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Luna is a strange mare. Cadance is only now just starting to see how strange she is when Luna mentions the unthinkable. Maybe she'll learn something new in the process.

Part of this story appeared as a chapter in Missing Pages & Scrawled Footnotes on May 31st, 2017. It has since been revised and expanded. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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How dare you write those spiders as if they were alike dogs! Making them seem almost, dare I say, cute.

Great short story apart from this betrayal of arachnophobes everywhere :raritydespair:

I think it's an interesting and novel idea.
Both that Luna is different (since that explains why it is so difficult for her to relate to the ponies and why she was treated so badly in her time), and the point of view of the apparent monsters.

As a huge and long-hyperfixated enjoyer of Bugs, Arachnids, and Myriapods alike, Luna's interactions with the big ol' spider makes me very happy! :pinkiehappy:

Luna leaned down to rub her cheek along the top of the spider's bristly head.

Most tarantulas have thousands of extremely fine stinging spiny hairs that are distributed over the top, back, and sides of their abdomen.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you pet or rub your cheeks on a pet tarantula.

I love autistic Luna living her life!

"Indeed! Have you not considered that even spiders have fears?" Luna leaned down to rub her cheek along the top of the spider's bristly head. "Tia dismissed the idea of growing close to them, as the first runts gifted to us by the Empress Shelob, Ahgg's foremother, were afraid of our species. I took the time to befriend them when an Alicorn and ponies alike shunned the precious sweethearts. Soon, they understood that my divinity was not to be feared, for I wished to protect them. However, they remain afraid of ponies, and the ways that they tame, make war, and settle places. To them, you are close enough to a predator that they will reject consuming pets, for your smell lingers upon them and they wish not to lure your kind to their homes."

Shelob! As in Tolkien Shelob. Also, spiders are cool and fun to observe

This quite adorable of Luna here.
I am kind of uncomfortable with spiders irl but here you made them cute

Wait until Luna shows Cadence the giant Manti she's befriended.

The autism 👍


Most tarantulas have thousands of extremely fine stinging spiny hairs that are distributed over the top, back, and sides of their abdomen.

This is news to me. I've seen videos of tarantula handlers and owners petting them with their bare hands without consequence. Most media featuring giant spiders also doesn't include any mention of touching them on top of the head being a bad thing. While I'm not a spider expert (more of just a casual fan) I've never seen a mention of these. Has spider media just been lying to me my whole life?

Any advice on how to make it more spider-accurate?

You will love and cherish the spiders.
I have so many story ideas focusing on Luna being autistic much more explicitly; I don't know if I'll get around to writing them. Until then, I have over a million words of her being implicitly autistic written by a Certified Autist™ so there is that.
I'm only okay with certain types of bugs (part of why I like spiders is because they eat those bugs), but it's good to know my story is reaching creepy-crawler lovers of all kinds.
The one and only!
I can make anything seem cute. Probably.


Delighted to have been able to share a small piece of pertinent information about this family of arachnids.

Obviously I cannot speak for the media regarding spiders that you have consumed, but the fact that this detail has never been mentioned on their part seems to me an oversight.

And the best advice I can give you, that doesn't involve dictating how to write your stories, is to expand your knowledge on any topic you want to write about. In the worst case, you will end up knowing more about the topic even if you consider that the knowledge acquired will not affect your story; In the best of cases it will allow you to make your story much better.


Yeah as you say, most tarantulas, not all, these are referred to as urticating hairs and are the tarantulas defense mechanism, if you see a spider rubbing its leg against its butt when threatened, thats it kicking up hairs, Most old world tarantulas lack urticating hairs, and the worst part about the hairs is they cause a lot of irritation for breathing and itching of the skin. It's all about knowing the specific species of tarantula, if you aren't using a specific species and a fantasy one it can be without the hairs

they extended their mouth and gently nudged

rather than mouth, the little mandibles at the front of a spider are called pedipalps which spiders use for many things, wolf spiders will tap them to the ground as sensory organs for vibrations, typically for tarantulas they are for touching and moving prey

Their pinchers clicked with contentedness

Spiders can actually hiss and make noise with a method called stridulating which varies between species, some make the sound by rubbing legs together, some do it by rubbing their chelicerae together (chelicerae are the mouth parts where the fangs and other bits are)

This was a cute story.

so true, fimfiction user Stellar Underscore

I love spiders btw

Stellar without the underscore was taken 😔

I love autistic Luna, she reminds me of that girl on TikTok I can't remember her handle right now but if you're on the autistic or bug side of TikTok you probably know of her anyway this story and her and Lucas again me ever so closer to not being afraid of spiders anymore i still am but a little less thanks to the story

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