let them have IT!
:raritystarry: Oh dear,,,
:moustache: What's with all the bubbles and plushy ponies?
:facehoof: Crystal Empire is now at War with Canterlot. . . Those Crystal ponies really love Spike.
:duck: Fabulous Darling :moustache: Me likey
:trollestia: Twilight why's my castle under siege?
:twilightangry2: A fricking Foals Magazine ?!
:moustache: Embers coming. She's peeved too
:rainbowhuh: No Zepher! No no no no no and don't get any ideas either! NO

:twilightsmile: Other pressing issues. . .
Spike smokes cigars and plays the violin :duck: "Yes! He's my boyfriend!" ( The sound of lightning & angry horses)
:moustache: Gerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
:facehoof: Is the Doctor in?

:twilightoops: Foals? Dracony hybrids Dragon? Live birth or eggs? TO THE LABORATORY !
:moustache: Twilight what's gotten in to you?
:twilightsmile: Now breed ! and be honest this is for posterity !
:rainbowlaugh: Twillynanas has entered the conversation
:facehoof: Sorry sorry sorry
:pinkiegasp: I'm preggers! with a little Cheese
:flutterrage: Annarchy has come to Equestria! Ha ha ha ha ha Discord made me say that,
:ajsmug: Nothing to see here move along now. . .
:raritystarry: Oh Spike! My precious scales. . .
:twilightangry2: Go ahead be that way,,,
:trollestia: Mmmmmmm Some pony left this cake all alone . . . Mmmm It'd be a shame if it was gobbled up by an unknown stranger then I...

I hope she chooses love and fire Sassy

:applejackconfused: I
:fluttercry: Had
:rainbowderp: a
:pinkiegasp: dream
:twilightsmile: of
:moustache: baby
:raritystarry: dragons
:unsuresweetie: happy
:scootangel: baby
:applecry: dragons
:trollestia: Thank you Luna...
:trixieshiftright: So it's true...
:facehoof: Stupid book.

:duck: Yaks, Kirin, Manator, Hipogrif, Griffin, Changeling, dragon and any creators behold FASHION !
:twilightoops: I did it...
:duck: You surely did Darling, I'm so busy now I have no social life at all and Spike's chained in my bed chambers each night...:facehoof:
:moustache: That's my punishment for eating that bucket of her vanilla oat swirl ice cream
:pinkiehappy: that's some damn good ice cream
:moustache: Dang Skippy
:raritywink: of course the best
:ajsmug: Apple oat swirl here
:yay: Mmmmmmmmmm
:rainbowlaugh: cider for me
:unsuresweetie::scootangel::applecry: More please

:rainbowderp: Ra Ra helps Rare Rare
:flutterrage: DISCORD! It's not that funny
:trollestia: You made Them cry. . .
:ajsmug: I'd rather have Dragons attack Canterlot
:pinkiehappy: And I'll send Ember a thank you note
:facehoof: These ponies drive me to drink
:trollestia: Oh you're going to get so so so so soooo much dungeon

Rofl. Of course the first comment would be yours, Mr Hillbe.

Seriously though, I know that no pony nor dragon has announced anything yet, but I'm stuck on wedding gifts. Any ideas?

An automatic gem dust spreader for Spike's cakes?

Fire retardant cologne for Rarity?

I can see her marrying Spike at the Fashion Show to show them all she's the trend setter that she is.
:facehoof: Bridezilla

:moustache:DRAGON BABIES NOW!:raritycry:

:twilightoops: She did it in the middle of the fashion show...

:ajsmug: So she yelled it in front of everypony, So what

:facehoof: They did IT in front of everypony

:rainbowlaugh::pinkiegasp::fluttercry: . . .

:trollestia: It was mostly a cloud of smoke but boy were they loud

Love me some Sparity & really enjoying this one, can't wait for the next chapter. keep up the great work :twilightsmile:

AHHH!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy: I can't wait for the next chapter lol no i really can't :pinkiehappy: look forward to seeing how it turns out,

:flutterrage: DISCOSHY
:moustache: sparity:raritywink:
:pinkiehappy: Pie Sandwich
:rainbowlaugh: Twi Book
:ajsmug: Apple Jack
:twilightoops: Wut?
:derpytongue2: Dr. Derpy
:facehoof: Cliff Hanger
:trollestia: Who's Cliff Hanger?

:moustache::raritywink: where's the article about us?
:twilightoops: they wut?
:unsuresweetie: vaporized
:scootangel: Dissolved
:applecry: Liquidated
:pinkiehappy: They broke the Pinkie Promise
:facehoof: Forever

Thanks for this chapter, glad we get to sort the twilight thing out cuz in my mind as much as its SpikexRarity. its also a Spike/Twi thing aswell. All i mean by that is, its always been them 2 since the start, student/assistant,bro/sis. Like sun & moon/night & day, u can't have one without the other. At least thats how i like to see it. End of the day Twi & spike are gonna have to have a chat if nothing else. (of course thats just my own thoughts)

Sorry i get a bit caught up in things sometimes lol didn't mean to go on & can't wait to see whats to come :twilightsmile:

What an emotional rollercoaster.

Glad it is not the end.
It feels that an epilogue of sorts is order. A good wrap up.

Unless you are planning on writing another story? (It seems you are hinting at this...?)

:moustache: Hey Rarity?
:duck: Yes my dear?
:moustache: Let me tell you why there is no article.
:raritywink: Oh do tell!
:moustache: I've found someone more my height.
:unsuresweetie: My acting on the train was too good?

That was a sweet moment between Rarity and Spike. Nicely done. I like the part how she draped her tail over him. And Twilight's mixed feelings are totally understandable.

You wrapped things up well enough. The epilogue tied up loose ends. We could always ask for more, learning what happened to the others in your story, but your final chapter did it's job. This is probably the best Spike and Rarity story that I have read.

As far as Twilight "losing" her LBBFF goes, at least she knows that she will be the only one to have given Spike rides on her back. That was their thing. I think she will lose it and go nuts if she sees Rarity begin to do that.
Unless it is a trolling act by those two. Just imagine it.

Now we just need to wait for Hillbe to comment in his his trademark style and we will be complete :ajsmug:

I'm tempted to do the same, but like Spike riding on Twilight, that's his thing :scootangel:

This sequel is beyond amazing! I absolutely love every second of it!

Heh when Rarity said: “I wish this dream will never end” I was like: “I wish this story will never end”

Outstanding job in writing!

Nice way to finish the story :twilightsmile: If i had to say I enjoyed Rarity’s Choice a little more because it developed Spike's and Rarity's relationship more. But I liked both stories tbh :pinkiehappy: As for a sequel to this yes please :pinkiehappy: lol If ya looking for ideas maybe build on the twi side of it/family side, bring in the parents abit more of Twi's family/her protective sis side & have Spike & Rarity's relationship go a little deeper/next step & u can alway finish it with a time skip of there little family :rainbowlaugh: Just some thoughts that might give u some ideas :twilightsmile:

I am definitely open to help out with making more of these, even more so I am considering on adapting these first two stories, still thinking if I should adapt them as audio dramas or a legit full on animation series, this totally deserves to come to life!

:rainbowderp: How cruel
:trollestia: Heard of a herd?
:duck: I'm #1
:moustache: And don't STEP ON #2


:twilightoops: They're pregnant? How? Who? Why now?
:fluttercry: It was Discord... He thought it was so special he wanted to share it with everypony, He said Annarchy needs friends her own age.
:rainbowhuh: He did what? That's not cool, Who does he think he is?
:twilightsmile: The Lord of Chaos?
:pinkiegasp: Think of all the maternity parties! Oh me too!
:ajsmug: Yona & Sand bar , Gallus & Silver Stream, All the couples are lining up and getting foals and what not...
:rainbowderp: How come you're not foaling too?
:ajbemused: Apples.
:rainbowhuh: Why me?
:moustache: Why not? You're a Wonder Bolt
:rainbowlaugh: That's right! A Wonder Bolt . . .
:twilightoops: Where everypony has a co ed locker room? :rainbowderp: Oh...Yea
:duck: Precious Scales Doctor Hooves said we're expecting a half dozen foals all at once
:moustache: Is that a Dragon thing?
:facehoof: I think It's a Discord thing.
:flutterrage: Discord stop laughing Mister! You have Equestria up to it's neck in diapers!
:twilightsheepish: Oh thanks Rarity, It was awful
:moustache: By the way we're expecting :twilightoops: Wut? :moustache: Company for diner, You know a get to know your future in laws thing... But not yet in laws thing...:raritywink: It's only proper for a lady

Rara being called by the map? Didn't see that coming.

I can’t believe I just noticed that the sequel came up! (I will try to finish it reading by today).

So far, so good. I really enjoy when fics take their time to start and stabling a “homely” / chill slice of life ambience, before going all into the plot.

Also, THX A LOT for the shoutout :twilightsmile:

(although I would recommend embedding a link to my profile when mentioning my user name, is this little “chain link” like icon left to the image icon in the text toll bar).

This was a really interesting and original explanation as to how Rarity got her boutique and where the name came from.

That must have being a massive carousel BTW, I mean the building is 2 (maybe 3~ish) stories tall. Then again ponies are kind of big into having fun, so they building a massive thing just to play makes sense

God the dread!

It’s always weird to know what is happening while the characters don’t. Well not weird, rather is the anticipation to the moment they figure out what going on and everything basically begins to fall apart for them.

Also, good idea to show that it was a slow news day, that way it makes more sense as to why this story became so popular

A uniform gasp raced through the crowd of reporters after hearing what Rainbow Dash said. As soon as they recovered, they renewed their assault on the young Pegasus.


Rainbow bit her bottom lip as she felt her confidence deflate. What she had said did not come out the way she wanted. Needless to say, it now had made matters worse. Immediately, panic began to race through her mind. “Sorry! But this interview is over!” Rainbow Dash shouted as she slammed the door as hard as she could and braced herself against it.

If this was a T rated fic this would be the perfect moment for Dash to drop an F-bomb :twilightsheepish:

I just finished this story and it was so good that i just HAD to make an account to tell you that I enjoyed both Spike's Mark and Rarity's choice. I'm a big fan of Sparity and your story is definitely in my top 3

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