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There's canon, and then there's "canon because it's a show for children with an E/I rating". The former is my playground, the latter I ignore at will.


April 2021 update · 5:22pm April 1st

Hello folks,

Shorter update this month, largely a rehash of last months update.

Published in March:

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Signal boost · 6:04pm March 2nd

Hey, folks,

Just wanted to make a post to spotlight this excellent story that was recently published. If you're a fan of Badass Celestia, Conan the Barbarian, pulp novels, or just enjoy good writing, I highly recommend you give it a read!

TThe Tower of the Fallen Star
Before she was a princess, Celestia was a barbarian wandering the world in search of adventure and glory. In the Tower she found that and more.
Raleigh · 22k words  ·  120  4 · 680 views
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March 2021 update · 10:11pm February 28th

Hello, folks.

Just thought I'd kick out a short blog post to give some updates on future projects. My slate is not endless, but there are several things underway.

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