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“It’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. They produce their worst work when they do that.” - David Bowie


Princess Luna has been agonizing over the best birthday gift for Twilight Sparkle. Running out of time and short on ideas, she turns to Twilight's friends for suggestions.

As it turns out, that was a mistake.

Fortunately, everypony involved will survive the experience (mostly) unscathed.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePoint.

Featured from 3-8-21 to 3-11-21, peaking at #1. Thanks, everypony!

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The way Rainbow Dash tries to dig herself out of the hole by digging deeper? Awesome.

The way Applejack decides to YOLO? *gasp* Priceless.

That was Great, and i learn that, starting a pillow war with a alicorn is Not a Fight any will win:rainbowlaugh:

A masterpiece.

This was a heckin good read

I do love me a good TwiLuna story and this one was great!:twilightsmile:

Wonderful story! This look as a very nice episode)

Rainbow Dash and Applejack were still arguing over why the pegasus didn’t get a barrel of cider for her birthday.

You have poor self control so Applejack is being responsible and not letting you drink youself blackout drunk.

Oh, way to go, Dashie...

Go ahead and pull the pin on an ALICORN grenade, then drop it on the floor in front of you...


Two weeks, before it would be empty, and the gang having an intervention to get Dash into AA...

In her defense, if she digs deep enough, she might just make it out...

Ha, nice. Moonbutt comedy is always a treat.

But it is one you just ...might... survive. :)

That conversation was like a disaster happening in slow motion. You can see the entire chain of events... but nopony stops it. :rainbowlaugh:

*meanwhile out of synch with reality Discord watched the happenings in Rarity's place while eating a bowl of pop corn*

True But you are Going to be spitting feathers out for a Good Time:twilightoops:

Kinda surprised Rarity didn’t go for a book over coupons. She can always ask Spike what Twi doesn’t have.

Luna should have asked Spike for a gift idea. If there is someone that know qhat she could like is him.

But, yeah, what is wrong with a book? Didn't Luna have somewhere an ancient book of forgotten, possibly even forbidden magic? That would be perfect fo Twilight.

Loki #19 · Mar 9th, 2021 · · ·

In which case you would have no comedic premise.

"Gift ideas?"


"Cool, thanks."

See? Less funny.

And recording it as his gift for Twilight!

I can only think that AJ was hoping to breqk the tension.

Or Dash had driven her to attempt suicide.



Spike is bad at keeping secrets from Twilight, plus Luna could hardly invite him to the meeting and not have Twilight notice.

As for "why not just give her a book", two reasons:

1: It's a fairly obvious gift, and some people/ponies don't like to give something so obvious. "Oh, she likes books, therefore give her a book".
2: Twilight's library is enormous. The risk of giving her something she already has is high, and having Spike check the library runs the risk of having Twilight ask what he's doing.

Or, more simply: because that would spoil the premise, as Loki noted.

Everypony else, thanks for your comments!

Never said Luna would ask Spike. I said I’m surprised Rarity didn’t make use of him, or consider a book over coupons.


She probably falls more on the side of "books are too obvious", even if she's not happy about the alternative.

This was SO SWEET. And funny. Well done.

Your pfp looks more like Shining Sparkle, or Twilight Armor than twilight shimmer

Goodness gracious this is a slice of heaven to read! All of the humor, drama, and adorable moments combined makes this more than just a treat to read! Absolutely blissful! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply had to make a reading of this lovely fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/dCObAG5JJ6I

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Oh, this is so much fun.

It's so nice to have some comedy on a bad day.

:rainbowlaugh: Too, funny.

Great comedy, great romance. Dash's obviousness was spot on :)

Pillow fig- OH GOD!


Yep, some of that carried over from the original plan for the story, and worked out well making this disaster. :D


Glad it brightened your day. That's what I always hope for with my fics - a little escape from reality, even if it's short.


Hah, I finally had a chance to listen to it and loved your reading. I'll add it to the description once it's live! Thanks a bunch!

“Generous!?” Dash lifted off, hovering in the air over them to glower down at Applejack. “You give her a whole barrel, and the rest of us get nothing?!”

100% agree with RD here and i had to pause reading to laugh.

Great character handling all around.

I absolutely love that she asked Fluttershy to step out first.

"Very good Louis. Short, but pointless."

- Dr. Peter Venkman, referring to this story

The d'awwww's have been doubled!

I'll just leave this one here:

Short, sweet, and silly. Ignore the giant backlog of stories I still need to read. I just happened to see this one in featured, recognized the name, and gave it a read.

Not bad! I'm envious of your ability to write something so short. I simply cannot. :rainbowlaugh:

“Fluttershy,” Luna asked, as she tried not to grind her teeth, “what do you get Twilight?”

“Oh, I just make several floral arrangements for her castle.” The shy mare hung her head. “I know it’s not the best gift, but sometimes bits are tight, and I have to make do with what I have on hoof.” A stray tear formed in the corner of her eye, and she wiped at it with one fetlock. "Sorry if I'm not much help," she added, sniffling as she started to cry.

Luna was touched despite her mounting irritation with the others, and she stepped forward, wrapping a wing around Fluttershy. As the volume of the other ponies increased – with Rarity in particular having engaged in her favorite pastime of dramatic ice cream eating and tear generation, always a raucous affair – she bent down, to make sure the pegasus could hear her.

“I know for a fact that Twilight loves your flowers,” she whispered in her ear. “I also know you’re tenderhearted, so I want you to step outside, as my next words aren’t meant for you.”

Fluttershy’s eyes went wide, but she nodded and quickly made her exit.

...we sure Fluttershy isn't also Luna's marefriend?

"I said Twilight is an egghead. It's not an insult, it's just a fact. She's not just a book horse, she's the book horse." As if beginning to sense she may have gone too far, Dash raised the hoof that wasn't holding the leaking pillow upward in a shrugging motion. "Hey, if you like dating nerds, more power to you. You do both have a talent for being over dramatic. Maybe it's a princess thing?"

Fact, Rainbow. Egghead is NOT a compliment. But you're too stupid to know that. The others know that fact. Why do you think even Pinkie, who isn't the smartest pony ever, doesn't use it? Even she knows that it's not a nice thing.

Great story by the way. We need more Twiluna love around the site.

Lovely bit of goofiness and fluff. Thank you for it.

This makes me think of that EqG short with the big snowball fight while Pinkie tried to keep the dessert undamaged. The short should have had more Principals, though.

All I’m thinking is why is there not a sequel of twilight getting Luna a gift that devouls into her getting into a hilarious situation of celestia

This was great, you had me laughing at several instances. And I'm actually glad that Luna was kind enough to let Fluttershy flee before the madness started.

Thank you.

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