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Hi! The name is John Gate. I'm from California, and I work at a pizzeria for a living. Well... I used to. Now, I'm stuck in a land full of magical ponies as a freaking crocodile. That's right, a crocodile. However, not just any crocodile, a Krookodile from Pokémon!

I mean, it would be cool if it weren't for the fact that these horses can't understand a thing I say! Not to mention, some crazy pink pony made me her pet! Well, I can't really complain all that much. At least I have a new little friend. Ain't that right, Gummy?


Eh, he's the silent type.

"My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic" is own by HASBRO.


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this has potential to be good imagine the ponies blaming him for crimes he didnt do in comedic situations

I enjoyed it. very funny , I hope the idea will not die after the first or second Chapter:twilightsmile:

Worth keeping a eye on

And so he decided to eat ponies to evolve.

Horrifyingly, it worked. :fluttershbad:

"O-Oh... fuck m-me..." I said. "I need my s-sack."

Master Roshi begins laughing hysterically. :rainbowwild:

This was good can't wait to see more

"Hooey, Fluttershy." She said in a southern accent. "Never would of thought you had it in you."

I'm sorry i was trying not to say anything but Applejack has a WESTERN accent.

It's good to see another pokemon Displaced fanfic.

This looks promising. Keep it up.

I like this! This has potential!

Okay, I took a look... and you got my interest. Can’t wait to see more.

I'll admit I saw the title and thought Killer Croc would be in this.

'I swear to god if this is some flasher, I'm calling the police.'

Broooo X'D

Congratulations on making it to the featured

Pretty good though poison shouldn’t really phase him since he is resistant to Poison. Also shouldn’t he just be saying his name like a normal Pokémon should? Still not bad interested to see where this goes

Well the name thing is mostly anime excusive as in the games (and other media) they make animal noises like garuuu

"Time to stop--"
*puts on sunglasses*
"Horsing around."

*Sees number of likes*

... nice...

Great work can’t wait for the next one

should of

should've or should have.

This site needs more stories with a human going to Equestria as a Pokemon. I’ll be sure to keep up to date with this story, :ajsmug:

I feel like him being able to write in there language is a bit redundant


I'm wondering how things are going to go with trixie.:applejackunsure: Never did like the ways she was treated when all she was doing really was putting on a show.:ajbemused: Then there's the fact that when she lost her trailer she basically lost everything she had, both home and possessions.:ajbemused:

plz let that chomping gag be a staple

This story is so good
Pls continue it ^<^

Not that John eating Twilight and Spike wasn't a funny joke, but could he just use dig and hide them underground. Feel like that would've been easier.

Interesting story but I feel like you're just lazily following canon with little bits and pieces of "commentary" between characters. I'll follow this for now, but honestly nothing really sets this story apart from the rest of the dime a dozen, cliche riddled mess that is the Displaced universe.

Any news on this? Updates at least?

I look up to the sky. "Really? Pinkie gets a song when she sings, but I fucking don't?! Sigh , whatever."

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Well done

No other displaceds pleases just john

This is a great story so far

Wonderful story so far but I have a question he’s mainly a carnivore right how is he getting the meat he needs is he sneaking into everfree?

When can we expect a new chapter from you?

And it's dead great

Continue with this story please, it's really cool, I loved this story please

Are you going to continue with this story?

I mean, how would you react if huge-ass bipedal crimson crocodile from a video game franchise suddenly comes to town?

I'd probably be wondering how someone ripped a hole in spacetime to the world of Pokemon.

R.I.P Fanfic
You will be remembered

Also have a nice Christmas Author :) make sure to not Burn yourself out.

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