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An Asian-American brony who is a fan of Spike, Discord, and Jackie Chan.


After another frightening nightmare, Rarity seeks out the one dragon for consultation. Can he help her? Or will her nightmares continue to haunt her? The answers will be revealed in the story.

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That was a beautiful story, and Happy Valentines Day, And a happy birthday to your brother.

Wow, this was really heartfelt. I've written my own fair share of Spike and Rarity confessions, it's fun to come up with different ways. I have yet to try a nightmare to have them confess.


:twilightoops: Spike Rarity!
:moustache: I'll have hay tries oat bacon and coffee for breakfast
:duck: and We'll have daffodil and tomato on toast with strawberry smoothies
:facehoof: Lunch? Sleeping in?
:moustache: Who slept?
:raritywink: When's diner?
:pinkiegasp: Spike and Rarity finally became a couple!
:twilightangry2: Yea, A couple of pains

"you're not that hard to forget"... 😅 Uhm so she's easy to forget?

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