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Steelborne will be updated on the Sunday after I complete the next chapter. Also, Maud is best pony.


Sorry, guys. I'm done. · 10:07am Feb 14th, 2020

I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed my work. It was truly a pleasure to write for you all, however few in number you may be.

But while I started out here with the intent to finish Steelborne, my one true project on the site...I couldn't. Life happened, things got messy, and my attention turned elsewhere.

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Release of Twenty Years Later and the Return to Steelborne 27/08/2019 · 1:54am Aug 28th, 2019

Well, that did not go as planned.

Way back in March, I made a blog post where I announced my primary project, Steelborne, was going on hiatus while I detoured over to a side project for a little while. I expected it to take me a month, and then I'd be back to writing about Mechs and war.

Needless to say, considering it is now late August, it did not turn out that way.

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Hiatus and New Project 15/4/2019 · 4:12am Apr 16th, 2019

Alright, sorry guys, but Steelborne is going on Hiatus. I've been busy with school, overall really tired, and have no motivation to work on it right now.

On the bright side, all that motivation seems to have shifted to a new idea, which is thankfully much shorter. I hope to get that out soon. After that, hopefully back to my main project.

Till then, hope everyone has a great day.

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Steelborne Update: Prologue Removal and New Schedule · 7:27pm Mar 10th, 2019

So, I've removed Steelborne's prologue, as I felt it was more confusing than helpful. May rewrite as something actually useful later, but for now it's gone.

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Update for March 2, 2019's Steelborn Release · 3:03am Mar 3rd, 2019

Well, I tried, but I couldn't quite get there. The chapter I'd wanted to release this week, which introduces the other pilots and gets the cast set up in general, still needs a bit of work.

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