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I have so many story ideas, but I don't just HAVE writer's block, I AM writer's block!

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It's alright. Thanks anyway.

87?! Yeesh that sure is a lot. Plus holiday work, don't sound so fun.
Tell you what; you leave my story(s) until your backlog isn't all that massive. I'd hate to cause stress, or anything of the sort!

Thanks. As it is I've got 87 chapters to get through. Thankfully, a lot of those are one-shots, so I can just go through them one by one without any big reading projects. My holiday homework ain't helping matters, though.

Yeesh, a backlog ay? Take all the time in the world, backlogs are not fun things to have, I know that quite well.

No problem, I'll take a look at the rest after I finish my reading backlog.

  • Viewing 74 - 78 of 78
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