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“It’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. They produce their worst work when they do that.” - David Bowie


As a pony working the world of high fashion, Rarity knows how important reputation is. That's why she strives to make sure every client feels cared for - and that her employees do the same.

The only trouble is that a few ponies are raving about the dresses Rarity personally designed for them.

Ponies that Rarity has no recollection of meeting.

Featured from 12-20 to 12-23-21, peaking at the #1 spot. Thanks, everypony!

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Howdy, hi!

This was silly in the best way. The double whammy at the end was perfect, really hit the right comedic notes. Loved the setup and payoff in this one. Rarity really felt like her canon counterpart based on her voice and I thoroughly enjoyed the side joke with Sweetie Belle. Really fun read. Thank you~!

Cue Rarity staring into the mirror and wondering if she's a changeling too. And whether changelings dream of electric sheep.

Sassy had started to sketch the dress, but stopped before getting far. “That sounds like a Coco piece, doesn’t it? She’s quite fond of satin, and that would be more in line with Manehattan fashion trends than Canterlot. A Canterlot dress would have used silk, not satin.”

Satin is a particular weave of silk, not a different material, although in our industrialized world synthetics often get used as a cheaper substitute for silk in satin.

This was really cute. Perhaps a little more time could be taken with the aftermath of the reveal, but it plays well as-is. Nicely done!

Rarity is not quite the rarity she expected, is she?

Coco fixed her boss with a steady look. Then, she pulled away, took a few steps back, and burst into green fire.

WHAT??? Coco is a changeling dang

“I came here many years ago, looking to get away from the hive. I just…I just wanted to be somewhere that I could just be me.” She sniffed. “In the Hive, everything you do is focused on the glory of Chrysalis. There’s no room to be yourself, or to do what you want. I hated that, and wanted something different.”

Boy that's how thorax felt as well

Okay that was a very unexpected situation but pretty interesting I will say and I'm assuming that this is during the time before thorax became the leader and a very unexpected that Coco and apparently sassy are changelings well then I do like how Rarity is like at this point she sees everything this was a pretty interesting one but I do like it pretty funny keep up the good work 👏

Wait so when does this take place in the timeline, cuz you mentioned hoping kidnapped with makes me believe that this takes place after the changeling will reformed, but I can't see where he still holding those prejudice after Twilight School

I think this is before Thorax came into the picture so probably between around season 5 and 6

I guess that makes sense but there was a line about where it being kidnapped in the story, and I'm pretty sure the only time we already was ever kidnapped in the show was the season finale where the changelings were reformed:twilightblush:

Oh yeah that is actually right unless either that or it could be an alternate universe but I don't know maybe

Enjoyed this story. It did feel a little... rushed, however. I do look forward to your next story.

I was expecting the first changeling, but not the second.

And :rainbowlaugh: at there being enough lookalikes running around that there's a Rules of Rarity

Well, it's Rules of Rarities now, I suppose.

I was expecting either a Changeling or Equetria Girls Rarity

Would it matter if... ? :duck:

This was a fun one!

That was an enjoyable twist in the standard story line!

Everyones a Changling but Rarity. Twilight, Fluttershy, RD and Applejack. Even Sweetie Belle and her oarentscare Changlings. Rarity is adopted. The entire species is feeding off Rarity alone.


Yep, that's why I threw the last bit in. You can kinda intuit where the fic is going early on, but I doubted anyone expected the extra little twist.


That will be Rarity's dreams for at least a week.

considering I read "Would it matter if I Was?" for the first time literally yesterday, this is quite a nice follow-up. I was afraid you wouldnt have a good end past the "Coco is a changeling" revelation, but you managed to get that right too!

The ending made me giggle.

This was excellent.

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