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“It’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfill other peoples’ expectations. They produce their worst work when they do that.” - David Bowie


Twilight Sparkle returns from a trip to Canterlot to discover the Castle of Friendship looking considerably worse for wear.

Who could have done this, and more importantly, why?

Written for the Bean's Writing Group prompt "Five Minutes Too Late". Cover art by Madmax.

An audio reading by Nailah can be found here.

Featured from 9-21 to 9-22-2021, peaking at the #5 spot. Thanks, everypony!

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Well then. I get that Twilight is extremely peeved, but I'm pretty sure Rainbow Dash is going to outfly her. Just saying.

Also, I liked this.

Great story. Have an upvote!

Yeah, but Twilight has magic. She can just freeze Dash in place whenever she wants to.

Not unless she Dashes out of the way of Twily's blasts!


I said freeze. Her freezing spell (used in S4’s “Castle Mane-ia” and S5’s “The Hoofields and McColts”) doesn’t require a magical blast. She can do it from a distance, even if Dash dashes out of her way.

Also, yes, I got your pun. :rainbowwild:

Well in that case, uh...


Yes I know she's flying. Sue me.

Dash better run fly for her life.

Now, how did I know this was "Rainbow Dash" related?

This is what Twilight sparkle actually heard when she heard the bang:

God I can't wait for basketball to start up again

Also, is that cover art from the manga?

Fly for your life Dashie!

It was a lot of fun reading this. Comedy is usually hit or miss for me, but this hit all the right marks. Great job!

As Twilight and Rainbow Dash proceeded to recreate the battle with Tirek outside

To be honest, at first I expected a blue unicorn: Trixie.
She is know for her fireworks, after all. And Twilight has probably lots of stuff lingering around which would help her to create bigger ones.

Also, you had at first 49 likes, and once I gave you mine the number changed to 59 likes.
Seems like you got ten times the approval.

How very toasty

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