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Twilight and Luna have both been escaping to the moon for when the burdens of Equestria become too much, and they want to be absolutely alone - except it's always been to the opposite side of the moon to each other, so they've never noticed the other there before. Now that Luna's found Twilight, she'll have to fight her for it! This is obviously a love story about the inherent eroticism of a land based tax system.

Set in the timeline between Twilight's coronation and the events of the finale.

A commission for Iisaw, one of my favourite people.

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This was one of the most beautiful stories I've read. And I've read a ton. I love everything you did here. Its going not just into my public Eternal Rememberance bookshelf, but into my private collection. Im downloading the text of this to keep on an external hard drive to make sure i never lose access to it.

This was beautifully written... and I feel like it does capture an aspect of Luna that doesn't get explored often. That she has little validation from an equal.

This is obviously a love story about the inherent eroticism of a land based tax system.

This is the sort of sentence that would (or at least should) make one pause and consider the varied life choices that led to them ever using it :rainbowlaugh:.

I absolutely adore everything about this story! :heart::twilightsmile::heart:

And I have to mention that I am still in slack-jawed awe at how quickly you wrote this, particularly considering how meticulous the result was!

"...you want to be recognized by someone whose recognition matters."

In a fluffy little romance tale, jam-packed with stealth wisdom, this is a real gem. Adulation from the masses always means less than another master of your craft saying, "Hey, I saw what you did there, and that was really great." (And it probably helps if they're a good kisser.)

Actually, you can kill Koschei, but you need to find his soul, which is inside a needle, which is in an egg, which is in a duck, which is in a hare, which is in an iron chest which is buried under an oak tree on an unknown island. Probably need to hire an elderly Chineighse sage if you want to find it.

That was a good story.

Incredibly adorable; a brilliant presentation of both the pairing and a more confident Twilight who’s settled in and found the throne to her liking. She’s good at this rulership stuff, and the confidence born of conclusive evidence shows elsewhere. The continued talks with Sunset to demystify Celestia are a lovely touch, as is the couple bonding over their respective scars from Celestia’s unintentional mistreatment. (Sunbutt Sr. does try her best, but nopony’s perfect.)

Also, “Fighting monsters for me is just an engineering problem, solve for death” is one of the best Twilight lines I’ve seen in months.

In all, a great read from start to finish. Thank you for it, combat and cuddles alike.

I'm not sure calling the moon creatures "monsters," is fair. Apparantly they just chill out harmlessly eating starlight unless you invade their territory. They're only a threat if deliberately provoked. It's not like they need their numbers to be thinned out to prevent innocents stumbling across them either. Luna is just killing beings that pose minimal threat to her for fun.

I know her morals are from a thousand years ago but she's apparantly described her hunts to Fluttershy, who is completely fine with her behavior for some reason?

Luna threw it at an arc one way so that the blades curved through the air in a parabola

this is going to read incredibly nitpicky but:
They are on the moon, the whole point of the touch to talk spell is that there is no air no molecules
to transmit sounds!

Lunana bread

que? x.x

camping cot on the tent.

on the tent? like, on top? they are giving
everybody who is telescoping the moon
a show?

Probably, no, definitely the best whirlwind TwiLuna romance fic I've ever read.
I love everything about it.
I'm still struggling with the first draft of my own TwiLuna fic and I often find it difficult to write an older, powerful and confident or even cocky Twilight that is still her old adorkable self. You just nailed that bit like it was nothing.
And Luna getting owned in single combat and liking it because of who was besting her? Not the first time I've read something to that effect, but the first time I've seen it done so well.
You actually made me proud of Twily for pulling this off so smoothly and also happy for Luna for finally getting the recognition and understanding she deserves and needs. All hail the night princesses.

(Seeing who commissioned this story raised my expectations even higher; it's been less than a month since my second re-read of the Alicorn Adventures^^.)

Lunana bread

Adorable, I love it.
If I had a nickel for every space themed character I know to (now) have a banana themed nickname, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.


I think what I figured out from writing this is that Luna needs recognition from an equal, of which there are few, but what she desperately wants is to be pat on the head and told she's a good person. And that kind of moral recognition can only come from someone we hold genuinely above us, of which I think Luna has only Celestia who... Well canonically doesn't give her that. So she's got nobody else she can believe, and the one person she believes wont say it well into like, season 5.

I think I really need to go back and watch the Nightmare Night episode again while thinking about this.


Continuing on that I tried not to be too critical of Celestia outside of that here, but I do think it's interesting that the show ended up portraying her as the perfect, idealized but distant mother figure... And boy is it extremely funny to think that the "but distant" is always kind of seen as a circumstances or situation thing because she does mean well, but it explains a lot about a lot of other characters. It makes her someone you are always desperate for recognition from and impossible to blame when she doesn't give it to you... At first.


I will say that the commission was for 5K but knowing this was for iisaw made that simply impossible to contain myself to, I agree.

As for a confident Twilight - I think the mindset I tap into for her is that a lot of her anxiety comes from catastrophizing, being able to imagine the worst possible thing that could happen that she isn't ready to deal with. Ascended Twilight doesn't do that anymore because there simply stopped being anything she can't deal with. She won. This is what winning looks like.

Which is why she sounds like she does to Luna here, where nothing she says is a brag or a flex. She has just thought about it as hard as she ever does and these are the correct answers.

It's actually one of the biggest reasons I wrote this from Lunas perspective, beside Luna having a very fun brain and voice. I wanted Twilight to be just a little bit terrifying and just a little bit alien as her absolute lack of anxiety made more sense. Even doing things she's never done before.

Not gonna lie, this romance and this style of writing leaves me cold. Still, there is some interesting points to be considered.


What's up with the writing style?

Well sure but it still has some gravity, so though the word air doesn’t work, the move itself still could.

You know It’s not often I see Twilight show herself as a dom in fiction, but whenever I do, It does kinda click pretty Well with her character…

Good story! I quite enjoyed it :twilightsmile:


i'm putting it on record;

Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy (Discord)

Rarity (women), Pinkie Pie

Rarity (men), Rainbow Dash (but she makes you earn it), Fluttershy (women)

When talking to my pre-readers in Discord while writing this I said;

"Numbers not every relationship dynamic has an explicit top and bottom you don't need-" no I know but it's way funnier if you know

Gah! They’re adorable! Wonderful!

oh, oh wow. I didn't expect tax codes to get this steamy. I love the way you write romance, makes me giggle like I’m a middle schooler reading my first shipfic

Absolutely adorable. Luna would absolutely be the k8nd of person who needs some positivity in her life from someone she looks up to. I also love this explanation of Celestia's MANY failures, as it finally helped me make sense of her problems as a charecter in the show whilst still having her be a good person. I also am a huge fan of how Twilight is written here, as. This feels like a proper examination of how she would be have post show; just as nerdy as before, but with a new level of condlfidence about herself. I also really like how you've written the, erm, "adult" aspect of Twilight’s praise of Luna. Very well written.

If Luna plays her cards right, there might be a different kind of Luna that is b- I am yanked away from the microphone by an old timey cane


I will shamelessly plug that I accept NSFW commission requests

You should make sure those nickels are Australian ones. They're adorable:

That was fantastic! Always a sucker for TwiLuna but the interactions between the characters was extremely well written. Love the confident Twilight too, a very unique characterization.

Ok, this was fantastic! I really loved.... pretty much everything about this. We get nice clear views into Luna and secondhand into Twilight. Twilight is OP, but not big headed about it, and she's not 100% perfect. 99% is plenty. The law nerding was terrific fun and I know jack all about writing laws.

This is getting added to the favorites.

The fact that Australia put echidnas on their nickels, is all the more reason I need to get a couple now.

I would rather put applejack on switch as well, but I otherwise totally agree
Also really great story. I enjoyed reading this while ignoring my college class.

I love it whenever I find these little romance fluff stories, they always put a smile on my face! It was funny and cute, and I loved every second of it. While this is one of the few TwiLu stories I've read, it's easily the best of the bunch. :twilightsmile:

Also, (I can't believe I haven't realized this just now), why don't we have a Luna emoji?

This is fantastic.

The kind of TwiLuna I aspire to write. I especially like how you wrote Luna.
I enjoyed every moment of reading this story and wanted it to continue when it came to its cute end.
This is one of those rare stories that I will read again.

Now this was fun. I liked how twilight was having fun watching Luna clearly having fun.

This was really nice, and it was fascinating to see a TwiLuna story where not only is Twilight the one in control, she isn't nervous about it at all. From Luna's perspective, you did a good job making Twilight seem fearsome but also attractive. As soon as I think every deeper thread of character analysis has been dug up by the fandom, I encounter interesting ones I hadn't seen before like Luna being starved of praise by people she respects.

The moon battle scenario was fun too; hopefully the moon monsters have a high replacement rate.

I feel personally attacked throughout this fic.... It's a great read, good job.

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