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Steelborne will be updated on the Sunday after I complete the next chapter. Also, Maud is best pony.

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Twenty years have passed in Equestria. Old friends have moved on. Old foes were laid to rest for eternity. And new friends have found their way to Ponyville.

One such friend is Twilight's second assistant, Paper Quill. Driven, hardworking, and professional, she tries her hardest to keep up with the tasks assigned to her, from giving tours to filling out forms.

But all is not well in her world, as she finds herself plagued by questions. Why has she been having such terrible nightmares recently? And why does Twilight seem obsessed with getting her to open up about them?

Much thanks to Snow Quill for pre-reading, advice, and the amazing cover!

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Applejack accidentally stumbles across the fact that Winona is a changeling in disguise. Now, everypony is going crazy trying to figure out if their own pet is a love-sucking bug or not, each in their own...unique way.


AN: My friend told me he didn't think I could write a story using fewer than three thousand words, so I set out to challenge myself. 13 hours of writing later, and this was what happened.

Thanks to Noble Thought for the story concept.

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Alowicious "Owl" Nocturnus has always wanted to be a pilot in the Equestrian Mech Program. But after failing to qualify, he settles as a technician, helping to maintain the machines at their Canterlot base.
After he is accidentally run through a training simulation, however, the AI Twilight Sparkle selects him to be her pilot, sending him down a path he thought lost to him.

However, a dark force is rising in the nation of Griffonia. One which seeks vengeance for past wrongs. One which desires to see Canterlot, and all of Equestria, fall.

Despite still not having completed his training, Owl must lead a squad of fellow misfit pilots to take on Griffonia. But with a team consisting of a glory hog, a overcautious prodigy, an antisocial loner, a mute orphan, and a depressed alcoholic, the job might be harder than expected.

NOTE: The prologue consists of worldbuilding and a little bit of context, but otherwise has little to do with the main story. Characters within the prologue will not persist beyond it. Feel free to skip the prologue if you feel you can pick up the situation from context.

EDIT: Prologue removed since it sucked.

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