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Steelborne will be updated on the Sunday after I complete the next chapter. Also, Maud is best pony.


Applejack accidentally stumbles across the fact that Winona is a changeling in disguise. Now, everypony is going crazy trying to figure out if their own pet is a love-sucking bug or not, each in their own...unique way.


AN: My friend told me he didn't think I could write a story using fewer than three thousand words, so I set out to challenge myself. 13 hours of writing later, and this was what happened.

Thanks to Noble Thought for the story concept.

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Didn't expected that one with Vinyl and Octavia

So if Octavia’s cello was a changeling, does that mean all the music she’s ever made with it was a changeling humming in order to keep up the illusion? I mean, it’s been shown that changelings can imitate other voices with scary accuracy, so maybe they can change the shape, size, and frequency of their vocalizing organ? Or is a changeling that turns into a cello actually a cello until they revert?

Says in astonished tone* I don't know!

Your friend thought you couldn't write a story with less than 3000 words, I can barely write more than 500. :facehoof:

Oh my fucking god that was funny

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